Discord is a chat program that many people use for gaming. This app has features that are optimized for gamers such as text and voice messaging, in-game overlay to be one of the players with an easy access to reactions, gifs and more all from your game window. It can also be used to collaborate on projects, share files, or communicate with your team. However, Discord can interfere with other programs you’re using if it starts automatically when Windows starts up. This tutorial will show you how to disable Discord from starting automatically so that it won’t interrupt any of your work!

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How to Prevent Discord From Opening on Startup

If you’re tired of Discord opening every time your computer starts, there’s an easy way to fix it. Let’s go over the steps needed for disabling this feature on Mac OS X and Windows computers.

First: Open up System Preferences in Mac OS X or Control Panel on a Windows PC

Second: Click on Users and Groups

Third: Select your user account from the list at the top

Fourth: Click on Login Items in Mac OS X or Startup Programs under User Accounts and Family Safety on Windows. Once you’re there, head to the bottom of this new window to find Discord’s icon. You’ll want to uncheck it off so that it doesn’t open with the rest of your computer.

And That’s All there Is to It!

If you want Discord to start up every time your computer starts, just go back and check the box next to its icon in Startup Programs or Login Items on Mac OS X and Windows respectively. And that’s all there is to it!

Once you’re there, head to the bottom of this new window to find Discord’s icon. You’ll want to uncheck it off so that it doesn’t open with the rest of your computer. And That’s All there Is to It! If you want Discord to start up every time your computer starts, just go back and check the box next at its icon in Startup Programs or Login Items on Mac OS X and Windows respectively.

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Disable Discord on startup in Windows

If your Discord starts up automatically every time you start your computer, then this article is for you! This tutorial will show you how to disable Discord on startup.

  • In order to stop discord from starting up with your computer, head over to the Startup folder and look for Discord’s icon.
  • If it’s there, double-click it and uncheck the box next to its name so that it won’t open when you turn on your PC. And That’s All There Is To It!
  • In other words, just go back into the list again (in either OS), find Discord’s entry underneath “Startup Programs” or “Login Items”, find its icon at the bottom of a new window that pops up and unchecked by clicking outside of it—that’s it!

If you’re not sure how to find the Startup folder, just head over to Start > Control Panel > System and Security.

Then go into “System”, then scroll down to “Automatic Reboot” and click on it (it’s found under Advanced Settings). The next window should show a list of programs that open automatically when you reboot your computer. Sometimes they might be hidden so check this out if nothing is showing up for Discord.

It’s worth noting that any time-related adjustments need to be done as soon in Windows startup as possible since these settings are applied before all other applications get loaded. If an application needs more memory than is given at boot, crashes may happen, or worse yet, data loss could occur.


  • Open up your Startup folder by going to Start > Control Panel > System and Security.
    • Scroll down to “Startup Programs”, then click on it (it’s found under Advanced Settings). The next window should show a list of programs that open automatically when you startup Windows, including Discord – just right-click the icon for this program and select Disable from the dropdown menu if it’s found there.Disable Discord on Startup Easily
  • If not, head over to the toolbar at the top of your screen where you will find an option called “Show All Users”. Clicking on it brings up all of those programs listed in alphabetical order so scroll through until you find Discord. Right-click its icon again and select “Disable” from the dropdown menu.
  • Reboot your PC to see if you have been successful in stopping Discord from starting automatically on startup.
  • If not, head over to Start > All Programs and scroll down until you find the program that is still running (it will be listed at the top). Right-click it and uncheck the box which says “Startup” then hit OK. You can now reboot your computer again for good measure by heading back into Control Panel and clicking on System and Security, followed by choosing Shutdown or Restart as necessary. Do remember that data loss could occur before shutting down this way!

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Disable Discord as a startup script when Mac starts.

Open System Preferences and select Users & Groups. Choose the account you want to change, choose Login Items from the sidebar, then drag Discord (or whatever its name is) off of this list onto a folder in Finder or Trash. Now restart your Mac; when it comes on again, Discord should not start automatically.

Open “System Preferences” and put a checkmark next to “Users & Group”. Then select the user that you want to disable discord as a startup script for and go to “Login items”, mark all apps except for discord with an X if they are enabled by default. Finally click on trash icon at top right corner > Move app(s) into trash can: After clicking move mac will ask what use what you want to do with the app. Move it into trash, and restart your Mac when prompted.

Disable Discord on Startup Easily
  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Log into Users and groups.
  3. Select Current User
  4. Select the Login Items tab in your Settings page.
  5. Click on Discord to select it.
  6. To disable Discord on startup:

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From your Discord app, turn off Autostart

Disable Discord on Startup Easily

Step 1: Open Settings > Basic & Privacy > Enable/Disable Startup Behavior

To disable auto-starting of Discord on startup, tap the switch to disable “Start Discord when my computer starts up.”

Step 2: Press OK. You’ll be taken back to Settings – now you can see that your new setting is set and discord will not automatically start on startup.

If you want to turn off or change this setting later on, just repeat these steps.

Now we’ll explain how disabling autostarting of Discord at login works in more detail. In order for it to happen properly within settings (the first step), go into Basic & Privacy > Enable/Disable Startup Behavior and toggle the switch next to “Start Discord when my computer starts up” so that it displays a red X rather than an orange arrow ().

If you ever want to disable or change this setting again, simply repeat the first two steps!

Remember: when enabling autostarting of discord at startup for a user account with multiple users, do so by opening up Start > System Preferences > Users & Groups and changing it in there rather than via Advanced Startup behavior within Setting’s menu bar as shown above. This means configuring an administrator-level account without logging out, then switching back into the main admin account after making changes.

In order for these steps to work properly while disabled – meaning the next time you open your discord app, it will not automatically start up – the previous two steps must be followed. You can try different types of formatting in discord by reading The Ultimate Guide to Discord Text Formatting.

How Do You Quit Discord?

Disable Discord on Startup Easily

Discord must be manually stopped from the Operating System. It does not automatically close when you open and then close the application.

To quit Discord, click the Arrow in your taskbar to reveal hidden icons. To leave Discord, right-click the icon and select Quit.

If Discord does not appear in the process list, exit all open programs and restart your computer.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do you quit discord?

Answer: While Discord is running, click the settings icon in the upper-right corner of your screen and select Quit. You can also press Ctrl+Q to quickly leave the server without having to navigate back through menus. This will close all open chat windows too so be sure not to have anything unsaved or unfinished before quitting!

If that doesn’t work for some reason, try clicking on “App” at the top left hand side below where it says “Discord”. That should take you directly to our application list which includes a link called Exit… just follow those steps and say goodbye forever 🙂

Question: I keep getting booted from my own channel/server even though I’m an admin.

Answer: It seems like you’re getting disconnected from the server without being booted. There are a few common reasons for this and they pretty much all stem from an interruption with your internet connection, such as running out of data or switching between wifi connections. That’s why it might seem like nobody else is on your server either, because while you were gone, they had to leave too! To fix these issues try one of the following steps

  • Make sure Discord has permission to use background app refresh by going into Settings > Background App Refresh > Toggle Background App Refresh ON at the top left hand side.
  • Ensure that “Do Not Use Cellular Data” setting in Discord isn’t checked under Settings > Bandwidth so there’s no chance of running out of data.
  • Re-enable wifi, if it was disabled for some reason and then restart Discord to make sure the connection is strong enough to keep your server going.

Question: Is discord safe for my computer?

Answer: Yes, Discord is completely safe for your computer. You do not need to worry about any viruses with a discord app because it’s just like Facebook or Skype which are very secure apps that allow you to chat safely without having to worry about anything happening on the computer itself. The same goes for Discord!

Question: Why does my bot keep saying “I can’t find what you’re looking for” when I try and talk to them?

