Minecraft LAN Not Working: Fixing Errors

I’m sure many of you have tried to play Minecraft multiplayer on a LAN but found that it just doesn’t work. I know this feeling too well, and after trying everything from mods to messing with my router settings, I was still unable to get the game working. With some help from friends and Google, I finally managed to fix Minecraft lan, not working errors!

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What does LAN Not Working in Minecraft Mean?

Remember those days when you would be at your friend’s house and play games on their computer? Back then, LAN (Local Area Network) was the only network we had to rely on. Basically a bunch of computers connected in close proximity that communicated with one another over cables or wireless signals. Nowadays there are so many more ways for people to connect with each other across distances–especially in Minecraft! In this article, I’ll show you how to fix Minecraft LAN not working problems if they arise.

LAN is different from wifi because it doesn’t require internet access; instead, it requires physical connections between devices: either by cable or through radio waves. So what does LAN mean exactly? Well, LAN stands for Local Area Network which

How to Fix Minecraft LAN not Working?

Step One: Check your firewall settings. It’s possible that you’ve blocked Minecraft from accessing the network, and this will prevent it from connecting to other players in multiplayer mode. In order for Minecraft to work properly with LAN games, make sure that its ports are not being filtered by a firewall or antivirus program on your computer.

Step Two: Make sure all of the computers involved have permission to access one another on their local networks. If they do not appear as available devices under “Network” in Windows explorer then try restarting them and making sure windows is updated correctly before continuing – just because I say so 😉 Kidding! But really, if there’s no obvious reason why Minecraft LAN not working should happen after following the above steps then try restarting the computers and retrying.

The troubleshooting is complete! Now it’s time to move on to updating your game if you’d like to make sure there are no known issues in this release that have not been fixed yet according to Mojang. If all of these tips don’t work, please contact us for help from our customer service team and we’ll be glad to assist you further!

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1. Whitelist Minecraft in Windows defender firewall

  • Windows Defender Firewall blocks Minecraft from sending data to the internet.
  • Whitelist Minecraft in Windows defender firewall by following these instructions
  • Click on Start and enter “Windows Defender Security Center” without quotes into the search bar at the bottom left of your screen
  • Once you are in, click on “Firewalls & network protection” on the top right side panel.
  • In here, select “Programs”, then click “+ Add a program”. A new window will appear called ‘Add a Program’. This is where we add programs that need an exception for windows defender firewalls’ security settings.
  • Next: Select Mojang’s “Minecraft” as your application which needs an exception for this ruleset.”

– Click on “Save changes” and you’re done!

– Minecraft now should be able to send data back and forth without interference.

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2. Turn On Network Discovery

Make sure your computer is connected to the network you want it to be on. You’ll need an internet connection for this step. Next, click Network and Sharing Center from Control Panel (or type “network share center” in the taskbar). Click Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Scroll down until you see Turn on network discovery, Make available offline, and Public folder sharing then turn them all ON in order by clicking at least once underneath each set until they are enabled.

You can also find these settings under Control panel -> System & Security -> Windows Firewall -> Advanced settings tab-> unblock minecraft server port

I hope that more people will now have access to Minecraft servers! If there are any issues

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3. Connect to the Same Network & Server

Minecraft servers can often be found on the internet. This is no surprise considering how many people play and enjoy this game. There are, however, some tasks that you must complete before joining a Minecraft server for your first time ever playing it:

– Whitelist Minecraft in Windows defender firewall

– Connect to the Same Network & Server

This article will show you how to do both of these things so you can get started with all sorts of new adventures!

*Whitelist Minecraft in Windows Defender Firewall* – You might not even know what this means but if you’re using a PC running Microsoft’s latest operating system then there’s an excellent chance that your computer has its own built-in antivirus software called Windows Defender Firewall.

When you use the internet, this program automatically blocks anything that it doesn’t recognize as safe from accessing your computer…Minecraft is one of those things by default which means you’ll need to whitelist Minecraft in Windows Defender Firewall before continuing!

*Connect to the Same Network & Server* – It’s not enough just to play on a server; there are many different servers with people playing them at any given time and we would like for our readers to join their own favorite ones. How do we find these? By connecting through an IP address! You don’t have an IP address yet because Minecraft itself can generate them but first let us open up our firewall so we can connect later on when needed!”

