Are you looking for the easiest way to “How to Play Music Through Mic”? If so, this is a perfect article for you! We’ll teach you how to set up and use different methods of playing music through a microphone. Whether it’s on Skype or Discord, we’ll show you how easy it can be to share the sounds that are all around us. So what are you waiting for? Start reading now!

How to Play Music Through Mic and Chat (Talk) in Windows 10?

Windows has a built-in feature that allows you to play music through your microphone and chat (talk) at the same time.

The procedure is identical for all Windows operating systems, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using Windows XP or Windows Vista; just follow these easy steps:

Step One – Click on the volume control to bring up the volume control window.

Step Two – Click on “Playback Devices” in this window and move your mouse over a device that you want to operate for playing music, then click it once more.

Step Three – After doing so, right-click on the same device which is now highlighted and select “Set as a default communication device.” You can also double-click it if you have an older version of Windows or simply choose one from the list by clicking on its name.

Now, whenever you’re chatting (talking) through Skype or Window Messenger; iTunes will be activated and start playing automatically without affecting any other sound devices around you like speakers at work/classroom etcetera).

To quickly turn off the music, click on “Playback Devices” again and uncheck the box next to the device you want Windows Media Player/iTunes to stop playing.

If it is still not possible for you to enjoy your favorite song while chatting with friends on Skype or Window Messenger; then all that’s left for you is selecting a different audio input as the default communication device (options are Mic or Line In).

How Do I Play Music Through Mic in Discord

How to Play Music Through Mic

Sometimes, you might want to play music through Discord while talking at the same time. You can do so by opening your browser and going to YouTube (or any other video streaming site) then press CTRL+SHIFT+I on Windows or Cmd+Ctrl+Shift+. I for Mac users This will open up both tabs in separate windows – one with a video playing and the other as chat box of Discord.

Playing music through mic in Discord is easy, but it can be a little tricky to have the video and chat window both open at the same time.

  • You will need to make sure that your microphone input level is turned up as well as turning down any other noise sources such as speakers or background noises like TV shows.
  • The mic input level can be found in your Windows Control Panel or the Mac’s System Preferences. If you have an outer microphone plugged into a USB port, it should also show up as an available option to change its input level there.
  • In the Discord chat window, click on “Voice and Video” if you want to enable that feature so others who are not sitting next to you will see what is happening in your video stream.
  • If you are running Windows, all audio is captured through your built-in microphone and sent out as PC sound until it is muted or switched off in Windows Control Panel > Sound > Recording Devices.
  • Now with the Discord window open, click on “Voice” if that option has not been selected already after clicking on “Voice and Video.” This tab permit you to set up a Push-to-talk key so messages can only come out while your mouse button (or key) is pressed down.
  • In the bottom left corner of this window there’s an input level indicator which should show green when it detects good quality levels coming from your mic – otherwise adjust away!
  • Now, to play music through your mic – you’ll want to open up a new tab on the web browser of your choice.
  • Next we go back into Discord and click “Linked accounts” in the top left corner of this window where it says ‘click here!’
  • This will bring us to another screen which is labelled with our username and displays some additional information such as what account type we’re logged into (Steam vs. Facebook) or whether or not voice chat has been enabled for that particular account.
  • To link our desired application, press the plus sign next to Linked Applications > Choose Application > select Firefox from list > OK.”
  • The process works likewise if you are using Chrome instead of Firefox but you will need to right-click the Chrome icon in your task bar and select “Open as window”.
  • Now, go back into Discord > Linked Accounts. For whatever browser is currently active (in this case it’s Firefox). The process works similarly if you are using Chrome instead of Firefox but you will need to right-click the Chrome icon in your taskbar and select “Open as a Window” from that list before continuing with these instructions.
  • Now find yourself on Youtube or Spotify – whichever one is most convenient for what you want to listen to!
  • Click play once so that music starts playing then return back over to discord one more time. We’re headed back down under ‘Link ed Accounts.’
  • Now, click the ‘Start Playing’ button.