Answer: It sounds as if there might be some sort of an issue going on with the server in question. However, by following these steps below we will figure out how best get this fixed so that your bots don’t have problems either!


I hope this article has been helpful and that you found a solution to your problem! It can be hard when Discord is opening up on startup, but the good news is there are some easy solutions.

Discord is a hugely popular chat app for gamers, but it’s not well-known for its text formatting features. With Discord Text Formatting you can do all sorts of cool things with your chats! You can change the color and size of text, make it italicized or bolded, even add emojis! This tutorial will teach you how to use every single one of these commands so that your Discord experience is as customizable as possible.

What Is Markdown?

Markdown is a way to format text in order to make it easy for people with various skill levels (like artists, developers, writers) and technical backgrounds can create rich content without the need of learning all HTML. It’s also used as an input method for blogging platforms like Tumblr and Blogger which makes it easier than ever before to get high-quality content into the web.

This is where Markdown shines – it’s not just a way to create rich text, but also translate and convert other formats like Microsoft Word or Excel documents in plain text for easy editing with new tools that can parse these files automatically. It has become one of the most popular ways to edit documents on GitHub because of its ease of use when compared to raw HTML.

Markdown was created by John Gruber in 2004 as an alternative format to deal with formatting issues on LiveJournal posts due to their lack of support for “rich” formatting (such as italics) at the time. There are many different flavors out there now, such as MultiMarkdown and CommonMark which both support different features.

Markdown is not limited to just text – it can also be used for formatting of images or adding links if you embed the syntax directly into a link like this: [text](url) which turns itself into an embedded link with that text in place after clicking it, and then when clicked again will return to the same paragraph as before without any additional changes made. This makes linking posts on WordPress blogs very easy since you don’t have to find where your cursor should go but rather only need to type out “read more” at the end of the post and replace whatever was there originally with a hyperlink!

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Can you format text in discord?

Yes, you can! Discord has a pretty well-designed formatting system it that allows for some basic text styling. You just need to know how to use the correct commands (slash commands).

Discord Text Formatting: Styles

Using few symbols and a word processor, you can achieve italics, bold, underline, strikethroughs, etc. in Discord chat channels!

For Italics: Type *text* like “this” or _like this_ in discord chat messages for italic text formatting. This will also work for quotes within messages as well!

For Bold: Type **text like this or __like this__ in discord chat messages for bold text formatting. This will also work for words within messages as well!

For Underlines: Type ___underlined_text___ and _____underline____in the same way you would italics or bold to get underlining text effect in your copied message from Discord.

For Strikethrough: Type get strikethrough formatting in Discord, type twice over the text with ~~~ and then ~~~~

For a Quote: Type “text” like this or ‘text’ to get quotes around your quoted passage of words. This also works for italics, underlining, bolding!

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Discord Text Formatting: Code Blocks

Code blocks can be formatted with the following markup:

“`code_block language-name code “`

For example, if your text is in Python, you would type this:

“`python def function(arg): return arg + 123 “`. The syntax will render like so:

def function(arg): return arg + 123. This technique also works for languages that have newlines and indentation such as SQL or HTML. You need to use two backticks at the start of each line instead of one (“). And then at the end of a paragraph, press Enter twice before typing `)`.

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Discord Text Formatting: Writing In Color

When you’re using Discord to chat with your friends, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of formatting options available. For example, if you want to make all the text on one line bold and centered, type [b][i]Your Bold And Centered Title Here[/i][/b]. When you want the same sentence in italics but not centered or purple instead of green for some reason (don’t ask me why), put an asterisk next to it before typing what is supposed to be in italics [*Italicized Sentence*] If something has words which should be underlined and this doesn’t work properly due do lack of space below the line, use a tilde instead of the asterisk. For example: [i]This sentence should be in italics[/i].

Notice that all these formatting commands are not case sensitive and can be used on any text you want to format within Discord chat. The beauty is that it’s very easy for anyone using your discord server to change their settings so they see things as you do- just click the gear icon in your chat window then go over “text appearance” options and select what you need. After this people will have all formats available at their fingertips whenever they type something new into the chat box or edit an old message from earlier!

Now I’ll take some time to detail how each one works- with examples too 😉

How To Color Text In Discord Red

Discord Text Formatting

Discord is one of the best chat applications on the market. Here’s how to color text in discord red with a few commands!

To change your text color to Red: Type [color] followed by R for red, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】B→B type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors. You may also want to consider using emojis as they are easier on the eyes than plain old English words when dealing with many conversations at once. ~~~~ Enjoy spamming all of those other chats too! =D (This part isn’t actually a command)

How To Color Text In Discord Orange

Discord Text Formatting

To change your text color to Orange: Type [color] followed by O for orange, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】O→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors. You may also want to consider using emojis as they are easier on the eyes than plain old English words when dealing with many conversations at once. ~~~~ Enjoy spamming all of those other chats too! (This part isn’t actually a command)

How To Color Text In Discord Purple

To change your text color to purple: Type [color] followed by P for purple, and then “Type Here.” For example 【COLOR】P→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors.

How To Color Text In Discord Yellow

To change your text color to yellow: Type [color] followed by Y for yellow, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】Y→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into discord so that you can see your new colors.

How To Color Text In Discord Blue

Discord Text Formatting

To change your text color to blue: Type [color] followed by B for blue, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】B→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into discord so that you can see your new colors.

How to Make Discord Text Really Dark

If you want to make the text really dark in color: Type [color] with a number or letter option (examples below) and then use either hh for light gray, dd for extra-dark gray, ll as black with transparency (the letters will be legible), tt as white with transparency (letters become illegible).

For instance, if I wanted my text to be red at 100% opacity: 【COLOR】R100→Type Here. And if I wanted my text to be dark gray at 15% opacity: 【COLOR】Dd15→Type Here.

If I wanted to make it even darker, (say 40%), then type [color] with a number or letter option and use either hh for light gray, dd for extra-dark gray, ll as black with transparency (letters become legible), tt as white with transparency (letters are illegible). For example: type the following command into discord’s chat box to change the text color of 【COLOR】Ttt40 → Type Here.:

[color]dd40->type here.

And if there were some words you want your new colors on just write them after typing in the above commands like so 【Color Text In Discord Red】Hello World!

→Type Here.

How to Make Discord Text Transparent

To make the text transparent, use a percentage instead of an opacity value in brackets: 【Color Text In Discord Transparent】Hello World!

→Type Here.|100% transparency} }]

If you want to know more discord chat effects and all discord text commands

To exit out of any given color (and resume normal black), use – or _ instead of + as follows: 【- COLOR_NAME -+ or __COLORS__ → Type Here.] The same rules apply to all.

How do you make fancy text in discord?

Fonts. If you want to use a fancy font, simply type the name of it in brackets before your text. For example: [cursive], [Times New Roman] or 【Japanese】

Coloring! You can color text by writing its hex code preceded with two colons (e.g., #00FF00). To make this easier Discord has made an easy-to-use formatting bar for coloring text that is located below the chat box when you switch to bold, italicized, underlined or strikethrough as seen above **Bold Italics Underline Strikeout Bold and Italicize Striking Through All at Once Below Text Block Formatting Bar Here*

Bonus Tip: If you want to add a line break, simply type ~~

Text shapes! You can create your own text shape by typing the word “text” and an arrow key. For example ~text⤙~ will result in this ◻◾→↩◼︎•◽↑▲↧↨●︍▶∆π . To undo it, press undoes or delete button. Pressing shift+undo also works as well. If there is no keyboard shortcut for that particular letter/symbol, you need to use alt codes (e.g., holding down alt then pressing I for apostrophe).

