Ultimate Guide: How To Fix MSI Dragon Center Not Working

MSI Dragon Center is one of the most important features for MSI motherboards. It monitors your computer’s health and stability and also provides you with an intuitive performance tweak panel. But if you have been having trouble opening it lately, or it crashes when trying to load up in Windows 10 64-bit? After reading this article, you should now be able to fix MSI Dragon Center not working.

Some Possible issues with MSI Dragon Center Software

MSI dragon center is an app that processes data from the hardware (CPU, graphics cards) and usage information. It also detects issues with drivers or other system components. Some Possible Issues with MSI Dragon Center Software:

When you restart your computer after installing a new driver for your GPU it will not show up in msi dragon center

When you uninstall MSI dragon center from your computer, it will disable the features that are related to msi dragon center

The first possible issue is after installing a new driver for your GPU. After restarting your machine, this driver won’t show up in msi dragon center and the information about this newly installed hardware won’t be processed by msi dragon center.

The second one can happen when uninstalling MSI Dragon Center from a PC through Add/Remove Programs or Control Panel – Uninstallation of programs dialog. In case of manual removal, all features related with msi-dragon-center (CPU Load Monitor applet, Hardware Diagnostics tool) are disabled too and need to be reinstalled manually afterwards.

MSI Dragon Center – Waiting for SDK Initialization

MSI Dragon Center Not Working

This issue is caused by the MSI Dragon Center looking for a specific SDK. This problem can be solved in one of two ways: either installing a newer version of DirectX or updating to Windows Fall Creator Update (RS-1803).

  • If you are unable to update your operating system, MSI’s workaround is as follows:
  • Uninstall the Dragon Center from Control Panel
  • Reinstall Windows Fall Creator Update (RS 1803) and install MSI dragon center afterwards.

It fixes the errors in most cases. If not, please contact support for more information.

Regardless, if you have updated your operating system with the latest software updates then installing a newer version of DirectX is usually not necessary. This can be done by updating via Microsoft Store or downloading a new installer package which includes the newest DirectX SDKs that we use internally at MSI.”

“MSI has released an official statement on their blog describing how to get it fixed:” “In order to work around these issues with the MSI Dragon Center, please do the following:

Uninstall the Dragon Center from Control Panel

Reinstall Windows Fall Creator Update (RS 1803) and install MSI dragon center afterwards.

In most cases, this solution should fix the issue. “Install a newer version of DirectX to solve this issue.” This can be done by updating via Microsoft Store or downloading a new installer package which includes the newest DirectX SDKs that we use internally at MSI.”

Here are the steps for fixing MSI Dragon Center stuck at waiting for SDK initialization is given below:

  1. Use the task manager (ctrl+alt+dlt) to close MSI Dragon Center.
  2. Locate a search or find field, then enter title of document
  3. Open service and find MSI Central Service.
  4. Press the Right-click on MSI Central Service, then open its properties.
  5. Now, go to Startup type and set it to Automatic.
  6. Select Apply.
  7. Navigate to the Start Menu and locate your MSI Central Service. Right-click on it, then click Start.
  8. Drag and drop the Dragon Center folder to your desktop.
  9. C:\Program Files\MSI\One Dragon Center
  10. Please paste the copied files below.
  11. The MSI Dragon Center runs smoothly after opening it.

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How Do I Fix MSI Dragon Center Stopped Working

The most common cause for MSI Dragon Center not working is that the Windows service has been stopped. To fix this, open up System Configuration and ensure that the “MSI_DragonCenter” service is running on startup. If it’s set to manual, click Change Settings and change it to Automatic in order for it to start automatically when you sign in. If there are any other errors with dragon center they will show up here as well so check them out before continuing.

MSI Dragon Center is not working because of an application conflict. To fix the issue, uninstall MSI Dragon Center and then reinstall it after installing a stable version of the application.

MSI dragon center not working because of graphics card driver problem and you need to update your graphics drivers in order for the msi-dragon-center work smoothly.

Nvidia is one of the best brands for graphic cards but their latest driver can cause many problems including msi dragon center not working, so make sure that before installing new Nvidia drivers always scan it with antivirus software first or try find other brand if available.

If something goes wrong when updating video card drivers then uninstall them (using device manager), restart computer and install old version from file again which was installed on time without any issues. After this repeat installation process as described above – reboot PC, download correct newest driver set by using NVidia website and install it, restart PC.

Here are the steps for installing the offline version of MSI Dragon Center is given below:

  1. Download the offline version of Dragon Center from the Microsoft Store to your Windows 10 laptop.
  2. Disconnect your computer from the internet.
  3. Go to Windows settings or Control panel and uninstall the MSI Dragon Center app.
  4. When you navigate to C:\Program files (x86)\MSI
  5. Delete the files “dragon-center” and “One dragon center.”
  6. Unzip the downloaded file.
  7. Double click the setup file to open the installer.
  8. Install the app in recommended/express settings to start using it right away.
  9. Reboot your computer before you do anything else.
  10. To use the app, simply run it. And then it will work nicely.

Connect your PC to the Internet

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How Do I Fix MSI Dragon Center Block By Firewall

MSI Dragon Center Not Working

MSI Dragon Center is the software tool that aims to provide you with a central spot for all your MSI system information, and control. The application has been available in Windows XP Service Pack (SP) or later, but if when running dragon center it gets blocked by windows firewall on startup then there are two easy steps we can take to solve this problem.

