“Why Won’t Origin Open? Fix Common Problems to Get it Working Again.

We’ve all been there- trying to open Origin, but it won’t work. You try and restart your computer or browser, but nothing seems to be working. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a few tips that may help get Origin running again. This blog post will walk through some of the common fixes for why won’t origin open.

Why won’t Origin Open?

Because of a corrupted installation

If you’re unable to open Origin normally and have attempted the fixes above, one possibility is that your installation has been corrupted. You’ll need to reinstall Origin for this fix to work. To do so: go into your control panel, select “Programs,” find the origin entry under installed programs and uninstall it by selecting it and clicking Uninstall.

If you’re still unable to open Origin after going through the install process, try downloading it again (make sure you have a working internet connection) from origin.com/download

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Origin won’t load content or games

It may be that your installation is corrupted but not so much that the game can’t run at all-just with some glitches. If this is the case here are two possible fixes for why origin won’t load:

a) Restarting Origin – as mentioned above restarting your computer or browser should fix any of these potential issues and then make sure to reopen Origin

b) Resetting Your User Profile – if nothing seems to work, one last thing to try is resetting your Origin user profile. To do this follow these steps:

  • Open the file explorer and navigate to the origin’s installation folder, which you can find by opening up Control Panel -> System -> Click on the Advanced system settings link in Windows XP or run MSConfig from Start-Up Programs.
  • In Vista and later versions of Windows, click on “Startup” then double click on “Open File Location.” This will open a window with all of your software install locations including Origin
  • Locate the saved game files for an application (Origin) that is giving you problems and right mouse click over them to select Delete All Files – if there are no troubleshooting documents then just delete everything except for the Desktop shortcut
  • Close the folder, open Origin, and see if it is running normally
  • If this does not work then try downloading a repair application to fix your problems.

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Why Origin is crashing every time?

In many cases, an origin crash can be fixed by deleting your game cache for a particular video game or application before launching that application again. In other instances, there are external factors causing the crashes such as outdated drivers on hardware connected to the computer system (e.g., graphics card) which will need updating in order for origin services to function properly.”

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How to fix Origin crashing problems quickly and easily?

Origin is a great game launcher. It’s free to download and it also doesn’t have any silly restrictions like some of the other games do, but what should you do when Origin crashes or won’t open?

  • If an update goes horribly wrong then sometimes reinstalling can help (and if nothing else, at least this way all your saved data would still be intact). Also, make sure you’re using the latest version of Windows before doing anything drastic – some people had been using the Windows Vista operating system when they updated to Windows XP, and this caused Origin to crash.
  • Check your internet connection and make sure that you’re not experiencing a loss of bandwidth or are running out of data on your Internet plan – if either is the case then try reconnecting as soon as possible.
  • Clear any junk files by opening Control Panel in Administrative mode (the quickest way being right-clicking anywhere on your desktop) and selecting ‘Computer Management. Expand Components > Storage Devices within Computer Management, click Free Space tree node under Disks, select Disk Cleanup Options > OK button near bottom left corner for confirmation dialog box

The origin should now open properly without crashing again!

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Here are the Methods explain step by step for Fixing Origin won’t work problem.

Run the Compatibility Troubleshooter

Sometimes, when Origin won’t open, it’s because the game is set to run in compatibility mode. If you’re running an older operating system like Windows Vista or XP and have a recent version of Origin installed, this can be your problem! Follow these steps:

  • Right-click on the Origin icon from your desktop or start menu;
  • Select Properties;
  • Click Compatibility Tab;
  • Set “Run This Program In:” to either Windows Vista SP0 x86 (32bit) OR Windows XP SP0 32bit. Please note that if you are not sure what OS you have checked with Microsoft for assistance by going here: How do I know which version of Windows am I using?
  • Click on the Try recommended settings  button to test the program with compatibility settings.
  • If the computer still does not work, run the Program TCompatibility Troubleshooter again.
  • Click Apply and then OK.
  • Origin should now open as expected!

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Try Clean Boot

Users of Origin find this work most effective.

Incorrectly shutting down your computer may have caused Windows to use a bad system file which could be preventing you from starting up correctly.

Use the “clean boot” troubleshooting technique to identify the problem software.

You can fix problems on your computer by uninstalling troublesome software and then re-starting the device.