How to Italics Text In Discord

Italics in movie titles, brand names, and book excerpts are on the rise. These formats aren’t just here to stay; they represent a new design trend called ‘fancy font’—the use of italic formatting as an eye-catching way to communicate subtle meaning or mood. If you’d like to italicize text in Discord while writing, all you have to do is need to include a single asterisk on either side of the selected text. So instead of writing **italicized text** as you would when typing it into Microsoft Word, all you need is *italicized text*.

How to Bold Text In Discord

To create bolded text in your Discord chat, all you need to do is place two asterisks at the start of the text and place two at the end (like this: **bolded text**). For italics, on a standard keyboard, you can type the asterisk by pressing the shift key and 8 key at once.

How to Underline Text In Discord

One way to make text in a Discord chat stand out is by formatting it as italics. Simply put two underscores on either side of the word or headline to tell Markdown that you want the selected text to be formatted as Italics. The ‘__underlined text__’ should show as underline when you type it.

How do I change the font in discord chat?

There are a few different ways to change the font in a discord chat. I am going to show you how to change your fonts with two methods that both work very well and have their own pros and cons.

– The first method is using the command “/set font”. This will let you set custom text sizes, as well as choose from a list of ten default fonts offered by Discordia (the creator). You can also identify what size of font you want for which text type; they include: big – 18pt, huge- 24 pt, small – 12 pt, tiny – 11 pt. For example, if this was being used it would look like “/set font “bignew” 16px bold underlineitalic fixedwidth “

– The second method is using the command “/discord font”. This lets you choose any custom font that’s compatible for Windows and Mac operating systems, which can be downloaded anywhere. You then have to type in what size of the text you want it at with a colon (:) as well as your chosen name for the title. For example, if someone wanted this they would use “/discord font 24pt Futura”

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How do you color text in discord?

This is a question that I have come across time and again, so it’s about time someone figured out the answer! It turns out this can be done pretty easily. You may want to do this to highlight words or portions of sentences in your chat box for emphasis. Follow these steps below:

  • Open up Discord (it should open automatically if you’re using Chrome)
  • Click on “Preferences” on the top left-hand side menu bar
  • On the Preferences window, under Appearance > Colors, there will be different colors available at the bottom under “Your Text Here”. Choose whichever color you like by clicking on it once with your mouse cursor. To change back simply click over any other color as well until all the colors disappear and your text goes back to black.
  • To change just one letter, instead of clicking on “Your Text Here”, click on “Choose a highlight color”
  • Simply type in whatever you would like highlighted with that color and there you have it! If you want to restore everything back to default settings or cancel out changes altogether, simply click anywhere outside the window.

How do I hide text in discord?

First, go to the text chat in Discord. Then, select “text settings” on the left-hand side menu bar and select visibility. There are three options for how you want your messages to appear: visible only to me (private), visible only to members of a certain channel or service group (secret), or public. Select what works best for you! You can also change this setting at any time after by selecting “text settings” again from the same location as before.

To provide your readers with the courtesy of a spoiler alert tag, type ‘/spoiler’ at the start and end of the text. Alternatively, you can also simply highlight the text that contains the spoiler, right-click it and select ‘Mark a spoiler’ from the pop-up menu that appears on your screen.

What is code block discord?

There is an icon in the toolbar to insert a code block. This way you can make certain parts stand out without changing the entire forum or post background colors.

What font is discord text in?

Arial, Helvetica or Open Sans are used in Discord. The default font size is 16px. This can be adjusted to suit your preference by going into Settings -> User Interface and changing the text size menu option which is under Appearance. You will then need to restart Discord for these changes to take effect.

How do you paste codes in discord?

Pasting a code into discord is not nearly as hard as it may seem. It’s actually quite simple if you know how to do it! Discord has an in-built command that allows users to paste codes directly into the chatbox on the app, which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+V or Cmd+C and then clicking insert from within your browser.

Don’t forget to close all brackets before pasting any lines of code with no spaces between them – otherwise, they won’t work! If this does happen, just add one space on either side. There are also other methods for pasting multiple lines of code; once again, click on “insert” after selecting text (Ctrl+A) followed by “copy”, then place your cursor where you want the code to appear in Discord and press Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.

Here are some examples of how this can work:

Pasting a single line without spaces between brackets – [code]

Pasting multiple lines with no spaces between brackets (copy, paste) – [[code][nextline]]

Pasting one line with space at either end – [space][code]

If any errors occur when pasting codes, it is likely that there has been a formatting error due to missing brackets! To fix these problems just make sure all bracket spacing has been correct before inserting it into the chat box on Discord. Happy coding!”} [/long-form content]

Can you use HTML in discord?

Yes, you can use HTML in discord! Discord is a chat app for gamers and it supports both text-based chats as well as voice chats. It’s popular among Twitch streamers because of the ability to broadcast messages live. You’ll also find that many social media sites have communities on there so you may be able to utilize some HTML when chatting with members from those groups!

Discord has an advanced code editor built right in, allowing for users to enter custom CSS classes or edit styles inline within the style blocks found at the bottom of every message box. There are two types of lines: normal line and preformatted line (for example, put spaces between each word). The syntax used by default will cause all new lines to be preformatted.

If you want a code block, such as for an iframe embedding, use these lines:


This is the content of your iframe! Awesome right? 🙂


To make this paragraph bold and italicized just write in _this_ format: __Bold text__ or *Italicized* text*. For links, surround the URL with ” [[text]]”. If you want to link to another place on Discord – say someone’s username text wrap it in brackets [](/username). (The bracket must have two forward slashes before them.) This will turn into a fully functional hyperlink that can be clicked by others.

How do you do syntax highlighting in discord?

  • In discord, click on the message and then press shift+ctrl+g.
  • Paste your code into a new line in the text box that pops up.
  • Click ctrl + k to change the formatting and see it updated live!
  • Or just paste [syntax ~~~~~~] where you want syntax highlighting and use different colors for an easier time reading.

Syntax highlighting is a very common way in coding to distinguish between different parts of your code. What you need for syntax highlighting are colors and indentation. You can use the following notation: \[syntax ~~~~~~\] where you want syntax highlighting, and then separate with commas what type of color or highlight you would like each part to be (e.g., green, bold). For example: \[green/bold\]Hello World!

You should also add some spaces before and after [syntax], so that it looks more natural when reading through the document–otherwise it might look weird if there’s no space around it at all because people think “this doesn’t make sense!” That’s an example of where syntax highlighting can come in handy.

  • Some other ways to do syntax highlighting are by using different fonts, bolding certain words or adding italics. It’s all up to you!
  • If the text is on a dark background and it still looks like plain black when I typed this out–I’m sorry! I’ll try my best to make sure the formatting makes sense for people reading it from any type of device, but if not…oh well, at least you tried! 🙂
  • Another way would be to use colors that contrast with each other which will stand out more than normal without relying on indentation or anything else like that. For example: \[white/red\]Hello World!. This might work better


The conclusion of this article will provide the reader with additional resources, should they desire to know more about Discord text formatting. They can find these links at the bottom of the article or in our blog post category “Discord Text Formatting” on our site.

We have some quick fixes for your Discord overlays not working on your computer! There are plenty of reasons that this could happen, so we’re going to address the most common ones. Along with these solutions, there are also a few things you can do in order to avoid running into these problems again in the future. Let’s get started!

The 10 Best Better Discord Plugins

​What is Discord Overlay?

You might not know what Discord Overlay is, which means you are missing out on some great features. The overlay for discord allows users to have a video chat with friends while playing games or share pictures and memes as they see fit. It’s kind of like Skype but without the need for an account, which makes it easier to communicate with people who don’t already use the app!

All that’s needed in order to get started using this amazing feature is just downloading the software from their website and signing up through your email address ​or logging into Facebook if you prefer. If there was ever a time where we were so technologically connected yet so disconnected at the same time, it would be now more than any other point in history.

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How to install the Discord overlay?