  • Click start > type “services” without quotes “” into search box > click services icon at top of the result page
  • Find MSI Dragon Services from list of results > Double click it
  • Set Startup Type to Automatic and hit Apply/OK button below
  • Launch MSI Software Centre again through usual way: Start Menu -> All Programmes menu -> Games & Entertainment -> MSI
  • The block windows firewall by dragon center should be solved. You can now launch the software and access it without getting blocked

We also recommend you to disable windows firewall while dragon center is running. To do so, please click the “Control Panel” on your desktop > Click “Windows Firewall”.

In the list of installed programs for Windows Firewall, find MSI Dragon Center in the list and select it. You will see a checkbox next to this program which can be unchecked if you want this software exempted from being blocked by Windows firewall during runtime .

Once done with all these steps, msi dragon center should not get blocked again when trying to open it and work as intended.

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How do I Uninstall Dragon Center and install a newer version

Steps to Uninstall:

  • Open the “All Apps” menu in your Start Menu.
  • Scroll down until you find Dragon Center. Right Click it, select More (or if you have a mouse wheel use your scroll button) then choose uninstall. This will prompt for confirmation – press Yes or OK to confirm removal of all installed components.
  • Restart Windows in order for any changes take effect!

Steps to Install Fresh Version:

To install a fresh version, first uninstall dragon center as above.

Next download the latest version of Dragon Center from msi’s website:

Select your desired language and click Download Now! to start downloading. Once downloaded, use the Windows Explorer (or File explorer) to find the installer file and double-click it for installation – this will prompt for confirmation on whether you want to continue or not so make sure that ‘Yes’ is selected before clicking Run at bottom right hand side if using Windows XP. This process can take up to 15 minutes depending upon internet speed but when complete wait until bootup has finished then restart windows once more in order for any changes take effect!

Dragon Center should now be fully installed with all components working correctly.

Here are the detailed steps for installing MSI Dragon Center is given below:

  1. Exit the Dragon Center app by clicking on its icon in your taskbar.
  2. Search for the model of your laptop from the MSI website.
  3. Find the appropriate setup file and save it.
  4. To learn more, tap the ‘Features’ button.
  5. Uninstall the dragon center
  6. Find and remove the Studiobee app by checking your computer’s programs folder.
  7. Click the down arrow under “Hide Dock” in the dock.
  8. Search for the program data
  9. Go to the program data file and find the file named MSI.
  10. In order to install the MSI file, make sure that you have reviewed the instructions and made sure there are no other configuration files left for Dragon Center.
  11. Extract and install the file.
  12. Once installed, your computer should automatically reboot.
  13. Start the app

Frequently Asked Question

Question: I tried to install an update for MSI Dragon Center, but it crashed. What should I do?

Answer: After downloading the updates and restarting your computer wait a few minutes before starting the installation process again. If this doesn’t solve the issue please contact our technical support team who can help you with more troubleshooting steps based on your specific situation.

Question: I installed MSI Dragon Center, but it’s not working. What could be the problem?

Answer: The Windows updates are probably out of date or incompatible with your computer system. Most times this can happen when there is a conflict in the program and if so then you should try to uninstall MSI Dragon Center from Control Panel > Programs & Features and re-install it again using our installer at msi.com/dragoncenter

Question: The “MSI Smart Tool” feature does not work on my laptop what do I do?

Answer:This issue may occur because of an old version of Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Software running in background which causes conflicts with MSi Smart Tools service. Make sure that the following drivers were updated :

  • Qualcomm Atheros Bluetooth Software
  • Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver

The MSI Smart Tool should work fine after updating these drivers.

Question: How do I uninstall MSI Dragon Center?

Answer: MSI Dragon Center can be uninstalled via Control Panel > Programs & Features just like any other Windows program. Follow the steps below to remove it:

  • Open Control Panel and go to “Programs” section, then click on “Uninstall a program”, find MSI Dragon Center in the list of programs and click uninstall button next to it. Confirm removal when prompted or else you won’t able to complete this step. Then reboot your system for changes take effect, which will also cause all related processes to be closed.
  • There are also some methods that can help you uninstall MSI Dragon Center with less hassle:
  • A) Right click on the desktop and find “MSI NeoFrame Manager” icon, then right click it to open up Properties menu > go to Shortcut tab and delete this shortcut;
  • B) Open Programs & Features in Control Panel > remove MSI NeoFrame Manager from list of installed programs. Remember not reboot your system after removing shortcuts as it would cause all related processes to be closed again which is not what we want for now.

Question: What can I do if MSI Dragon Center is not working?

Answer: If your computers are running Windows, it is recommended to reinstall the latest version of Microsoft Installer Package (MSI) from the official website. The installation process will require you run Command Prompt as administrator and then install MSI by pasting this command into window’s address bar: msiexec /i {msiproductkey}.msi

Keep in mind that once you uninstall or remove a program, registry entries for that application might still be left behind on your system. You may need to use one of these methods below which provide instructions on how to delete leftover files manually after uninstalling an unwanted program with less hassle than other methods: A) Using Windows’ own Disk Cleanup Utility, or B) Using third-party uninstallers like Revo Uninstaller.

Keep in mind that you need to reboot your computer for changes to take effect after installation of MSI package and uninstalling the unwanted software with less hassle than other methods.


In the conclusion, we outline and summarize what we’ve learned about MSI Dragon Center not working. We also show why this is a problem for PC users who are looking to fix their PCs on their own terms. Finally, we offer some solutions that will hopefully help you get your system back up and running smoothly!

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