Stardew Valley: Where is Jodi?

Where is Jodi? This is a question that has been asked by Stardew Valley players for quite some time. There are many theories and rumors about where she is, but no one has any solid evidence to back up their claims.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the various places in Stardew Valley you can find Jodi and see if our conclusions match your expectations!

 Stardew Valley Jodi Location

Stardew Valley Jodi Location – Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game. The player operates by planting crops, harvesting them, and shipping the produce to earn money.

There are many townsfolk in Stardew Valley that you can befriend or romance as well as various quests to complete for rewards like items or new areas of land on which to raise crops.

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One of the more interesting characters in Stardew Valley, Jodi can be found at The Stardrop Saloon between 11 am and 12 pm daily. You’ll find her sitting at the bar sipping a drink on your left as you enter from the outside or walk into the room through back door.

When she’s not drinking with friends, she likes to spend time fishing off bridges or digging up worms for bait in town sewers. If you want to know where else to find this character though well that might take some investigative work!

Jodi Personal Info:

BirthdayFall 11
VillagePelican Town
Home Address1 Willow Lane
Married toKent
ChildrenVincent and Sam

Jodi Stardew Valley Schedule

Jodi Stardew Valley Schedule helps you keep track of your daily tasks in this popular game.

The Jodi schedule is a spreadsheet that can be customized to fit the needs of any player. You enter what your character’s goals are, which days they want to work on them, and how many hours per day they’re willing to devote to them.



12:20 PMIn the living room
2:00 PMAt town square


11:00 AMGoes to Pierre’s General Store
6:20 pmComes Back Home.
7:20 pmEnters her house.
9:00 pmIn Vincent’s Room.
10:20 pmGoes to bed @ 10:20 pm


12:00 pmLeaves her house for JojaMart
5:00 pmComes back home.
7:00 PMIn the Kitchen.


9:40 AMIn the kitchen
1:30 PMAt Town Square.
4:00 PMWalks back to home.
4:10 PMEnters her house.


12:00 pmGoes to JojaMart
4:00 pmComes back home
7:10 PMIn the kitchen.


1:30 PMAt Town Square.


11:00 AMAt the church
4:00 PMCome back home.
5:00 PMEnters her house.



9:00 AMIn Kitchen.
11:40 AMSitting on the blue sofa in her living room.
2:00 PMMeets with Caroline near her house.
4:00 PMStands by the kitchen.
7:30 PMIn the living room.
9:00 PMInside Vincent’s room.


9:00 AMIn the kitchen.
11:00 AMLeaves for Pierre’s General Store.
12:00 PMMeets up with Marnie, Caroline, Emily, and Robin in the Pierre’s General Store.
6:00 PMComes back to home.


6:40 PMEnters the house.


11:20 AMSitting on the sofa in the living room.


9:00 AMIn the kitchen.
12:50Goes to JoJa Mart
6:30 PMIn her house.


10:00 AMIn the kitchen.
1:00 PMIn her house.


11:00 AMGoes to the Church
2:00 PMLeaves Church to go home.



12:00 pmGoes to JojaMart
5:00 pmLeaves JojaMart at 5:00 pm.
6:30 pmStanding in front of the fridge in her house.


3:20 PMAt Town Square
3:50 PMLeaves the Town Square


11:00 AMGoes to church.
5:00 PMReturns home from church



6:00 PMGoes back to her house
7:00 PMEnters her house
9:00 PMIn Vincent’s room
10:00 PMLeaves Vincent’s room
10:20 PMIn her own room


9:00 AMIn the kitchen
11:30 AMIn the living room
1:30 PMAt town square
4:00 PMGoes back to home
7:30 PMIn the living room
9:00 PMIn Vincent’s room
10:00 PMIn her own room


9:00 AMIn the kitchen
10:00 AMLeaves home for Pierre’s General Store.
11:00 AMArrives at Pierre’s General Store, goes to the chapel
2:00 PMGoes back into the Store from the chapel.
4:00 PMComes back home.
5:00 PMSitting on the couch at home

Jodi Stardew Valley Relationship Scheduler

Stardew Valley: Where is Jodi

Jodi and her husband Kent from Stardew Valley are subject to the military’s schedules. They also have two sons from the marriage, Sam and Vincent. After marrying Demetrius, Jodi’s best friend is Caroline.

