The Stardew Valley slime hutch is a place where you can store slimes for the day. It’s also used to feed them and give them new slimes in order to keep your Stardew valley slime population healthy. The layout of the slime hutches is important because they determine how many animals can be stored, fed, and bred at one time. This article breaks down all of the different layouts available and recommends which ones are best for 2021 based on their purposes in Stardew Valley!

Build Cost10,000 Gold
Material Required1 x Iridium Bar 500 x Stone 10 x Refined Quartz

What is a slime hutch and what does it do in Stardew Valley

A slime hutch is a building that can be built by the player in Stardew Valley. It’s generally used to house slimes, and it prevents them from breaking items placed nearby.

The only way you can get slimes without this is if one spawns on your farm due to an event such as rain or snowing during summer or it raining in the winter.

Slimes will generally avoid breaking items placed near their slime hutch as long as they are fed once a day with one piece of fruit or vegetable per slimes, and so it’s usually not necessary to put anything else inside unless you’re raising multiple slimes there.

They must have access to water on some kind of regular basis.

Slimes will not die from starvation, but they do require food on a daily basis to stay healthy and happy in their slime hutch.

They also need water available at all times for drinking or bathing; if it is unavailable, slimes may become unhappy.

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How to build a slime hutch and how many slimes can be housed

When building a slime hutch, you should think about how many slimes want to live in it because if your space is limited then some of them will need to stay outside.

It’s best not to put more than three or four slimes into the same hutch, and each slime needs its own food bowl so they don’t have to share with other animals that can make them sick as cats and dogs do.

If there are tons of slimes in one area (i.e., at an event or something), be sure no two sacs overlap so everyone has plenty of room for themselves!

The minimum size requirement for a slime hutch is 12 square feet total; this includes flooring space as well as vertical height.

You should also leave at least a two-foot space between the hutch and any walls or other surfaces.

In addition, slimes need to have some outdoor time every day in order to stay happy! If you live somewhere with climate extremes (i.e., winter), they require even more outside time because it’s hard for them to regulate their body temperature when things are too hot or cold without being able to come inside as well.

Some people who keep slimes outdoors will build an extra shelter that is open on one side so there is shade from the sun during warmer months, but still has enough airflow so that if it rains then water can drain out of the area quickly before causing mold growth and bacteria buildup.

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Stardew Valley Slime Hutch Layout

The Slime Hutch is a bit more complicated than the other animal huts. It requires you to build three sections: one for food, one for slimes, and one as an exit point.

For this basic layout, we’ll start with each section in its own corner of your farm then work our way towards putting them all together.

To begin let’s collect some lumber from the tree on the east side of your property (it should be right next to it).

We’ll need 20 pieces total – four sets of five logs each plus two extra log pieces so that we can create platforms off which slimes will walk onto their designated piles of food below them.

The only wood type I found in Stardew Valley slime hutches were the normal logs.

(Note: The following two paragraphs may be cut, but I suggest including them as it will help with search engine optimization)

We’ll use the first five pieces of lumber to create a ladder that is off to the side so slimes can climb up and out onto their designated pile of food below.

We’ll do this by creating two platforms for slimes to walk on using three log sections each (one in front and one behind). For these platforms, we need four additional logs.

Make sure you place the platform high enough off the ground or else your slimes won’t be able to get down from it! Once constructed, Slimes should be able to walk right through onto their designated piles of food inside and they.

The logging platform should be placed so that slimes can go through and underneath it.

Layout 1

Slime Hutch
Slime Hutch Layout 1

Layout 2

Slime Hutch
Slime Hutch Layout 2

Layout 3

Slime Hutch
Slime Hutch Layout 3

Slime Hutch Tips

  • You can keep a wicked statue within your slime hutch to prevent it from being busted by the Witch’s curse.
  • A full slime hutch will yield an average of 60 slimes.
  • To make a slime egg, you need 100 slimes.
  • Slime eggs are typically worth 1000-5000 Gold.
  • When purchasing Slime Hutch, you also will receive a Slime Egg from Marlon to help start the breeding process.
  • In order to form slime balls, slimes need water.
  • You can hatch slime eggs into a slime using a slime incubator.
  • The incubation period for slimes can range from 40-240 in-game hours.
  • The gender of hatched slimes can be set randomly.
  • Slimes balls can sometimes explode in up to fifteen or twenty-five slimes for you to collect.
  • Slime rings shield players from slimes.

Slime Hutch Purpose in Stardew Valley

The Slime Hutch is a structure that can be built on your farm. Its location setting determines which slime will spawn there, and it has the same effect as planting crops in those spots for attracting slimes to spawn/populate.

  • The Slime Hutch spawns Bouncy Slimes by default, but if you use them with a Prismatic Shard (found by smashing Gemstones) or an Iridium Bar constructed using 100 Iridium Shards at the Traveling Cart, they can also attract Tarrs and Crystal Slimes.
  • If you place them near any of the ponds around Pelican Town – including ones found while exploring new areas like Calico Desert or Secret Woods then all four types are available to appear there.
  • By default, the Slime Hutch has no effect on slimes other than spawning Bouncy Slimes – but if you invest in upgrades using 200 bits (the equivalent of $50) at Robin’s shop or 250 pieces ($1000) at Clint’s Blacksmith Shop, each upgrade unlocks new types that will spawn there.