Here’s how you can use Clean Boot in your Windows PC:

  1. Press the Windows + R key on your keyboard, and type msconfig in the search bar. Hit Enter to open Task Manager.
  2. In order to proceed with a clean boot, you need to first disable all Microsoft services.
  3. Next, open up Task Manager.
  4. Startup tab in Task Manager
  5. If you want to disable one or more programs from loading at startup, click the Startup item for each. Click “Disable” to turn a program off.
  6. To restart your computer, head to the System Configuration and click OK.

Attempt to boot up Origin again and see whether the problem is still occurring.

Deleting the Origin cache File

Some software, such as Origin and Steam can cache files in the system’s temporary folder. If these files are corrupted or incomplete, then it may prevent you from being able to launch a program.

Here are the steps for deleteing cache files of Origin is given below:

  1. Close out of the Origin program by opening the Task Manager and shutting down all running processes.
  2. Press the Windows  ↵ + R key , then type %ProgramData% in the box and press Enter.
  3. Open the Origin Folder.
  4. In the Origin, folder delete all but the the Local Content Folder.
  5. Now, close the Origin client and open it again.

Cleaning Origin’s Temporary Files

In most cases, problems with Origin are caused by temporary files.If you’re having trouble with Origin not opening when you click on it to launch your game or program, follow these steps:

The first thing that we recommend doing is running a clean boot which will clear out any Temporary Files from your computer and should give you more space for the game to load up.

To do this, go to your Windows Start Menu and type “msconfig” without quotations.Click on the app and then click on “General” at the top left of a new window. Check off both boxes under General titled “Selective startup” which will turn them blue like shown below:

Next, scroll down until you see a box called “Services” with a list of things after it explaining what they are used for doing next to each one. You want to make sure that all these services listed have their Startup Type set as Disabled by clicking on them so there is no checkmark next to them instead.

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Reinstall the Origin App

Reinstalling the origin app is a quick fix for those who are experiencing problems with the origin app opening.

Open your Origin in-game client and select ‘Help’, then “Check For Updates”.

You will be prompted to download an update if one is available. (If you’re not automatically taken there, select “Open” on Windows or “Show All Games” on Mac).

Selecting this option may also trigger the repair process which fixes any issues and should allow your game to open.

To do so – follow these instructions on how to uninstall or disable programs from within Control Panel under Programs > Uninstall a Program.

Uninstalling Origin: Simply locate the origin folder and delete it or rename it, this will not uninstall your games from their respective folders as they are independent of one another.

Deleting Your Entire App: If you’ve uninstalled but still can’t open any game on your computer – try deleting everything in the following directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games) to make sure all files have been deleted!

Reinstall the application and see its works!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Why won’t Origin open?

Answer: The latest version of Origin might not be installed on your machine. Make sure you have the latest and complete download, then reinstall Origin before launching it again.

Installation of origin may have been corrupted or interrupted before completion; reinstall from scratch to fix this problem, but back up your games first!

Before you perform a clean boot, make sure that your account is logging in as an administrator. Note: if a user is locked out (e.g., they forgot their password), contact IT for assistance unlocking the system as it must be done with administrator access available on the computer being used by support staff

Question: I have been receiving a “You don’t have permission to make changes” error message when I try to update Origin. How do I solve this issue?

Answer: Go to Windows Security Center > User Accounts tab. Note: if a user is locked out (e.g., they forgot their password), contact IT for assistance unlocking the system as it must be done with administrator access available on the computer being used by support staff

Question: I keep getting “Origin has stopped working” errors when trying to open Origin games or buy items from the store? Why does this happen? How do I solve it? What’s causing these crashes and how can I prevent them?:

Answer: The cause of such error messages varies depending on your operating system, but some common causes include outdated graphics drivers, third-party software that affects the game, or a corrupted launcher.

Question: I mean, why won’t Origin open? How do I get it working again?

Answer: Don’t worry! We have compiled some of our most common troubleshooting tips below to help you fix your issue and get back into playing in no time.

Make sure your graphics display drivers are up-to-date to avoid driver-related issues such as crashing. This also includes making sure all other third-party applications aren’t interfering with origin trying to run games like anti-virus protection programs (e.g., Norton), popups from browser extensions/apps running at

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you with the origin open error.

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