Jodi has a very close and special friendship with Caroline. Although the two are not romantically involved, they do attend yoga classes together sometimes with other women from Pelican Town.

Can I marry Jodi in Stardew Valley?

Players can marry Jodi in Stardew Valley. She lives alone in a house on the mountain and is a widow who lost her husband Kent.

To begin dating Jodi, players should first talk to her at Pierre’s General Store. Once she becomes your friend, you’ll need to give gifts until the heart-shaped icon appears over her head before asking for permission to date during Sunday brunch or lunchtime conversation with Sam and Vincent.

Get married by reaching 11 hearts of friendship as well as completing “The Right Horse” quest from Lewis (meet requirements).

Jodi Stardew Valley Gift Guide

How can I make friends in Stardew Valley?

It’s not easy to make friends in Stardew Valley! When you first arrive, Mayor Lewis will give you a small map of Pelican Town.

It includes the mine, church, and bus stop where most people live their lives. If that doesn’t seem like enough for you, don’t worry; there are plenty more places waiting to be explored out there!

There is one way to find someone who can become your friend: go fishing at two different times during the day or night (e.g., morning and evening).

You’ll need an empty slot on your team before this happens though. The other option is talking with individuals while exploring town so they may want to hang out with you later on. Remember that friendships grow stronger with time!

In the meantime, you can hang out with some of your favorite locals. Get to know them by talking about their interests or ask if they want to see something new in town together.

Plus, it’s always nice to earn a small bit of gold from chopping wood and mining rocks while chatting away!

There are also special events that happen periodically throughout the year; such as festivals where everyone gathers for music, food, or fireworks displays. Take advantage of these occasions so you won’t be alone on this farm forever!

You might make friends who enjoy those activities too…and then again maybe not. Don’t forget there is always a Stardew Valley gift guide should you need any guidance in deciding what to give gifts during the holidays!

Jodi Stardew Valley Birthday: Fall 11

Jodi’s birthday falls on Fall 11. If you want to be friends with her, send her a gift on her birthday for 8x Friendship Points!

What gifts does Jodi Like in Stardew Valley?

Here are some ideas for her birthday: a Stardrop, Full Moon Stone, and an Eggplant Parmigiana Meal! These will cost you between 1200G – 1300G each or can be given as friendship points if you have them in your inventory already from harvesting Friendship Points with Jodi throughout the year.

Here’s how to give those items in exchange for Friendship Points: offer 1250 of them at once when speaking with Jodi! You’ll need to do this before midnight on Fall 11th so make sure there’s not too much time left.

List of Gifts

  • Winter Spice: Jodi’s favorite food is a Hot Cocoa Mix, and it will give you +200 Friendship Points when given to her for her birthday!
  • Seasonal Cake: The Perfect Fruit Salad Recipe (a gift to Jodi) is the most expensive thing on this list at 2000G but can be exchanged for 800 points worth of friendship points since she likes fruit so well!
  • Hot Cocoa Mix: Jodi’s favorite food is a Hot Cocoa Mix, and it will give you +200 Friendship Points when given to her for her birthday!
  • Perfect Fruit Salad Recipe: The most expensive thing on this list at 2000G but can be exchanged for 800 points worth of friendship points since she likes fruit so well!
  • Fall Figgy Pudding: Jodi adores figs in any form, including as part of the pudding recipe that gives an extra 400FP when gifted (800 if eaten). Her favorites are Sugar Cane and Winter Spice – make sure you have these items handy before making your purchase.
  • Diamonds Jodi is a lover of diamonds.
  • Topaz Ring: Communicate your friendship with this beautiful ring! This gift gives +250 Friendship Points when given to her for her birthday, but can be exchanged for 600 points worth of Friendship Point if desired since she likes gemstones so much!
  • Citrine Necklace: A delicate necklace made out of citrines that will give you an extra 400FP (800FP if worn) as well as being valued at 1000G and not costing any FP.
  • Milk
  • Fruits
  • Vegetable Medley
  • Pancakes
  • Rhubarb Pie
  • Chocolate Cake
  • Eggplant Parmesan
  • Fried Eel
  • Crispy Bass
  • Eggs