You should now be allowed to see your computer’s audio device listed in the Discord settings and music will begin playing on that device from Youtube or Spotify! This means you can chat with friends while listening to whatever it is that makes life worth living – all without having to alt tab out of discord every time!

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Steps to Play Music Over Mic

Step One: Get a USB Microphone

  • If you have an external microphone that came with your computer, then simply plug it in. You are done! However, if you do not have one and want to purchase one separately there are many options on the market for both wired or wireless microphones.
  • If you already know which mic will work best for what you need check out this article here where we break down the different types of mics available depending on use case such as live performance vs podcasting etc.

Step Two: Find Your Audio Settings (Windows)

  • Open up Windows Control Panel from Start Menu > Control Panel (or Windows search)
  • Click on Hardware and Sound > Audio Devices. In the Playback section, select your microphone as default device. Steps to set it up vary depending on what you are using (whether a built in mic or external), but there is usually an option for input level adjustment that will allow you to change how loud your voice comes out of the speakers when using it with a headset/headphones

Step Three: Search Your PC For The Music You Want To Play And Set It As Background

  • Open Windows Explorer from Start Menu > File Explorer
  • Navigate to where the music file(s) are stored e.g., C:\Music\Songs\My Song.mpa (.mka .ogg . wav .flac)
  • Right click on the song and select “Play”

Step Four: Play Music From Your Mic And Adjust It With The Steps Above To Make Sure There Is No Distortion.

  • Click your microphone to start playing music through it, you can then use the volume adjustment slider in Windows Control Panel or whatever app is being used for streaming to make sure there isn’t any distortion coming from your mic when someone else talks into it.

Step Five: (Optional) If You Have A Headset Or Headphones Plugged In, Check For Audio Feedback Loop Problems By Checking That They Aren’t plugged Into The Same Port As Your Microphone – This Can Cause Negative Effects On Quality Of Sounding Recording Like Noise Coming From Your Mic.

  • If you have a headset or headphones plugged in, make sure that they’re not plugged into the same port as your microphone because this can cause negative effects on quality sounding recordings like noise coming from your mic when someone else talks into it.

Step Six: Enjoy!

How to Play Song Through Microphone In Game Using Different Software

This is crazy:

Imagine how much fun it is to make sound effects during your gameplay. Have you watched gamers on streaming channels talk about a game while they play?

But how is it done?

The streamers use very expensive audio mixers to create those hilarious sound effects while gaming.

If you don’t have a hardware sound mixer, the best solution is probably this:

There are several sound software that can help you make your voice in a game sound like it is coming from your computer or microphone.

Here are five apps which can be used for separate purposes. I’ve also given a short tutorial on how to use these apps to play audio through the microphone, and how to get your hotkeys to make those sounds activate or create music.

So, here’s the deal:

Read the post carefully until the end to get your desired results.

1. How to play music through microphone in game using Clownfish

How to Play Music Through Mic

How to play music through micrphone on Google Chrome with video tutorials, walkthroughs and guides. Cloonshifish is an extension for the Chromium browser.

It enables easier access of audio from browsers when streaming online videos or playing games that use a backend player (like Vimeo) but don’t have built within support for this capability. This article will show you how it can be done on Windows operating systems, though the process should be similar on other OS .

Cloonshifish is an extension for the Chromium browser. It enables easier access of audio from browsers when streaming online videos or playing games that use a backend player (like Vimeo) but don’t have built within support for this capability. Using Clownfish to play sound effects through your microphone in game: To do so, please follow these steps as shown below:

  • Install Cloonshifish by visiting their website and clicking “Add to Chrome” at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Navigate to any page with embedded video content like YouTube, Facebook Video/Audio Player , Twitch, Vimeo and many more.
  • Right-click anywhere on the embedded video content player (the one where you see your mouse pointer turn into a speaker icon).
  • This will produce a new menu for playing sound effects through Audio Capture Device, which is usually your microphone.
  • Choose that option to play sound effect from speakers/headphones or audio capture device (depending on what options are available in this context).