So you’ve decided to join the ranks of Discord? Let’s get started with installing the overlay. We’re going to need a few things before we can install it: An existing installation of discord, a browser extension that allows us to add overlays, and finally an image file for our overlay.

First off, let’s go ahead and download the latest version from their website if you haven’t done this already. Once downloaded, head on over to your extensions page in Chrome (or Firefox) as well as make sure there is nothing else running in your taskbar or dock so that way all focus will be on these steps below.

On the Extensions, Page finds “Discord” which should show up near the bottom of any list of extensions that you have installed. Click the “Options” button to open Discord’s overlay settings in a new window, and then click on “Add an extension”.

The next step is going to be finding your image file for the overlay which should be a .png or .jpg file–these are two of the most popular types so chances are one of these will work if it doesn’t automatically show up when looking through your files. It can also help as well if we name this file something with “overlay” at the end of it such as “discord_overlay-v02.png,” but again not necessary. Choose whichever works best for you! Once found, drag and drop this over onto our Discord overlay settings window.

Discord’s overlay is now installed and ready to go!

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Why do I need the Discord overlay?

Discord Overlay is a web app that uses your Discord chat logs and provides information on the most popular channels in real-time. If you’re looking for new ways to promote content or grow followers, this tool can help!

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems

How does Discord Overlay work?

Discord is a company that started in 2015 offering free voice and text chat services. The Discord Overlay feature was introduced on the desktop app last year, which allows you to see what your friends are playing on their screen at any time right from within Discord’s overlay window.

How does it work?

When you have enabled this option for either video or audio input through Discord, an icon will be displayed next to discord users who are streaming content live from their computer screens. This can be done by clicking the mic button located alongside each user’s text box (see below). When they’re not speaking into the mic, they’ll appear as muted instead of having a broadcast symbol indicating that they’re currently broadcasting something.

The future of discord overlays

The future of discord overlays has been a hot topic in the gaming community. They are one of the best features that Discord offers and make it easy to share information about your favorite games with friends without having to type out messages while you play. The problem is, they don’t always work correctly or show up at all.

How to Easily Install Discord on PS4

Simplest Fix For Discord Overlay Not Working

Step 1: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Open the Nvidea Control Panel.

Click on Manage The Program Settings From The List Of Programs ​Select “Discord” from the list of programs and click Open > Uncheck “Allow This Application To Use Graphics Processor.” Click Apply, then Close.

Restart your computer. Try opening discord again and you should see that it’s fixed! You can re-enable graphics acceleration after if this fixes your issue for good (I hope).

Step 2: Enable Gameplay Overlay in Discord

In this step, we’ll walk you through enabling the Gameplay Overlay in Discord. This is a feature that will show your computer’s gameplay on your Discord chat so that it can be viewed by other gamers. It’s not enabled by default for security reasons but there are some simple steps to turn it on and configure its settings accordingly. The first thing you need to do is go into Settings > Appearance in the Discord window menu bar at the top left corner of your screen and then click “Game” as shown below:

Now look to see if the “Show game behind text” option has been selected or deselected as indicated by a green checkmark (✓) or an empty box with no checkmark respectively.

Step 3: Exclude Discord From Antivirus Scanning

The answer is simple, and you don’t even need to open your antivirus program or do anything complicated at all! All you need to do is go into Settings > Virus & Threat Protection on the left-hand side of the screen in Windows Defender Security Center and click Change settings next to Real-time scanning. Click Add an exclusion for programs I select from a list (scroll down until you find Discord) then Save changes without restarting my computer.”

The future of discord overlays ​​”In most cases, there will be no problems with your overlay except when it comes time to update. For example, if they are not updating as fast the overlay.

Step 4: Close Conflicting Applications

Close Discord and all other applications that are conflicting with the overlay. This includes browsers, games you’re playing or recording software such as Fraps. There is no need to close streaming programs like OBS Studio if your stream overlays work in it already. The key point is: do not have anything else open on your computer screen when you want your discord overlay to appear, so make sure everything except Discord is closed before opening up the program again.”

Step 5: Enable the Overlay Hotkey

To enable the overlay hotkey ​ntly, Discord Overlay is not detected by the system. This can be due to a variety of factors that are outlined below:

  • Ensure your video drivers are up-to-date and running smoothly. If you’re still having issues with detection after updating these drivers, uninstall them completely from Control Panel > Programs & Features. Restart your computer, then install new versions of both AMD and NVIDIA driver packages for Windows (known as display adapters) manually using their online sites linked in Appendix A on our support site if necessary or available
  • Verify the game window has focus before attempting to use Discord Overlay ​*or​ *​​else it will not work properly
  • Enable “Enable Hotkey” under settings -> appearance ​*or​ *​​else this overlay will not work
  • Ensure you’re running the latest version of Discord
  • If none of these steps are successful, please contact us with a screenshot and we’ll be happy to help. ​*Please note: if your video card drivers have been updated recently ​*do not reinstall them, as this may cause additional issues that cannot be resolved without major changes to system configuration.

ROBLOX Error Code 277: How to Handle Error

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is Discord Overlay?

Answer: A discord overlay displays your text messages, in-game chat and other things in the game onto a different screen. This feature was released by Discord Inc as of December 2017. The goal for this feature is to give gamers an opportunity to stay focused on their gameplay while still being able to communicate with friends without having to alt+tab out of the game every time they want to type something new.

Question: How do I use it?

Answer: Open up Discord (make sure you are logged into a server), click the gear icon at the top left corner, then select Plugins and find “Discord Overlay”. After clicking that option, all you need to do is press start playing whatever video game you want, and Discord will do the rest.

Question: Where can I find a list of games that support discord overlay?

Answer: A long list of supported games is available on this website…

Question: Is there any way to make my own Discord Overlay Station?

Answer: Yes! If you want to create your very own station with some favorite songs or messages over it, then all you need to do is go into Settings (via the settings icon) and select “Create New Server”. After clicking on Create New Server, name your new server whatever you want and click Save Changes at the bottom left corner. The next step would be adding people by typing in their username or selecting them from the contact list. You can also add a Discord Overlay Station to your server.

Question: Where can I find the overlay settings for my game?

Answer: The overlay settings are typically found in the config screen (in-game) or on an “overlay” tab of the options menu. If you’re not sure where this is, try looking up how to enable discord overlay for that particular game and it will detail things like what key activates it, etc., hopefully solving all your problems!

Question: How do I set up the Discord Overlay?

Answer: The overlay can be activated by pressing a button and then clicking on the game window. It is also possible to use hotkeys instead of mouse clicks, which makes things easier for some players.

Question: How do I customize my overlay settings?

Answer: To access your overlay settings, you’ll need to click “Options” in the top left corner of your screen (or alternatively press Ctrl + O) before selecting “Overlays”. From there, you will see various options that allow you to change how the overlays appear when looking through them or what they look like in general.

Question: How do I make my overlay not show up in the game?

Answer: This can be done by going to “Options” and then clicking “Overlays”. From there, you’ll need to untick the box next to your name. Your overlay will disappear from the screen when playing any games that have an overlay available for them!

Question: Why is Discord Overlay not working on my computer?

Answer: There are many different reasons why this could happen. The most likely answer would be a problem with drivers or graphics card settings – try updating these first before trying anything else! We also recommend checking whether Discord’s Overlay has been disabled at the system level because of antivirus software conflicts (an option that may sometimes be found under “Programs and Features” in the Control Panel).

Question: How do I get Discord Overlay to work again?

Answer: If you’re using Windows, try uninstalling it and then downloading it from this link. This should give a fresh install of Discord that should be working properly. We also recommend checking whether your graphics card settings have been turned off or changed at some point – simply go into them and make sure they are set on medium-high rather than ultra for best results!

​Question: What is the future of discord overlays?