What gifts does Jodi don’t like in Stardew Valley?

Jodi appreciates all gifts. However, you should avoid these items when choosing presents for her, because she will not appreciate them:

  • Chanterelle
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Spice Berry
  • Winter Root
  • Hazelnut
  • Morel
  • Holly
  • Snow Yam
  • Dandelion
  • Quartz
  • Garlic
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Leek

Jodi Stardew Valley Heart Events

How do you trigger Jodi’s heart events?

You can talk to her between four and six times, which is usually just by passing through Pelican Town. If she asks an opinion about something, don’t answer or just keep talking to her until she breaks the silence.

Eventually, she will tell a story that triggers one of two different reactions: either “My son…” for positive feelings, or “I never knew my father…” for negative feelings. This lets the player know what path they should take when continuing their conversation with Jodi in order to unlock good/bad heart event(s).

It takes three days before Jodi has another interaction with the protagonist after initiating these conversations (assuming there are no other previous interactions). Like with any of the heart events, there’s no set time for Jodi to return.

Two Hearts Event

Once you reach 2 hearts with Jodi, you’ll be allowed to enter her room. In the bedroom, open the drawer and find a letter from Kent in which he says


Since I’ll be coming home soon I want to tell you a few things.

I might not be the same man you remember. I’ve seen some things out here that have really shaken me up. I’ve been having a real hard time relaxing.

I don’t want to scare you or make you upset. I just don’t want you to be shocked when I get back.

Remember, no matter how I act, you and the kids mean everything to me.

I’ll see you soon.


Three Hearts Event

When you reach three friendship hearts with her, Jodi will send you the Fried Calamari recipe in the mail with this message:


This recipe of mine won 1st place in a cooking competition! I hope you like it. Thanks for being a friend!


Four Hearts Event

When you reach the 4 friendship hearts with Jodi, she’ll greet you outside your farmhouse between 6 am to 9:30 am. She will ask for a largemouth bass and after dinner that evening, she will give you her Supermarket Reset Item.

puff …hi (you)! *pant* Whew… that was quite a workout, walking all the way up here.

Anyway… I came by to ask if you wanted to have dinner with us tonight!

You don’t have to… but if you decide to come, could you please bring a largemouth bass with you?

…that’s right. One of those big, slimy fish from the lake. I need one for the casserole I’m making.

Okay, well… it’ll be at our house at around 7:00 PM tonight… don’t forget the largemouth bass! Bye.”


The Largemouth Bass is a gift that you can offer to the Jodi at night, after she has invited you for dinner.

Seven Hearts Event

When you reach 7 friendship hearts with Jodi, Jodi sends a recipe for ice cream in the mail.


This recipe of mine won 1st place in a cooking competition! I hope you like it. Thanks for being a friend!


Jodi Stardew Valley Quests

Fish Casserole 

  • To start off we’ll need three ingredients:
  • Filleted Trout – One filleted trout per person (Can find in rivers)
  • Potato – Three potatoes per person (Can buy at Pierre’s General Store)
  • Egg – One egg per person (Can buy at Pierre’s General Store)
  • First, beat the eggs and put them in a casserole dish.
  • Next, peel the potatoes and cut into chunks before adding to the mix with butter or margarine.

In another bowl mash together some of your mashed potato mix with flour for thickening it up. Pour this mixture over your filleted trout pieces placed on top of the other ingredients as well as salt and pepper to taste.

