Finding Robin’s Lost Axe: Stardew Valley Where to Find

Robin’s lost Axe is a quest item in Stardew Valley. The Axe was lost by Robin the carpenter after he fell into the river while fishing for salmon with his son, Sam. His wife, Abigail, asks you to find it and return it to him when you meet her on Thursday night at 9 pm near their house in Pelican Town.

Who is Robin in Stardew Valley

Robin is a villager who lives in the town of Pelican Town. Robin, like most other villagers, will go about their daily life such as tending to crops and animals on their farm or reading books at night until they retire inside their house for the day.

If you talk to them during the day they are outside then they might tell you that today was just another day before offering advice if needed.

Robin has a pet cat named Dusty which he feeds fish occasionally when it’s hungry. He shares his cabin with Maru (his girlfriend) and Shane (his best friend). His home seems rather messy with stacks of papers everywhere except for one table where he sits down every evening to read from a book while drinking tea with milk out of a white mug.

Robin seems like an easy-going guy who will offer advice to anyone in need of it and is rather content with his life. He spends time outside every day tending to all the crops he has on his farm, but you might find him indoors reading if it’s raining or snowing as he doesn’t want to get wet while out there.

It’s rare that Robin ever leaves Pelican Town so when he does travel around Stardew Valley then you know something needs fixing! The first thing we learn about Robin is that one night Dusty disappeared from their home without any warning leaving behind only streaks of cat paw prints leading off into the forest.

They shared many adventures together before this incident which made them inseparable for the most part, but they both have their own interests which Robin would indulge in from time to time.

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Robin’s Quest

In Stardew Valley, Robin is an adventurer who searches the world for treasures and artifacts. In one of his quests, he finds his Axe has been stolen by a pirate!

His weaponless adventure continues as he ventures into the dark forest to find this lost treasure. Join him on this harrowing quest through deep valleys and caverns in search of his coveted prize.

Robin will send a letter to the player on the 11th of Spring. She will explain that she lost her Axe while cutting some wood and has been searching for it ever since, but cannot locate it.

In order to prevent any further delays in her work, Robin intends to offer a 250 Gold reward to anyone who can help find this axe – and she’ll give 1 friendship heart as thanks!

Once found, hand over the axe back to Robin so she can finish chopping up those trees and clean up the mess left behind from all her axing around.

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Where to look for Robin’s Lost Axe

Move south past your farm and into the woods. If you venture in the furthest bottom right corner, which is south of Leah’s house, find Robin’s Lost Axe.

Step-by-Step Procedure to find Robin’s Lost Axe is given below:

Here is a step-by-step walkthrough that will make completing this quest simple.

Step 1: To start, you need to move from your farm in the south direction and travel until you get to Marnie’s ranch. You can do this by either traveling north or east.

Robin's Lost Axe
Marine Ranch

Step 2: Going past the overgrowth in the south direction could be the most direct way. The other would be bypassing through Pelican Town, which is Jodi’s hometown, and then going through east loop to get back out on route 301 westward.

Step 3: The players must keep moving south, going until they pass the water. Once there, follow it to the bridge and cross south over the bridge.

Robin's Lost Axe

Step 4: Remember to move towards the east once you cross the bridge, and make sure to keep moving until you reach the forest.

Step 5: Once you arrive at the cliffs, head for the edge and follow it in a direction that is opposite to either of its ends.

Step 6: Follow the cave’s edge to the south side, until you reach a pair of stone ledges.

Step 7: When you come to a fork in the road, head south and keep following until you find Robin’s Axe.

Robin's Lost Axe

Step 8: Once you find the Axe, head north to reach the Carpenter’s Shop.

Step 9: The player will find Robin near the entrance to his shop, and once they hand over an Axe to him, the quest will be completed.

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About Robin

Robin is a hardworking local farmer and the player’s first non-player character friend in Stardew Valley. Robin moves to Pelican Town from The City looking for better opportunities, but she has been struggling with her new life at times.

She lives on an old farm that wasn’t doing well before she bought it. Working day and night to keep up with repairs so things don’t go downhill again was challenging enough on its own; now there are also monsters appearing!

Lately, though, she’s begun feeling like all of this work might be worth something one day that if only she had more time or someone who could help her out sometimes then maybe these days wouldn’t feel quite as bad anymore.

The fact is, she’s been feeling hopeless for a while, but it was never until recently that she realized how much of an impact the player had on her life.

She finally felt like things were going well again because now there was someone to talk to about these feelings who also understood them and knows what Robin is all about.

Robin has grown into one of the most important characters in Stardew Valley and you’ll be able to see more of her story throughout your playthroughs!

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: Where can I find Robin’s lost Axe in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Check the railroad tracks near Pierre.

During Spring, walk along the railroad from behind Pierre’s general store and you will eventually come across a pathway that leads up onto some rocks with a tree on top of them. Once there, go left until you see an opening into a small cavern entrance at the end.

Walk inside this cave and you should be able to spot Robin’s Axe on one of the walls or sticks (near where Willy is). Note that if your character has not yet given it back to him during summer when he mentions his missing “dad-gummed hatchet,” then they cannot find it here.

Question: How do I give Robin’s Axe back to him?

Answer: Talk to Robin and choose the option that says “Give it back.”

Question: Where is the Axe?

Answer: You can find it near Pierre.

Question: Does the Axe respawn?

Answer: Yes, it will spawn over and over.

Question: What is a good way to get past Pierre’s general store?

Answer: You can go around behind the building or through one of his windows that are open sometimes if he has left them unlocked. Sometimes you can find keys inside too!

Question: Where should I look for Robin’s Axe in Stardew Valley?

Answer: Go up on top of some rocks by Pierre’s General Store and then enter into a small cave entrance nearby. It should be there near Willy (if your character hasn’t given it back yet). Note that this area does not have an exit, so try going out once you’ve found Robin’s Axe.

Question: Do you have to complete “The Greenhouse” quest before the Robin’s lost Axe will spawn again?

Answer: No, it should be there even if your character doesn’t do that quest.

Question: Where can I find a key for Pierre’s General Store?

Answer: You can either buy one from Marnie or get lucky and find one inside when breaking into Pierre’s store. Keys only work on certain windows of his store too! Sometimes he has an open window upstairs. If you’re looking for another way in, sometimes they leave back doors unlocked as well.”


Robin’s lost Axe can be found in the mines. It is at a dead-end on the right side of Level 20, and it has been propped up against one of the walls with two mining picks nearby. Clicking on this area will find Robin’s Lost Axe for players to keep or sell as they see fit. This concludes our guide to finding Robin’s Lost Axe in Stardew Valley!

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