Answer: The future looks bright as we continue our R&D efforts on how to improve Discord’s overlay experience for all users who use it so much already!


Discord overlay is a feature that allows you to see the text messages of your friends while playing games. This can be helpful when trying to find out what people are doing or saying about your game without having to alt-tab from it and go back in again. It also helps with staying focused on one thing because there’s no need for constant checking, which takes time away from actually focusing on gameplay.

The future of discord overlays looks uncertain due to new updates coming through by Microsoft Windows every few months, but there are some things that should help if this happens: firstly make sure antivirus software isn’t blocking any programs (such as Discord) then try disabling windows defender and run an internet speed test so they know everything has a chance to load.

If the overlay still won’t work, then try running Discord in administrator mode and restarting your computer afterwards ( and if you’re on a Windows PC, try installing the latest graphics card drivers and checking that Discord is set to run as an administrator).

If you are a gamer, then you have probably heard of Discord. It is one of the most popular chat services out there for gamers. One feature that sets it apart from other services is its screen share capability. In this article, we will show you how to enable discord screen share and fix black screens when using it on your computer or mobile phone.

If You are having problem can’t hear people on Discord then click here.

What is Discord Screen Share?

Discord is a chat service that was designed for gamers. One of its features is the ability to share screens or videos in real-time with other users on your server. The screen sharing feature has some limitations, such as not being able to capture game audio and video simultaneously when using an external webcam app like OBS Studio. You can also enable discord screen share if you’re experiencing black screens while loading discord onto your computer or mobile phone by following these steps:

How to Install Discord On PS4

Check whether Discord Screen Share is enabled

If you’ve been trying to use the Discord Screen Share feature in Discord but are unable to connect, there might be a couple of reasons. Firstly, make sure that your webcam is turned on and plugged into an available USB port or running on battery power (if possible). Secondly, try restarting Discord and checking if it starts working again. Thirdly, check whether Screen Sharing is enabled for your account by following these steps:

  • Open Settings from the discord app’s left menu drawer
  • Click Privacy & Safety > Video Chat
  • Check Enable Screen Sharing? And click Change Settings

Update Video Drivers

Do you have a black screen with discord? Is Discord Screen Share not working on your computer? If the answer is yes to either, then this article will help solve your problem.

If you are experiencing these issues, it is likely that your video driver needs an update. This can happen if there was a recent Windows Update or when installing other software such as graphics drivers for gaming purposes. To fix this issue, we recommend updating any outdated video drivers using one of the methods below:

Discord Screen Share Problem Fixed
  • Launch Device Manager from Start Menu > All apps > System Tools (or simply type “device manager” into Cortana Search). Find and expand Display adapters in the left sidebar. Locate and right-click on each adapter listed under There should be no
  • Disable UAC (User Account Control)

How to Enable Discord Screen Share ?

  • Step One: Create a new channel for screen share.
  • Step Two: Drag the desired person’s profile onto your screen and click ‘Share’.
  • The resulting Screen Share Window will show up on top of Discord – do not minimize this window!
  • To stop sharing, right-click in the lower-left corner to close the live video stream or press Escape.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems

Troubleshooting black screen issues with the screen share enabled

When you try to enable screen share with Discord, the audio and video are not working.

Is your internet connection having any issues?

Are you having any issues with your internet connection? If so, please follow the steps below.

  • First off, try restarting your computer and router.
  • Run a ping test from the cmd prompt to see if there are any packet loss or latency problems in your area.
  • Check for free space on the hard drive (right-click on C:/). External drives may need external power sources due to lack of storage space: it is advisable to store files elsewhere until this problem has been resolved.

Possible reasons for these problems include malware infection, outdated system software drivers, hardware failure causing corrupt data packets, or physical damage such as broken wiring and bad cables between networking components that can cause intermittent connections or degradation in speed.

Steps to take:

  • First off, try restarting your computer and router.
  • Run a ping test from the cmd prompt to see if there are any packet loss or latency problems in your area.
  • Check for free space on the hard drive (right-click on C:/). External drives may need external power sources due to lack of storage space: it is advisable to store files elsewhere until this problem has been resolved.

Possible reasons for these problems include malware infection, outdated system software drivers, hardware failure causing corrupt data packets, or physical damage such as broken wiring and bad cables between networking components that can cause intermittent connections or degradation in speed.

Use a different browser or firewall software

I have a suggestion for you. Try using Firefox or Opera browser. If the problem persists, try to enable Discord screen share and contact their support team about any issues with it so that they can help create an account profile if necessary. They will be able to make sure all settings are enabled correctly on your computer as well as show what may be going wrong.

When should you use it and when not use it?

The first thing you should do is figure out why you want to enable Discord screen share.

If it’s for a presentation or teaching, the person on the other end will need access to your camera as well which means that they’ll also be able to see what’s happening with your computer (like if there are any notifications).

It can make sense to use this feature when presenting at an event where another presenter might have something cool coming up soon but is waiting for their turn. From then on, they could offer viewers a sneak peek of their content and keep them engaged during downtime before returning back to themselves after delivering theirs.

On the flip side, some people may not like being seen while working so think

Other Useful Information

The post is going to contain a lot of facts about how you should use Discord. We’re also going to talk about why and when you shouldn’t use the platform.

– Why don’t I want to share my screen with other people?

Screen sharing can sometimes invade your privacy, but it’s not as bad if everyone has agreed on what they are all comfortable with beforehand. This becomes more prevalent when groups of friends start collaborating for their projects or schoolwork because then there will be an unspoken pressure that even though someone might have said no once, they’ll feel obligated to say yes in order to keep up appearances or maintain the group dynamic.

FAQs about Discord Screen Share 

Question: What is discord screen share?

Answer: Discord Screen Share, or “Screen share,” as it is known in Discord’s own words, allows you to show your whole desktop and other screens on a specific server. This works for both PC users and mobile devices with the app installed. 

Question: How do I enable screen sharing in discord?

Answer: Enabling this feature is simple: just click the gear icon at the bottom right of any chat window, then choose “Go Advanced…” from the menu that pops up. A new window will appear on top of all others – find and select “Enable Screen Sharing” next to “Server Settings” under Sharing Preferences by clicking its checkbox. Confirm changes by hitting enter or clicking the green checkmark.

Question: How can I use Discord’s built-in screen sharing tool to show off my desktop in real-time?

Answer: Enabling this feature is as easy as clicking on the gear icon at the bottom right of any chat window and selecting ‘Go Advanced…’ from that menu. Find and select Enable Screen Sharing’. Enter or confirm with a green checkmark when prompted for an authorization code.

Question: How can I connect to Discord screen share on my Android phone?

Answer:  To enable the feature, click on the gear icon at the bottom right of any chat window and select ‘Go Advanced…’ from that menu. From there, find and select ‘Enable Screen Sharing’. Confirm your changes by entering or a green checkmark. Afterward, ask other users for their IP address before you try connecting with them.”


At the end of this article, we hope you have learned what Discord Screen Share is and how to enable it. We reiterate that this feature will be rolling out slowly on a user-by-user basis but if you want to access it earlier than later please visit discordapp.com/activate-screen-share/. You also need to make sure your computer meets the requirements for Discord screen share such as having Google Chrome installed or Microsoft Office 2010 or newer.

You can now officially use screen sharing in discord! This means that you are able to show off your work when collaborating with others over voice chat online instead of just typing words into text boxes which slow down communication between users while they wait for each other’s responses. Now everyone has everything they need to collaborate, discussion and have fun in the same space.

Can’t Hear People On Discord is a big problem in discord. Discord is one of the most popular voice and text chat apps out there, but it has a major flaw: you can’t hear what other people are saying. This problem has been on the rise recently with many users reporting that they can’t hear anyone when they’re in a call. If this sounds like you then don’t worry! There are 7 ways to fix your discord problem so that you can enjoy using Discord again without feeling anxious or frustrated about not being able to talk.