2. Using VoiceMeeter + Soundboard to Play sound effects through mic 

How to Play Music Through Mic

What you need:

  • VoiceMeeter (Mac or PC) 
  • Soundboard (Download from website, Mac and Windows versions available)
  • Microphone for inputting sound effects. This doesn’t have to be a fancy microphone
  • In fact it’s better if the mic is less sensitive so that there isn’t any interference with your voice when talking into it. Using an external USB desktop mic will work fine.
  • You can also use your iPhone as long as you plug its headphone jack into the computer using a standard headset adapter cable. I prefer Logitech headsets because they’re pretty cheap ($20), come with decent mics built in, and are really durable since they hook over one ear rather than sitting on top of your head.
  • Skype (optional) Using VoiceMeeter and Soundboard, you can play sound effects through your microphone to create a voiceover effect for recording videos or creating presentations on video hosting sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Blogger/Blogspot or Wistia. It’s also great for gaming!

3. Using MorphVox for Playing Music Through Mic

How to Play Music Through Mic

In this section, we will be using MorphVox to play music through your microphone. If you haven’t already downloaded and installed the software, please go ahead and do so now before proceeding with these steps.

  • Open up Microsoft Word or Notepad (WordPad). Type “Hello World!” in it and save as a text file called hello.txt on your computer’s desktop folder
  • Next open up Spotify by clicking on its icon which is located within your Applications folder or just search for it via Spotlight Search if you’re not sure where to find it. Click on Library from the top navigation bar at the bottom of the screen and choose Songs
  • Using the search function, type in “Hello” and this will show up a list of artists with songs that contain the word “Hello.” Click on one of them to start playing it
  • Find your microphone within the bottom left hand corner. It looks like two circles overlapping each other so if you can’t find it just keep looking until you see it.
  • While listening to music through Spotify’s speakers click on these circles simultaneously but make sure not to cover both parts completely because then no sound would be able to escape from your computer into the microphone
  • To stop playing music using MorphV ox, click on the two overlapping circles and they’ll both disappear

4. Play Sound Effects Through Microphone using Soundpad

How to Play Music Through Mic

Play sound effects when the player moves or takes an action by using a microphone input in-game. Play sounds on cue through the speakers of your computer, mobile device, or tablet by playing them directly from Soundpad

  • Connect to speaker wire and plug into audio output jack (note: be sure both ends are plugged in securely before proceeding).
  • The next step is connecting the other end of that cable to a headphone port instead so you can hear what you’re recording. There should be two ports available; one for analog connections and another for digital/optical inputs. Plug it into whichever matches better with your set up
  • Play some small program on your PC such as Audacity(free download), edit the sound by adding effects such as echo, pitch shift or reversing and then Play the recording
  • Connect your webcam to USB port. Play a video on youtube with sound of yourself making funny sounds (a cat meowing). Setup microphone so it’s pointing towards you! Point camera at computer screen and press record button on webcam software. Play back what you just recorded while streaming live from YouTube
  • Hit “Play” in Audacity keystroke command shortcut for Play/Stop is Spacebar; go to File menu > Export Audio… Name file something like Soundtrack_Video_Name.mpg where Video Name would be whatever Youtube video is playing but don’t include “.youtube” extension – save MPEG-format file somewhere.

5. Rust Soundboard

Rust Soundboard Playback is a rust-written audio player that allows you to play and loop sound files in game. It can also save your recordings as an audio file on disk, which is useful for building up long soundtracks of multiple clips or if you want to use the sounds in another game engine.

