How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems

Sometimes it’s frustrating when Discord has audio problems. You’re in a screen share, but you can’t hear anything that your teammates are saying. Luckily, there are some things you can do to fix this problem and get back to the game!

​What Causes Discord Screen Share No Audio issue?

The most common cause of Discord screen share no audio issue is due to your microphone settings. Whether you’re using a wired or wireless headset, make sure that your mic volume isn’t set too low. If the problem persists when adjusting this setting, then it’s worth contacting either Microsoft Support for Windows users, Apple Support for macOS users, or Razer Technical support if you have a Razer gaming mouse to rule out any hardware issues.

What Can You Do To Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problem?

If none of these potential fixes work and the discord screen share no audio issue continues to persist despite all efforts made so far – try changing your codecs! Some new updates came around recently which changed how some people experience sound quality in video conferencing systems like Discord Screen Share. If you’re lucky, the change might have solved your audio problems!

Here are the causes for Discord screen share no audio issue:

1. Audio Feature Problem

  • Audio codecs
  • Sound card drivers
  • Operating system audio settings

If you are using a headset, try to plug it into the microphone port and check if this fixes your discord screen share no audio problem. If not, then continue reading for possible solutions!

A common fix is to update or reinstall sound card drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Don’t forget to restart your computer when finished with these steps! Sometimes simply disabling certain features in Windows will do the trick as well: go ahead and disable things like “Playback Devices” under Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound before trying anything else.

An alternative to the discord screen share no audio is by using a voice call instead. For this, you will need Skype or Discord (free program) as well as an internet connection and headset on both ends of the line. If another person wants to join in on a conversation with one of these programs, they can either open the app themselves or be invited into it from your personal account. It’s also possible for people who don’t have their own headsets to use speakers/headphones connected directly into their computers if they are nearby enough for everyone else in that call to hear them clearly!

– mic port

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound

Windows features: “Playback

2. Faulty Audio Drivers

Sometimes audio drivers can go haywire causing audio lag and other problems. To fix this, it’s best to update your drivers rather than downloading a new set of drivers for the specific model (it could be outdated)

– microphone not working

Control Panel -> Hardware & Sounds -> Sound

Windows features: “Playback” tab in options box > Audio devices button down arrow next to Speaker/Headphones combo box on right > Mic selection from the dropdown list at the bottom left corner of the window. If the mic is plugged into the computer but the volume bar doesn’t light up when selected, click Properties instead then check Recording under Microphone Tab – make sure that you have checked Allow applications to take exclusive control over this device so they can override system settings. Check out aka. ms/remoteconnect Microsoft Error

3. Administrative Entry

Discord screen required administrative permission before it can be installed. To do so, right-click on the discord icon and select “Run As Administrator.”

4. Inappropriate Applications

There are some other apps that do not support Discord screens. Examples of this are Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

5. Discord Voice No Route Error

Discord Screen share no audio occurs if there is no route to the microphone. To fix it, make sure that your computer is connected to an internet connection so as not to experience latency problems with the mic and speaker. You need to change some voice settings in order to get your discord screen share no audio issue.

6. Stream Incompatibility

Discord screens may not work on some streams. This is because discord screen share can only be available if the streamer has a “game capture” device that is compatible with video streaming.

7. Antivirus Problems

It is possible that an antivirus program may be blocking discord screens. To fix this, you need to make sure the security software is not preventing access to the mic and speaker or screen share with the audio issues on Discord.

How to Fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems

Discord is an app that has many flaws to its functions, from screen sharing without audio to the inability to change your avatar.

Discord has a new update that’s causing them to bug out more often.

Here are the steps to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio issues:

1. Restart your Computer

To fix Discord screen share no audio problem, you need to restart your computer. Most of the time there is some software running in the background causing problems. Restarting your computer may solve your problem.

2. Update the Discord App

Sometimes your Discord app is not up to date. Updating your Discord app may fix the audio problems you are having with screen share on discord, so update it now!

Here are the steps to update the Discord app:

  1. To open a Run dialog, press win+R at the same time.
  2. Type %localappdata% and press enter.
  3. Double-click Discord and double-click on Update.exe.
  4. You may be required to update and restart the Discord app.