Sometimes everyone face Screen Share No Audio Problem, you can see that fix too.

Why Can’t Hear People On discord?

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be able to hear people on discord.

A) Your speaker volume is too low

B) You’re muted in the voice channel of discord or your mute status has been “seen” by other members of the chat server

C) The person that you want to speak with does not have a mic enabled and is not talking

D) Your discord volume is too low

E) Discord has crashed and you need to restart it.

F) You are playing a game that prevents your computer from hearing anything on discord, such as League of Legends or another voice-chat program for games like World of Warcraft.

G) The person who was speaking just left the chat server with no one else in there and so now you can’t hear anyone at all!

H) Discord’s audio settings have been changed without your knowledge by someone on the same machine (not recommended!) thats why you Can’t Hear People On Discord.

How to Easily Install Discord on PS4

How to Fix Discord Can’t Hear Anyone?

There are plenty of methods to fix Can’t Hear People On Discord. In this guide, we will talk about the three main ways to solve it and some useful tips for you.

First of all, please make sure that your device is connected with a stable Wi-Fi signal. If not, try moving closer to your router or plugging in an Ethernet cable. Next time when you are using Discord on PC/MacOS/Linux: Press Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows) or Cmd + Opt+I(macOS) then select “Test Audio”. Then press any key once audio starts playing to stop testing if there is no sound coming out from speakers after selecting the Test Audio button successfully;


Here are the 7 Ways to Fix Can’t Hear People On Discord Problem:

1. Restrict Other Voice Impairing Apps

The first thing that you need to do is restrict other voice-impairing applications. If you’re using Discord and Skype, then it’s best if you don’t open up discord while on a call with someone over skype.

This can be done by manually closing the app or changing settings so that when opening the application, it doesn’t override any already running programs (like discord).

Keep The Volume Up For Other Programs And Apps

The next step would be to keep volume levels good for all of your apps.

2. Always Use Legacy in Discord Audio Subsystem

You have to turn on the Legacy Audio Mode in discord, but still not hearing anyone? Here how you can use the legacy system quickly:

Open up Discord and go to the Audio Subsystem setting located on the left-hand side of your screen.

Just a quick reminder, make sure you are not in Legacy Mode! The default mode should be Stereo Mixer for Windows users while Mac users will need to select System Preferences from their application menu bar at the top. For Linux or other operating systems please consult these instructions here.

– Once opened, we simply click “Legacy” on this window and it will automatically change our audio settings back to legacy where all our friends can hear us again!

– After selecting Legacy Mode, closeout discord by clicking File > Quit Application (Windows) or Command+Q (OSX). This is very important because if you don’t quit discord, the settings won’t stick and your sound will still be muted.

– Open up discord again and voila! You should now have a working microphone once more – all thanks to Legacy Mode! Thats how you can fix Can’t Hear People On Discord.

3. Change Advanced settings in discord

You can change the advance setting in discord to fix this problem. Here are the steps for change the advance setting is given below:

– Open discord

– Click on the user icon (your name) at the top of your screen, and select “Preferences” from the dropdown menu.

– Scroll down to Audio & Video > Advanced Settings:

– Select Voice Activity Detection Sensitivity. The default is set to Medium, but you can experiment with Low or High settings until you find one that suits you best. This will help prevent Discord from cutting out other players’ voices when they talk for too long in chat without any pauses between words.

– Once selected choose the Ok button on the bottom right-hand side of this window and reload discord again by clicking OK on this same window before it automatically closes. Now try talking into a microphone using the Discord app and see if you can hear people talking to you.

– If the issue persists, please try restarting your PC and make sure Discord isn’t running in one of your browser tabs as this could be a possible cause for not hearing voices from other discord users.

4. Provide Proper Audio Output & Input Settings

Provide proper audio output and input settings for discord in Windows to fix the problem of being unable to hear anyone on Discord.

– Enable “Stereo Mix” and/or “What U Hear” audio output options under Audio Properties -> Advanced controls.

– Configure microphone as default device: go to Sound Control Panel, select Recording tab, open Microphone properties window from the sidebar, set it as your Default Recorder by clicking the “Set Default” button next to Mic section (check screenshot).

You might need to change this setting back if you want other applications that use microphones (e.g., Skype) able to record sound without having a conflict with each other or when they don’t work properly together.

– Disable Firewall: please

Here are the steps by step guide for proper Audio output and input setting is given below:

– Click on the Start button and then click Control Panel.

– On the Control panel window, select Hardware and Sound from the left sidebar under System and Security (see screenshot).

– In your hardware properties window, you will be able to see a list of devices that are currently plugged in or have been detected by Windows. Check if there is anything related with Audio device input/output settings as shown below:

The following steps show how to properly set up audio output for discord can’t hear anyone issue: go down to Playback tab -> Speakers section -> Configure -> Properties option at bottom right corner of it; then select Customize -> Advanced Controls tab with “Stereo Mix” enabled for both speakers’ playback devices list and click OK to save the changes.

– Another thing is that you can also fix discord can’t hear anyone issue by installing a sound card driver provided from another company, such as Creative Sound Blaster (C\Program Files (x86)\Creative) or ASUS Audio Driver(C\Program Files (x86)\ASUS).

– In addition, there are still other solutions for fixing discord can’t hear anyone problem like updating your Windows OS with the latest version of it through System update settings in the Control Panel window -> Check for Updates, but I would recommend using an audio cable to connect your PC speaker/headphones instead than doing all the complicated troubleshooting steps if this doesn’t work outright.

5. Select Playback and Recording Devices Manually

– In the Playback and Recording Devices window, click on the sound card you want to fix discord can’t hear anyone issue with. For example Creative Sound Blaster (C\Program Files (x86)\Creative) or ASUS Audio Driver(C\Program Files (x86)\ASUS).

– Follow the steps as instructed by Windows OS for installing a new device driver onto your PC. It may ask you if it wants to restart your computer automatically after installation is completed.

If that’s okay with you then go ahead; otherwise, please wait until this process is done before shutting down Windows manually through Task Manager -> Processes Tab -> End all processes listed-> Restart Computer option in Shutdown menu of Start Menu

6. Changing Server Region

You can try changing your server region if you are experiencing the same issue.

– If your server is US East, try changing it to an EU Server like Amsterdam or London

– If your server is Europe North, try changing it to a European South Server such as Italy or Spain

This will work for some and not others due to latency issues and different regional servers being better at connecting with other regions than they are local ones.

Some also may find that certain countries have more bandwidth available within the country so connections there could be faster overall even when going through a longer distance which can result in less lag time for voice chat service on Discord.

In addition, this does nothing about any Wi-Fi interference occurring in homes but should provide some relief from connection degradation when using it on a cellular data network.

7. Refresh all settings

Refresh all settings in order to fix the problem. To do this, go to ‘Settings’ on your computer or phone and then click ‘Voice & Video’ from the menu that appears.

– Update Voice Quality – Lowest/Highest (Depending on what you are running)

– Select “Share My Actual Microphone Input” – This should be checked by default if not leave it checked and apply changes

After doing these steps, try playing a game where chatting is required again. If the discord can’t hear anyone issue doesn’t arise now, congratulations! You have fixed it!

Note: Please note that there may still be other problems with discord such as echo cancellation so make sure to keep an eye out for any other issues.

How to Fix It & What is https // aka.ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Error

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How to Fix Not Beaing Able to Hear Anyone in Discord?

Answer: -Open your discord settings, scroll down to the heading Voice and Video > Settings.

-Change from “Push To Talk” mode or adjust the volume of each server you are playing on individually by following these steps:

-In a new tab go to Server Setting for whichever voice channel that is not working properly. If it’s just one voice channel then any will do but if there are multiple channels causing problems with sound quality, use those specific ones when adjusting their volumes (e.g., Raids).