You can also add milk for more moisture if you want! Cook in an oven preheated to 350F degrees until golden brown on top and serve hot! Have fun cooking Jodi Stardew Valley Quests Fish Casserole today!”`

Jodi’s Request

On Spring 19th Jodi will send you letter requesting you a Cauliflower. You will receive 350 Gold and 1 Heart when you complete this quest. 

“Help Wanted” board 

Outside the Pierre’s General store, you will find other requests that Jodi has made on the help board. Finish these quests to earn 3x the base value of each item, and 150 friendship points.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Where is Jodi?

Answer: I’m sorry about Jodi. I have a theory that she’s in the mines. You can find her by mining for coal, then using it to purchase explosives from Robin at The Stardrop Saloon. Blow up the boulder blocking the path leading into the mine near Leah’s greenhouse and you’ll find Jodi inside!

Question: What do I get when marrying Jodi?

Answer: Marriage will give you access to live together in your new home – a little cabin next door that used to belong to Kent.

How does dating/marriage work in Stardew Valley?

  • You need to build up your relationship before you can get married by giving gifts and having conversations with Jodi (or any other villager for that matter).
  • As the date progresses, a heart will appear over her head until it is full and turns into an engagement ring icon. At this point players have two options: they can either ask permission to marry during Sunday brunch or lunchtime conversation with Sam and Vincent; alternatively, they may choose not to marry at all which will result in Jode being disappointed but remaining friends nonetheless. Reach 11 hearts of friendship as well as complete “The Right Horse” quest from Lewis (meet requirements), give her the wedding ring and you will be married.
  • You can have a maximum of four spouses at any given time, but only two may live in the same house together (provided it is big enough).
  • Once engaged either through lunchtime conversation or by your own choice during Sunday brunch, Jodi moves into her partner’s home regardless of where she was living before so long as there are no other villagers occupying the space. There is also an option to move out with her when this happens automatically if one has not yet purchased their second home.

Question: Where is Wally?

Answer: Wally lives across town on some land with his mommy and daddy. He has an orange chicken coop there where he keeps all of his chickens safe during cold nights like these.”

Question: Where is the Stardrop Saloon?

Answer: The Stardrop Saloon is located at the bottom of Pelican Town. Follow your map to find it! It’s on a small hill, next to Leah’s greenhouse.”

Question: Where can I find Wild Horseradish?

Answer: You’ll have to give up something in return for this valuable herb…Stardew Valley has become overrun with pesky weeds that need pulled by hand. Trade them for wild horseradish seeds and you’re set!”]

Question: where do I get carrots from ?

Answer: “I’m sorry about Jodi. You can find her by mining for coal, then using it to purchase explosives from Robin at the general store.

Question: where do I find wild horseradish ?

Answer: “You’ll have to give up something in return for this valuable herb… Stardew Valley has become overrun with pesky weeds that need pulled by hand. Trade them for wild horseradish seeds and you’re set!”]

Question: Where can I find the secret cave?

Answer: “The Secret Cave is located on a small island north of Pelican Town – it’s difficult to see because of its location.”

Questions: how long does it take to grow crops ? What are some good crop combinations?

Answer: “Crops typically take one season (Spring, Summer, Fall) to fully mature before they can be harvested. Planting different crops together in Spring, Summer and Fall can increase the chances of a perfect crop. Try planting crops with short growing periods (Radishes, Cauliflower) alongside those that take longer to grow (Potatoes).”


After much research, I have concluded that Jodi is in the mines. However, it may be difficult to get into the mines without a pickaxe or axe.

You can either find these items on your own by using various methods such as fishing and mining; use one of the ten ores you found during this quest to make an axe at JojaMart with Lewis (the salesman); trade for them with someone else who’s already been down there; or save up money until spring when Shane will sell axes at his shop.

Once you finally reach him, he’ll offer five hearts worth of dialogue before disappearing again if not talked to enough times – do note that talking too much will break the heart bar so keep away from chatty villagers .

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