Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game, and it’s been taking the world by storm. It features tons of activities that players can do to make their in-game life more interesting – including fishing, mining, fighting monsters, exploring caves, and building homes. One popular activity is Stardew Valley Mermaid Show! In this blog post, we’re going to talk about how you can get pearl code for the Stardew valley mermaid show and see what secrets have been uncovered so far!

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What is Stardew Valley Mermaid Shows

Mermaid Show
Mermaid Show

These are talent performances by a mermaid that can be triggered randomly through events or when you first enter Pelican Town and will continue performing until someone watches, encourages (using a heart), or offers money in exchange.

The event has no set frequency so it may take a while before seeing your first one but they happen both day and night with more happening at night.

They also have different water levels which change their performance style ranging from classical opera singing underwater down to just standing on an island on top of the surface while playing music.

How to Trigger Them

You can trigger them by events or when you first enter Pelican Town.

Rewards for watching the show

The player gains experience points, item rewards depending upon how well they did at performing, and also has the option to donate money in order for more performances.

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Mermaid Show in Stardew Valley

The Night Market at Stardew Valley is a three-day event that usually takes place from the 15th to the 17th of Winter. Merchants and boats can be found around the docks on Beach. They might offer to take you on a boat ride during sunset or try to sell you handicrafts.

Night Market is open from 5 pm to 2 am on weekdays and stays open until 3 am on Saturdays. The submarine ride at noon and the mermaid showboat both close at 11 pm.

Stardew Valley Mermaid Show Boat

Mermaid Show
Mermaid Show Boat

Stardew Valley mermaid showboat is a Stardew Valley mod that can be installed in Stardew Valley.

It adds the showboat to Cindersap Forest which features three new sea-themed areas, new treasures, and a magical mermaid who will change your gender for you if desired!

The Show Boat has two levels with an upper decking area on top of some seats where people might sit down but it doesn’t seem like there’s much else up there so I’m not sure what they’re supposed to do while waiting for the performance.

Downstairs at ground level, this building houses the Mermaids’ stage as well as their dressing rooms and changing room facilities. These are all decorated nicely in seafoam decor with blue curtains framing entrances into each room.

The Mermaids’ stage is a beautiful room with large windows overlooking the ocean and no chairs insight, which I guess means it’s either just for show or there will be some kind of performance that involves standing on the ground level only?

Further down at basement level are three little rooms labeled “Fisherman’s Cove,” “Lighthouse Point,” and “Shipwreck Beach” where one might find more treasure chests sitting among many rocks. This place feels like an oceanic dungeon so you may want to bring a helmet!

The Mermaid Showboat is open from 5 pm to 12:30 am daily during the Night Market Festival.

When you enter the boat, a mermaid will appear followed by a cinematic cut scene. Her performance lasts for about 1:40 Hours but you as a player may leave it any time.

You can use the game menu to pause time.

When the show is over, you can play the sunken bells in the boat to create symphonic sounds. Play a correct note sequence to receive a special pearl as your prize.

Mermaid Show Pearl Code

Play this Stardew Valley Mermaid Show Secret Note on the clam shells in the order (left to right) 1-5-4-2-3 to receive Pearl with this stardew valley mermaid show code [15423].

To unlock the treasure chest, you must shell out a pearl for each player. However, if you want to see the mermaid show multiple times, now that is entirely your choice.

How to Get Pearl In Stardew Valley Step by Step?

Pearl is one of the most popular animals in Stardew Valley. And it’s easy to see why: cute, she just wants your attention, and even though she can be a bit annoying at times, you’ll still love her all the same.

Along with that adorable meow! (And not many other farm animals come close when it comes to entertainment.)But how do you get Pearl? Keep reading for everything you need to know about getting this special pet.

Here are the steps for getting Perls is given below:

Step 1: Firstly, you will have to enter the Mermaid Show Boat; the player can do that anytime from 5 pm to 12:30 am.