Clicking into this screen shows three different tabs – one named Chat Volume which adjusts how much chat audio plays out loud according to what level you set it at; another called Mic Volume which adjusts the volume of your microphone’s input according to what level you set it at; and another called Voice Mixer, which is a slider that will adjust how much game audio plays out loud when using Push To Talk mode.

-Adjusting these settings can fix sound quality issues with discord.”

Question: Why I Can’t Hear People On Discord?

Answer: Can’t Hear People On Discord if they have voice_input set to push-to-talk in the Voice settings.

To fix this, make sure your voice is not set on “Push To Talk” and play a sound so you know that it works! From now on, Discord will always be able to hear everyone else without any problems.

​Final Thoughts

It feels very bad when you can not hear your friends on discord. You will all the possible fixes Can’t Hear People On Discord above in this article.

I hope these tips helped you figure out how to fix Can’t Hear People On Discord because I know how frustrating it gets when it won’t work properly!

Discord is a very great way to communicate with your teammates while playing games. It’s an instant messaging app that you can use to chat, voice chat, and even share game screens. The only problem? You might not know how to install Discord on PS4! Read this blog post for easy-to-follow instructions on how to get set up quickly and efficiently.

How Can I Connect My Discord Account to PS4?

Discord allows you to connect your account to a PSN ID and use it on the PlayStation Network.

Discord has become a hugely popular communication app among gamers. It has millions of users across the world and is one of the most used platforms for chatting when gaming.

The app has now advanced to the point where you can add music bots.

Have you ever heard that Discord can be installed on PC and other platforms?

But can you imagine using your Discord on PS4 as well

Discord users always asking developers on Discord to make the PS4 version of the app.

So, everyone might think:

You need to wait long enough for the Discord app to be available on PS4 in order to use it.

No, you don’t have to wait.

There’s always a trick to use Discord on PS4.

Some people enjoy using Discord to communicate with their friends, but you’ll need an account in order to do so. This blog will walk you through all the necessary things to connecting your account and setting up the equipment necessary.

How to Setup Discord on PS4?

Setting up Discord on PS4 can seem like a difficult task.

Take this equipment to your PS4 in order to successfully set up Discord.

Equipment for Setting Up Discord For PS4

  1. A headset with an optical cable and USB support.
  2. It should also have a device such as the Mixamp or one similar to it, like the Mixamp TR Pro for switching audio between your PS4 and desktop.
  3. Yes, you can connect your Discord account to the PS4 by using some cables. Some of these cables include 3.5mm Male to Male3.5mm Aux Splitter and 3.5 mm-to-3.5 model with volume control
  4. Ensure that you have Discord on your Desktop as well.

Go to the Discord website to download the PC version of Discord. They might have a version for MAC computers as well or Linux users.

In case you face any problem regarding to sound, then check our separate troubleshooting post on how to fix discord stream no sound.

How do you Get Discord on Ps4?

If you want to get Discord on PS4, then follow these steps given below:

  1. You have to create a discord account with any device such as PC or, mobile.
  2. Now, find the discord on PS4 browser.
  3. Now, enter discord on the search bar in the web browser.
  4. Enter your discord username and password and click ok.
  5. You are successfully Login to your Discord account.

How to Use Discord Application on Your Ps4?

Follow these steps to use Discord on Ps4 is given below:

  1. To get audio from Discord on PS4, connect your optical cables between your mix amp Pro TR and either console.
  2. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings and change the Output Port to Digital Output (Optical).
  3. Connect the microphone USB cable to your PS4 and your computer. Make sure your base station is on computer mode or it won’t work!
  4. Connect the Discord program to your computer and change the input device in their voice settings.
  5. To play Discord on PS4, you’ll need to connect it with a computer microphone.
  6. Return to your PC and change the output device for the computer speakers.

When you set up your Discord, it should offer input on whether or not you can talk through both at the same time.

As soon as you’ve connected your PlayStation 4 to Discord, no other audio will be audible because the console is fetching primary sound from the mixamp pro TR.

But, always feel lucky because there’s an simple solution to this issue.

To connect your Discord account to PS4 all you need to do is plug in the 3.5mm cable into your computer and the AUX port on your Mixamp Pro TR Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation4 (PS4).

To sync your Discord account to PlayStation 4, change the Output Device to Speakers.

How To Join a Play Station (PS4)  Party On PC?

Playstation party chat is an awesome feature.

You might ask:

What is Playstation party chat?

A Playstation party is a chat is like a normal chat in that you can use to talk to your friends. You can use it almost always like while playing games or doing other things. It is also possible to share your gaming screens with the party.

How can i join a PS4 Party Chat on Computer?

To join a PS4 Party Chat on your computer steps is given below:

  1. You have to download the Playstation (PS4) Remote Play software in your computer.
  2. Now, go and sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  3. Turn your PS4 on.
  4. Find the party chart option and Connect to the Party chat option on your computer.
  5. Now, Run the Remote playstation software while you do other things on your computer.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can you use Discord on PS4?

Answer: Yes, you can use discord on PS4. You can install it from the PlayStation Store or download it here.

Question: How to install discord on PS4?

Answer: To get started with Discord, download it from the PlayStation Store or click here.

Question: How do I join a party chat on my computer?

Answer: First of all you need to leave your Playstation Network account logged in at all times and then turn your PS off/in Standby mode.

Next open Remote Play Software for PC, login using your username and password, press the “Start” button (or use shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+DEL) while selecting “Launch Party Chat.”

Finally, choose how many people you want to add by clicking “+”. Press Enter after adding them and start chatting!

Question: Does Ps4 have Discord?

Answer: Yep.

Question: How do I connect my PS4 to discord?

Answer: First, you need to link your PSN account to a Discord account.

Startup the game and choose “Link Account” from the Settings tab in the Main Menu.

Log into your discord with an email/password or use an existing login if logged on already. On this screen, you will be prompted for which service (PSN) you want to connect by clicking its button.

After selecting that click next and answer yes when asked if you are sure about linking accounts and then start enjoying voice chat over discord!

Question: How do I get back my old name?

Answer: The only way is to change it again using a new one but there is no guarantee that another player won’t steal your previous name so make sure, not many people have the same name.

Question: How do I know how many people are in a voice channel?

Answer: You can see it when you click on the discord app or go to the settings tab and look at Voice Channels

Question: Can my PSN account be banned by Discord for using their service without authorization/permission from Sony?

Answer: No, your PlayStation Network Account is not going to get suspended as long as you use this feature in accordance with these terms of services. All accounts linking through Playstation will receive a message confirming that they understand what they’re doing before connecting their account, which should prevent any issues related to unauthorized connection and suspension.

Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts:

-I had no problems installing discord on PS4 and it didn’t interrupt any of the games I was playing.

-It’s unfortunate that you can’t chat with friends who are offline or in another game at once time, but maybe this is a good thing to stop chatting when you’re supposed to be focusing on your gameplay after all. (This could also apply to other people using discord as well)

-The only problem now is being able to leave messages for people without adding them as a friend first which doesn’t make much sense if they aren’t online anyways! Either way, Discord has made the gaming experience easier and more fun by giving me an outlet where I can talk about what’s going on in a game or just talk with friends.

-And if you ever need to remove discord, it’s as easy as clicking the uninstall button at the top of Discord!

Sometimes it’s frustrating when Discord has audio problems. You’re in a screen share, but you can’t hear anything that your teammates are saying. Luckily, there are some things you can do to fix this problem and get back to the game!

​What Causes Discord Screen Share No Audio issue?