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4. Disable The AP Isolation

The AP isolation is a feature in Windows Defender Firewall. It blocks connections between your PC and the WiFi network, it prevents you from downloading malware or viruses from other computers on the same network as well as any other malicious activity that may happen over open Wi-Fi networks such as sending emails or browsing websites anonymously.

This makes sense to have this protection enabled when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots but not in home settings where we know all of our family members are accessing the internet from their own PCs with no need for extra security measures. I’ll show how to disable those protections so Minecraft can be played and server hosting be performed without having to tweak anything else!

6. Play With The Latest Minecraft Version

There are many different versions of Minecraft. The latest version is currently the Snapshot 18w49a, and it includes a lot of great new features that you should take advantage of while they’re still in testing mode! Get started by downloading this update from minecraft.net/download to your desktop or laptop computer so you can play as soon as possible – just make sure to unzip it first before running the installation file!

If any problems occur during the setup, try restarting your device. If you get stuck at “Please select a profile”, click on Done then go back into settings and change Default Profile to something else like John Doe for example and hit Apply once more. Once installed successfully, open up the app again and it should be good!

7. Disable Antivirus Temporarily

I’ve seen a lot posts on forums about people not being able to update Minecraft because their antivirus is blocking it. One user was told by an Antivirus company that they needed to disable the following services for 48 hours before installing updates: Windows Defender Firewall, Hosts file and Malicious Software Removal Tool (MRT). The Windows Defender Firewall has to be disabled first.

What I’ve seen is that a lot of antivirus programs are recognizing the .exe as malware due to recent changes in how Minecraft updates, so they block it from running. One way around this for Windows Defender users is to disable their firewall temporarily (set your settings back after updating), then you can update Minecraft.

9. Update network Drivers

When Microsoft releases a new update for Windows, it’s important to make sure that your drivers are up-to-date. Update network Drivers with the latest driver updates can help you avoid connection and performance issues in Minecraft.

If you’re using a WiFi adapter on an older laptop or PC, this is especially important as these adapters may not be compatible with newer versions of Windows right away. Make sure they’re updated before trying to connect!

The same goes for USB devices too – if you have any connected then when installing updates from Microsoft, plug them into the computer first so their drivers will already be up-to-date by default when the installation completes. If possible, try to connect all external devices (USB , Bluetooth, etc) before starting the update.

To do this in Windows Defender Firewall:

  • Select Windows Defender Security Center from your taskbar’s search or via Settings > Update & security > Windows Security > Virus and threat protection (or just type “Windows defender” into Cortana).
  • Click on the Advanced button at top right to reveal more options.
  • Under Recommended settings for you switch option to Whitelist Minecraft with a checkbox next to it so that other games will also appear as whitelisted when browsing through firewall rules list. This is found under Game filtering where there are three boxes – one labeled Whitelist these programs…, another asking For all of my network connections select what….?, and finally one asking Which programs should Windows Defender include on my Whitelist?
  • Click the Apply button to save changes.
  • Close Settings and re-open Minecraft.

9. Reinstall Minecraft 

  • Install Minecraft for Windows.
  • Play with the latest version of Minecraft and update it if necessary. Put Whitelist to make sure that your operating system allows it in the firewall settings so you don’t have any problems playing or updating again later on.
  • Enable “Resource Packs” and “Addons”. You can now use texture packs, custom maps, mods etc.. without having an issue hosting them online as well! NOTE: If there is a problem while loading content from Resource Pack by default – change this setting to NO under Options -> Global Resources Settings (or MCP).

*If you are using a 64bit Operating System ensure that JAVA SE Runtime Environment Version 12_SSE41 is installed via the Java SE Development Kit*

  • Close the game and reopen it. Now when you hit play, choose “Edit Profile” to set up your profile! At this point, if possible, try not to use content from any of the Whitelisted websites or servers that are on your Whitelist until updates have been fixed (this includes Official Minecraft Content). This will help us track down where problems may be occuring more accurately.

If there is a problem while loading content from Resource Pack by default – change this setting to NO under Options -> Global Resources Settings.*

10. Remove all the Minecraft Mods

If you want to install Minecraft mods, just go back and remove all the files that were installed. Some people even like to reinstall every time they add a mod because it is possible for some of them not to be compatible with each other. But if you are going into this process blindfolded, make sure you have backed up your save file in case something goes wrong.