3. Grant Administrative Access

You have to grant administrative access to the Discord app. To do this, follow these steps:

Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL at the same time and clicking on the Processes tab

Right-click discord in-process list > select “Go to details”

Click File > New task (Run As Administrator) Select OK when the dialog opens

4. Avoid Full Windowed Screen

You have to avoid a full windowed screen in order to be able to play audio from Windows. The easiest way is by right-clicking on the Discord Window and selecting “Full Screen” instead of simply pressing F11.

The steps are as follows:

Right-click on discord window > select fullscreen

Selecting fullscreen will allow you to hear sound normally!

5. Add Discord Activity

Discord detects what you are doing and reacts accordingly.

Like if you are playing Fortnite and also using Discord in the Background then, there will be a chance of showing fortnite no sound error.

Getting rid of the problem for people with no sound, you need to add an activity in discord.

Here are the steps to add Discord Activity:

  1. Open Discord Settings.
  2. On the left navigation bar you will see several options. Click on Games.
  3. Move to the Game Activity Tab and add the activity.
  4. Turn on the toggle button in front of Discord Overlay Tab.

6. Update Audio Drivers

To make sure that your audio drivers are up to date, you need to go into the control panel.

Open Control Panel > System and Security > Device Manager

This will show all of your devices on this screen, with a yellow triangle beside each device which means they have an update available.  You can click on the update driver button, and it will download the latest version of your drivers.

If you are still having audio problems after updating your device driver software, there may be a hardware issue with the sound card or internal speakers in your computer.

7. Reset Voice Settings On Discord

Discord cannot be used with no sound.

Here are the steps to reset voice settings on Discord:

  1. Open Discord Settings.
  2. Click the settings icon in the bottom-right of the screen.
  3. Then find out Voice & Video.
  4. If you’re experiencing Discord screen share no audio problems, select Reset Voice settings to restore your sound.
  5. Click Okay to confirm. You will surely fix discord screen share no audio issues by this step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I share sound when using discord screen sharing?

Answer: You can’t share audio normally on Discord. You must go to a voice call in order for your voice to be heard over the chat app.

Question: How can I share audio on the discord screen share no audio?

Answer: To fix discord screen share no audio problems, first turn off Screen Share. Next, enable sound from the application window and then click Share Now to share Audio.

Question: Does discord screen share have audio?

Answer: Discord does not share in-built audio with screen sharing. You need to use voice calls to transfer sounds.

Question: How do I fix no audio in Discord?

Answer: If the screen share on Discord doesn’t have any sound, an improper audio setting or a bug is to blame. Occasionally faulty driver software can also cause no audio issues in screen share mode.

Question: Why is there no audio when I try to screen share on discord?

Answer: Discord Screen Share won’t work if you have an older version of Discord or if your Discord Screen Share is muted.

Question: How can I stream on discord with sound?

Answer: Teach how to fix Discord Screen Share No Audio Problems.

-Launch the Screen Sharing function from your video call or instant message window and enable both Video Streaming and then Select Sounds from Settings to also include sound during the call

Question: How to fix audio not working when you share screens on Discord?

Answer: Enable the screen sharing feature to share screens in discord.

Question: Can you share screen on discord?

Answer: Yes, you can share screen on Discord using the “Screen Share” option.

Question: Does discord have screen share?

Answer: Yes, the newest version of Discord includes the new screen share feature.

Question: How to restart discord on PC?

Answer: Some users may experience audio issues when screen sharing on Discord for Windows. These can be resolved by closing the Discord application and reopening it again.

Question: Is it possible to use screen share on discord?

Answer: Discord allows you to share your screen on Discord Mobile.

Question: How to play computer audio through discord?

Answer: To hear computer audio while in voice chat with discord, turn on “enable audio” under the voice settings tab.

Question: How to stream google chrome on discord?

Answer: To stream a Chrome browser video on Discord, use either the default screen share or the Discord Screen Share no audio feature.


In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that may be contributing to discord screen share no audio issues with Discord’s video conferencing system. One option is to go back and troubleshoot some of these potential fixes – just keep in mind that not all users will see success if they make changes without first consulting an expert or service representative from Microsoft Support for Windows users, Apple Support for macOS users, or Razer Technical support if you have a Razer gaming mouse. You can also try changing codecs which could solve your problem as well!

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