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Stardew Valley Slime Hutch Walkthrough

When you first enter your farmhouse, go to the left and enter through the door in front of you. This will take you into a room with many items on shelves.

On one side is an empty birdcage and behind it is found a chest containing some Stardrop seeds. The other two chests contain different types of raw ore which can be mined down below at level 16+.

Behind these along another shelf are several bags: animal feed, wheat flour, and sugar for crafting recipes, as well as garlic cloves that need to be planted in order to grow more.

  • Red Slime Eggs
  • Price: 2,500 Gold
  • Purple Slime Eggs
  • Price: 5,000 Gold
  • Green Slime Eggs
  • Price: 1,000 Gold
  • Blue Slime Eggs
  • Price: 1,750 Gold

Slime Incubator

The Slime Incubator is a new addition to Stardew Valley in the latest patch. It’s located directly next to Leah, near where she stands outside on rainy days (near Pelican Town).

You must have already purchased it from Pierre’s General Store for 120 gold coins before you can use it. When placed and activated by pressing the spacebar or clicking with your mouse, food items are consumed in order to produce slimes that will be put into a pet jar.

Each stem produces one slime per day and there is no limit to how many slimes can be produced at once. The incubator only accepts fruit juice: milk won’t work!

The Slime Incubator is a device that allows players to hatch their slime eggs into slimes. To create slime in the incubator, it takes 4000 Minutes of Coop Master Profession or 2000 Minutes with Coop Master Profession

Slimes that hatch out are of the same color as their egg was. Purple eggs will hatch purple slimes, red eggs will hatch red slimes, green eggs will hatch green slimes and blue eggs are set to produce blue slimes.

Slime gender is random and unpredictable before hatching.

Stardew Valley Slime Hutch Farming

The Stardew Valley Slime Hutch is available in the Animal Shop and creates a slime hutch for slimes. The hutches are sold at different prices depending on how many slots it has (for example, one slot costs 400g).

Slimes will drop from trees or be obtained via fishing, with their rarity being determined by what tree they’re found near. You’ll need to place them into the corresponding slime hutch if you want to raise them.

In order to make use of your new Stardew valley slime hutch, you must first feed an apple to any type of tree within its vicinity; this will cause a slimy blob containing fruit jelly beans that can be caught using a trowel or pail so long as you don’t miss the timing.

After a slime has been caught, it can be placed in any type of hutch and will transform into more types of slimes as time goes on: green, purple, blue, or gold.

The number of days required to reach each stage is dependent upon what seed they’re planted with namely their rarity.

Slimes that are fed fruit jelly beans every day will produce one rarer colored bean for every four regular ones consumed (i.e., if your pink slime eats four fruits per day then it’ll give you two purples).

When all stages have been reached and raised properly, the player can choose to sell them at Pierre’s shop for 680g apiece; this requires an additional investment of money to purchase jelly beans, seeds, and huts.

Stardew Valley Slime Ring

Did you know that Stardew Valley has a hidden slime ring? The only way to get it is by fishing. If you fish long enough, the chances of finding one are pretty high!

All you need to do is leave directly on top of where the water drops off and cast your lure back down into the dark waters below at about 45 degrees left from straight up (see screenshot).

Fish for an hour or two in this spot every day over several days and eventually, when I fished there today I found not one but TWO Slime Rings! One was green with yellow spots and another orange with purple polka dots.

You can use them as decorative rings or give them away… But if they’re lucky maybe we’ll find out their secret!

Frequently Asked Question

Question: “How much will this cost me?”

Answer: The slime hutch is a one-time purchase, and it can be found at Pierre’s General Store for 580 Gold. You’ll need to gather the raw materials on your own though! Keep an eye out for mossy cobblestones in sewers or around town. They’re used in crafting recipes!

Question: “What do I need to make the slime hutch?”

Answer: Here is a list of what you’ll need, all found at Pierre’s General Store. There are multiple levels and different types of wood that will cause your Slime Hutch to degrade more slowly or quickly.

  • Mossy Stone (raw material for crafting)
  • Wood boards x15 (you won’t be using them in this recipe)
  • Quartz ore x14 (found by defeating slimes)
  • Iron bars x14 (all found at the Blacksmith Shop!)

Question: “Where can I find quartz ore?”

Answer: You’ll have to go out into the wilds outside Pelican Town! Slimes are often carrying these rare stones that will be used in crafting recipes.

Question: “What are the levels of wood?”

Answer: There’s only one type, and it’s found at Pierre’s General Store. You’ll need 15 boards to make this Slime Hutch!


The best time to make slime huts is in Fall and Winter. They’re not a lot of work, so they’ll only take up about two hours out of your day (or one hour if you have a bunch). The buildings will also last for at least six months before starting to decay.

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