The most common cause of Discord screen share no audio issue is due to your microphone settings. Whether you’re using a wired or wireless headset, make sure that your mic volume isn’t set too low. If the problem persists when adjusting this setting, then it’s worth contacting either Microsoft Support for Windows users, Apple Support for macOS users, or Razer Technical support if you have a Razer gaming mouse to rule out any hardware issues.

What Can You Do To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem?

If none of these potential fixes work and the discord screen share no audio issue continues to persist despite all efforts made so far – try changing your codecs! Some new updates came around recently which changed how some people experience sound quality in video conferencing systems like Discord Screen Share. If you’re lucky, the change might have solved your audio problems!

Here are the causes for Discord screen share no audio issue:

1. Audio Feature Problem

– Audio codecs

– Sound card drivers

– Operating system audio settings

If you are using a headset, try to plug it into the microphone port and check if this fixes your discord screen share no audio problem. If not, then continue reading for possible solutions!

A common fix is to update or reinstall sound card drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Don’t forget to restart your computer when finished with these steps! Sometimes simply disabling certain features in Windows will do the trick as well: go ahead and disable things like “Playback Devices” under Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound before trying anything else.

An alternative to the discord screen share no audio is by using a voice call instead. For this, you will need Skype or Discord (free program) as well as an internet connection and headset on both ends of the line. If another person wants to join in on a conversation with one of these programs, they can either open the app themselves or be invited into it from your personal account. It’s also possible for people who don’t have their own headsets to use speakers/headphones connected directly into their computers if they are nearby enough for everyone else in that call to hear them clearly!

– mic port

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound

Windows features: “Playback

2. Faulty Audio Drivers

Sometimes audio drivers can go haywire causing audio lag and other problems. To fix this, it’s best to update your drivers rather than downloading a new set of drivers for the specific model (it could be outdated)

– microphone not working

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound

Windows features: “Playback” tab in options box > Audio devices button down arrow next to Speaker/Headphones combo box on right > Mic selection from the dropdown list at the bottom left corner of the window. If the mic is plugged into the computer but the volume bar doesn’t light up when selected, click Properties instead then check Recording under Microphone Tab – make sure that you have checked Allow applications to take exclusive control over this device so they can override system settings. Check out aka. ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Error

3. Administrative Entry

Discord screen required administrative permission before it can be installed. To do so, right-click on the discord icon and select “Run As Administrator.”

4. Inappropriate Applications

There are some other apps that do not support Discord screens. Examples of this are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

5. Discord Voice No Route Error

Discord Screen share no audio occurs if there is no route to the microphone. To fix it, make sure that your computer is connected to an internet connection so as not to experience latency problems with the mic and speaker. You need to change some voice settings in order to get your discord screen share no audio issue.

6. Stream Incompatibility

Discord screens may not work on some streams. This is because discord screen share can only be available if the streamer has a “game capture” device that is compatible with video streaming.

7. Antivirus Problems

It is possible that an antivirus program may be blocking discord screens. To fix this, you need to make sure the security software is not preventing access to the mic and speaker or screen share with the audio issues on Discord.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems

Discord is an app that has many flaws to its functions, from screen sharing without audio to the inability to change your avatar.

Discord has a new update that’s causing them to bug out more often.

Here are the steps to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio issues:

1. Restart your Computer

To fix Discord screen share no audio problem, you need to restart your computer. Most of the time there is some software running in the background causing problems. Restarting your computer may solve your problem.

2. Update the Discord App

Sometimes your Discord app is not up to date. Updating your Discord app may fix the audio problems you are having with screen share on discord, so update it now!

Here are the steps to update the Discord app:

  1. To open a Run dialog, press win+R at the same time.
  2. Type %localappdata% and press enter.
  3. Double-click Discord and double-click on Update.exe.
  4. You may be required to update and restart the Discord app.

3. Grant Administrative Access

You have to grant administrative access to the Discord app. To do this, follow these steps:

Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time and clicking on the Processes tab

Right-click discord in-process list > select “Go to details”

Click File > New task (Run As Administrator) Select OK when the dialog opens

4. Avoid Full Windowed Screen

You have to avoid a full windowed screen in order to be able to play audio from Windows. The easiest way is by right-clicking on the Discord Window and selecting “Full Screen” instead of simply pressing F11.

The steps are as follows:

Right-click on discord window > select fullscreen

Selecting fullscreen will allow you to hear sound normally!

5. Add Discord Activity

Discord detects what you are doing and reacts accordingly.

Like if you are playing Fortnite and also using Discord in the Background then, there will be a chance of showing fortnite no sound error.

Getting rid of the problem for people with no sound, you need to add an activity in discord.

Here are the steps to add Discord Activity:

  1. Open Discord Settings.
  2. On the left navigation bar you will see several options. Click on Games.
  3. Move to the Game Activity Tab and add the activity.
  4. Turn on the toggle button in front of Discord Overlay Tab.

6. Update Audio Drivers

To make sure that your audio drivers are up to date, you need to go into the control panel.

Open Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager

This will show all of your devices on this screen, with a yellow triangle beside each device which means they have an update available.  You can click on the update driver button, and it will download the latest version of your drivers.

If you are still having audio problems after updating your device driver software, there may be a hardware issue with the sound card or internal speakers in your computer.

7. Reset Voice Settings On Discord

Discord cannot be used with no sound.

Here are the steps to reset voice settings on Discord:

  1. Open Discord Settings.
  2. Click the settings icon in the bottom-right of the screen.
  3. Then find out Voice & Video.
  4. If you’re experiencing Discord screen share no audio problems, select Reset Voice settings to restore your sound.
  5. Click Okay to confirm. You will surely fix discord screen share no audio issues by this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I share sound when using discord screen sharing?

Answer: You can’t share audio normally on Discord. You must go to a voice call in order for your voice to be heard over the chat app.

Question: How can I share audio on the discord screen share no audio?

Answer: To fix discord screen share no audio problems, first turn off Screen Share. Next, enable sound from the application window and then click Share Now to share Audio.

Question: Does discord screen share have audio?

Answer: Discord does not share in-built audio with screen sharing. You need to use voice calls to transfer sounds.

Question: How do I fix no audio in Discord?

Answer: If the screen share on Discord doesn’t have any sound, an improper audio setting or a bug is to blame. Occasionally faulty driver software can also cause no audio issues in screen share mode.

Question: Why is there no audio when I try to screen share on discord?

Answer: Discord Screen Share won’t work if you have an older version of Discord or if your Discord Screen Share is muted.

Question: How can I stream on discord with sound?

Answer: Teach how to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems.

-Launch the Screen Sharing function from your video call or instant message window and enable both Video Streaming and then Select Sounds from Settings to also include sound during the call

Question: How to fix audio not working when you share screens on Discord?

Answer: Enable the screen sharing feature to share screens in discord.

Question: Can you share screen on discord?

Answer: Yes, you can share screen on Discord using the “Screen Share” option.

Question: Does discord have screen share?

Answer: Yes, the newest version of Discord includes the new screen share feature.

Question: How to restart discord on PC?

Answer: Some users may experience audio issues when screen sharing on Discord for Windows. These can be resolved by closing the Discord application and reopening it again.

Question: Is it possible to use screen share on discord?

Answer: Discord allows you to share your screen on Discord Mobile.

Question: How to play computer audio through discord?

Answer: To hear computer audio while in voice chat with discord, turn on “enable audio” under the voice settings tab.

Question: How to stream google chrome on discord?

Answer: To stream a Chrome browser video on Discord, use either the default screen share or the Discord Screen Share no audio feature.


In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that may be contributing to discord screen share no audio issues with Discord’s video conferencing system. One option is to go back and troubleshoot some of these potential fixes – just keep in mind that not all users will see success if they make changes without first consulting an expert or service representative from Microsoft Support for Windows users, Apple Support for macOS users, or Razer Technical support if you have a Razer gaming mouse. You can also try changing codecs which could solve your problem as well!