  • Remove any Mods from .minecraft/mods folder on Windows by deleting or renaming it (if there isn’t one already)
  • Remove ModLoader (.dll,.jar) from Java’s “bin” directory
  • Remove minecraftmodloader (“.” folder). This can also be done through Finder: right click -> Get info -> click “Packages” tab -> locate MinecraftModloader in the list and click remove
  • Remove any mod folders from inside minecraft.jar directory
  • On Mac, open Finder, go to Applications > Utilities > Java. Open terminal as if you were opening a file (Applications -> Utilties -> Terminal)
  • In terminal navigate to java folder by typing: cd /Library/Application Support/Java/*.*.*
  • Type ls -la again to make sure everything is gone . If not type rm -rfv *; it will ask for confirmation before deleting them all so be careful!

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How to connect to Lan Minecraft?

  • Get a Minecraft server running on your computer If it is not installed, download and install Java from java.com first.- Download MCL (Multiplayer Client Launcher) at mcserverlist.tk – This client lists all the servers available to connect to in your area so that you don’t need search for them yourself.-
  • Open up MCL by clicking “Options” then “Connect” or simply press F11 if using Windows Vista/Windows Seven- Type in the name of the host or IP address, click “Search”, find one that suits you best and double click on its icon for connecting!- Once connected, make sure port 25565 is open in any firewall software running on your computer. If it is not, allow the port to be open.- If you are using a router with NAT or firewall software, configure its settings so that there is no filtering of packets coming in from outside (inbound) and outgoing traffic going out (outbound).
  • Make sure all computers involved have their ports forwarded to localhost on one machine’s IP address i.e: “If I am playing Minecraft on my Windows PC at and want other players to connect to me then I need both for example try connecting as 192.168.0.*”
  • Launch MCL again by clicking “Options” then “Connect”. This time round make sure host adress consists of the ip address of the computer you want to connect with
  • In MCL options, make sure “Multiplayer” is ticked and hit ok
  • You should now be able to see a list of other players in your local network. Click on one, then click join or invite them. They need not do anything but accept the invitation for connection

How to reconnect after disconnecting from LAN Minecraft

This can sometimes happen if someone else was playing on that computer when you weren’t using it. To reconnect again open up MCL and follow steps as mentioned before like connecting host adress consisting of ip address + port 25565 (or whatever ports may have been opened). If this does not work , close Minecraft and restart it.

The connection will now be established again with the desired player who you are trying to connect with, or just host solo game on your local network which is good for testing purposes before opening up a server

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Does LAN not working in Minecraft mean that the server is offline?

Answer: Yes. When you try to connect to a multiplayer game of minecraft, it will say “Server Unavailable.” If this happens with just one player (or your client) then there’s something wrong on their end such as antivirus or firewall interfering with connections. But if this message appears for everyone who tries connecting and no one can play.

Question: I can’t join any server in Minecraft.

Answer: Please make sure you’re not behind a firewall or using an antivirus that is interfering with connections. Also please try restarting the game and router.

Question: My friend invited me to play on their LAN, but after connecting my client says “LAN not available.” What does this mean?

Answer: Usually it means they need to forward ports on their home computer’s network settings which are likely port 28800 (UDP) and 28960-28980, sometimes others as well depending on what version of Windows your friend has installed). It could also be because we had problems sending them outbound packets from our server.

Question: How can I make sure my router isn’t blocking me from connecting to servers?

Answer: If you have tried restarting the game or router without success, then please try checking if they are using any firewall software that might block connections; this includes Antivirus programs like “Bitdefender” and AVG”. If so, please disable these before trying again. You should also check the connection status on your end, and try to start a remote desktop session by clicking the “Start” menu button (or pressing Windows-X) followed by selecting either “Remote Desktop Connection” or “New Remote Desktop Connection”, which will hopefully allow you to connect.


Minecraft’s LAN is a game-specific server that connects players on the same network to play together. If it is not working, this could be due to several things: Minecraft simply having an update available for you or your computer/server might have some incompatibilities with the other player’s computers.

There are also rare cases where someone who has malicious intent will disconnect from a multiplayer session by creating their own internet connection and then denying others the ability to connect as well in order to prevent people from playing together. Whatever may be causing these issues, if you find yourself unable to connect and can’t find any solutions online, contact Minecraft customer support at [email protected] so they can help diagnose what may be wrong!

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