Follow these steps:

  • Build Rust from source code (instructions below). The default installation doesn’t include any libraries so we need to add them manually with Cargo; then find/launch PlaySoundBoard application
  • Press “Play” button at top left corner – this will start playing the first clip in list view mode Folders are listed across the bottom panel separated by tabs for Playback, Playlist and Playlists
  • Loop the clip by clicking on a square button at right of each column in Playlist view; click “Loop” to start looping all clips in Playlist. To add more clips use left arrow key
  • Record something with microphone – press record button (bottom-left corner), then PlaySoundBoard will save your audio as an output file (*.wav). Press Stop when finished recording
  • Listening to saved recordings: find/launch FilePlayer application from Cargo’s list of executables and type into command line: ./File Player filename_of_recordings
  • Find it under Rust directory or whatever location you installed / compiled it for the first time during Play Playback.

6.Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard

Virtual Audio Cable is a free program to route audio from one application to another. If you want Play Music through Virtual Audio Cable and Soundboard in game, this may be the way for it to work best.

Run the program from Windows start menu or desktop icon. Click on “Play” tab, select Play Music then click Play button to play audio from Play Music app using virtual cables. You can also use other apps with this method like Spotify instead of Play Music by following same procedure for those applications as well.

If you want to record your gaming voiceover commentary while playing games, just plug a microphone into your PC (or any device) and set it up so that the sound is routed through the VAC program before being played back in game. This setup will allow you to have input devices such as keyboards plugged into your system without having them disrupt audio output.

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7. Stereo Mix

is an audio channel that can be used in games. Play music on Stereo Mix by following the below steps:

  • Open up your game’s settings, find and open the sound tab (or video tab)
  • Find “Stereo Mix” under list of playback devices
  • Enable this option for output under “Playback through these devices:”

There are many ways you can play music through stereo mix in game including:

Headphones or speakers hooked up to your computer (or phone), external sound system such as an amplifier with a set of speakers connected via aux cable, bluetooth speaker which is wirelessly paired using Bluetooth technology with your device compared to wired connection where there’s always one end plugged into the other device’s headphone jack or USB port.

The latter way encourages movement because it doesn’t tie someone down like audio cords do.

This is a list of some games that support Stereo Mix:

Dota Underlords, Draw Something Free, League of Legends (beta), World War Z VR Game Play Demo, Counter-Strike GO

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How To Stream YouTube Audio Through Mic

A How To Stream YouTube Audio Through Mic tutorial is a great way to learn how to stream audio of the videos playing on YouTube through your computer’s microphone. Streaming from Firefox or Chrome is very easy and affordable, but there are various other programs you can use as well with varying degrees of success.

How do I get started?

Streaming in either Firefox or Chrome is done by going to the website (YouTube) and clicking on the browser tab that says “cast.”

From here, find any video that will play out loud and click it. You should be able to see an option to cast this video onto another device at which point you’ll want to select “your computer” as your receiver for streaming content.

How do I connect my microphone?

If you’re using a laptop, there should be an icon on the taskbar that will show your computer name. Click this and then select “playback devices.”

You’ll want to right click on your mic in order to set it as the default playback device for all streaming audio sources if possible.

How will my voice sound when streamed through YouTube?

The quality of video streams can vary depending on connection speeds, bandwidth limits or other factors like hardware capabilities but Youtube’s own compression algorithm does not affect how voices are transmitted over its servers so streaming from youtube with a good enough internet connection is indistinguishable from any other source of live audio, apart from price/free availability!

This will take you to a screen that shows the playback devices on your computer. You should see an icon for your microphone with some kind of indicator light, typically green or orange, indicating its status and whether it’s selected as default device.

Right-click on the mic (the one we’re trying to record YouTube audio through) in order to set it as the default playback device for all streaming audio sources if possible! This will help make sure that every time we stream from Youtube, our voice is coming out of this rather than from another soundcard being used by Minecraft or any other game at the same time.

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How to Test the Sound Played Through Mic?