Step 2: Next will be Mermaid’s Performance. It will last for 1 hour and 40 minutes; the choice of watching or skipping it will be yours.

Step 3: Right after the performance, you can play clamshells. Play them in order 1-5-4-2-3.

About the Night Market Festival in Stardew Valley.

Mermaid Show

Unlike the other festivals in Stardew Valley, shops that are usually closed during festivals can be found open at Night Market. Not only will you get to walk around and find trinkets you didn’t have in your inventory beforehand, but if you interact with the villagers attending then both of your friendship points will increase.

In Night Market, one thing that will change is the map.During these four days, you will not be able to harvest crab pots and chests. However, this doesn’t impact your daily quest progress in any way.

 Mermaid Show

You need to attend the Mermaid Show by 5 pm in order for it to be included during the Night festival.

The festival is an excellent way to get a very rare pearl.

 Travelling Cart

One can find a number of unusual items in the traveling cart at this festival. You can even purchase the recipe for Wedding Ring here.

The Reward of a Mermaid Show 

The Reward of a Mermaid Show in stardew valley is the satisfying and sometimes challenging way to see your hard work pay off.

The more you invest into Stardew Valley, the better rewards will be given back to you! It can be tough but it’s worth any amount of time or energy put in because that payoff moment is always so rewarding.

Whether it’s hooking up with old friends from other places, realizing some new skills I didn’t know I had or just enjoying a show performed by mermaids- there are plenty of reasons for me to continue on my quest as well as many benefits along the way.

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Other Uses for Pearls in Stardew Valley 

  • Using a pearl while fishing will increase your chances of catching something fishy by 50%. This is good news if you’re struggling to catch anything!
  • Using a pearl in place of one item when brewing beer can change the type of beer created or make it better quality.
  • You can also apply pearls as fertilizer on crops like corn and potatoes. The crop yields from these plants depend heavily on how many times they were fertilized during their growth cycle (more often means higher yield).
  • Applying a pearl to an animal will increase the animal’s wool quality, milk production and egg laying quantity.
  • Applying a pearl to an item in your inventory can help you find it more quickly when browsing through your storage or within chests.
  • Pearls are also used for quests – so if you’re struggling with one of those, a pearl might be just what you need! Finally, pearls (alongside trash) can be sold at Pierre’s General Store for 100g each.


Question: What is a stardew valley mermaid show?

Answer: Stardew Valley Mermaid Show is an event that takes place in the town of Pelican Town. It can be found on Saturdays during Spring, Summer and Fall at 11am-12pm with 60% chance to happen.

The player will see a red orb fly over their character’s head and then they have one minute to find it before time runs out.

When you find it there’ll be a big pink beam and your screen turns into a white background for about 30 seconds while music plays in the background.

You are rewarded with either diamonds or pearls depending on which season it is when you complete this questline (Spring: Diamonds; Summer: Pearls; Fall: Both ).

Question: How do I get pearls?

Answer: In Stardew Valley you can find pearls by completing a questline where the reward is either diamonds or pearls.

The pearl code for this event comes from picking up red orbs in Pelican Town on Saturdays during Spring, Summer and Fall at 11am-12pm with 60% chance to happen.

Question: What color do my pearls change to?

Answer: The pearl changes colors depending on what season it is when you complete the questline. In Spring, they’re pink and turquoise; in Summer, green and white; in Fall, gold or silver with a hint of blue.

Question: What are red orbs?

Answer: Red orbs can be found by walking around Pelican Town at 11am-12pm during Spring-, Summer-and Fall seasons for 60% chance (Saturday). There’s a higher chance if you use your horse as well. They give out either diamonds or pearls which depends on which season it is when you get them–Spring: Diamonds; Summer: Pearls; Fall: Both .


The Stardew Valley Mermaid Show is a beautiful and enjoyable way to spend an evening. We would recommend going with friends or family as it can be difficult if you’re not playing the game yourself.

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