  • Testing the sound played through a microphone is simple. The first thing you need to do is make sure that there’s nothing playing on your computer or phone and then find an audio file of someone speaking in another language, such as Spanish.
  • Next, open up Google Chrome or any other web browser you have installed and type “Spanish sounds” into the search bar.
  • You should be able to see either videos with different parts of spoken Spanish: How to Speak Español (video) or How To Pronounce Common Words In Spanish – Video Vocabulary Lesson .
  • Select one of these options from the list and play it for about ten seconds at full volume using YouTube’s built-in player or whichever player you have installed.
  • Now go to your microphone and hit the record button, then play back what you just recorded through the same speakers where you played that video from YouTube or whichever player you used for the sound.
  • You should hear a different type of audio coming out of your speaker now: one with clear words instead of muffled ones or sounds in another language.

How does it sound?

If it doesn’t seem like there is an improvement, try playing around with these steps using other videos on YouTube until you find something that works better than what was originally picked.

If everything seems fine at this point, congratulations! Your mic has been tested and confirmed as working properly by all means necessary without any need for additional software installation or troubleshooting.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: How to play Music Through Mic?

Answer: If you want to play music through your microphone, then there are a few ways that you can do this.

The first option is by connecting the audio cord from your headphones or speakers into the mic jack on your computer.

The second option would be to connect a USB flash drive with MP files. Another way is get an app for streaming services like Pandora or Spotify and open it up on your device’s browser window before opening in Safari where there will be an icon next to ‘play’.

Next click on that button and enjoy listening as if it were playing out of speakers instead of being played via speaker wire only.”

Question: How to play music through mic while gaming?

Answer: To play music through a microphone while gaming, you’ll need to use a program such as Soundflower.

This creates an audio loopback device from which any application can send and receive sound data.

  • To configure your Mac for this setup:
  • Open System Preferences > Audio > Output and select the line out in the list of devices.
  • This will create multiple options with names like “Line Out #” or “Headphone Port”. One should say “Soundflower (24 bit)”.
  • Select that one if it does not already appear on screen. This is what you want to tap into when playing back music through mic; make sure it’s selected!
  • Now connect headphones or speakers to your computer’s headphone port so that they’re plugged into the line out.
  • In System Preferences > Audio > Output, make sure “Soundflower (24 bit)” is still selected and click on “Play sound in this application”.
  • Now when you open iTunes or GarageBand to play music through mic, all audio will be routed through Soundflower.

Question: What if I have no headphones?

Answer: If you don’t have any head phones, then just plug your speakers into the computer and set Soundflower to “Line Out” instead.

You may need a converter or headphone splitter in order to make this work properly with certain types of speaker setups.

Note that there are often issues playing music through mic when using wireless bluetooth devices such as headphones or earbuds.

Question: How to play music on discord while gaming?

Answer:  Open your discord settings and go to Voice & Video on the left side. Find the input box that says ‘What mic do you want to use for voice chat?’

Select it, then select Play music from here. You can choose what song plays by clicking add, then choosing a playlist or individual songs. Here’s how:

  • Open up Spotify on my phone
  • Tap My Music at top of screen > Add New Activity in Carousel Menu and type “Gaming”
  • Scroll down until I see an album called Gaming Jams (which is mine) -> Click it > When this album opens click Albums tab near bottom center of app > Scroll alllllllll the way to the right where there are lists with different genres > Click Electronic
  • Scroll down until I see an album called Electro Dance Party (which is mine) -> Click it > When this album opens, click All Songs and scroll alllllll the way to right where there are lists with different genres.
  • Choose a song!
  • Swipe left on your phone screen when you’re done playing music from Spotify!”


The conclusion of this article is that you can play songs through your headphones or speakers by using Spotify. This works for any song and it doesn’t matter if the app is open on a phone, computer, tablet, or anything else!

The steps are simple to follow and music will come out from either the mic jack in the phones headphone slot or an aux cord adapter plugged into one of those slots too!

I hope these tips were helpful to some people who might not know how to do what I just explained. Thanks for reading!”

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