How to Easily Install Discord on PS4

Discord is a very great way to communicate with your teammates while playing games. It’s an instant messaging app that you can use to chat, voice chat, and even share game screens. The only problem? You might not know how to install Discord on PS4! Read this blog post for easy-to-follow instructions on how to get set up quickly and efficiently.

How Can I Connect My Discord Account to PS4?

Discord allows you to connect your account to a PSN ID and use it on the PlayStation Network.

Discord has become a hugely popular communication app among gamers. It has millions of users across the world and is one of the most used platforms for chatting when gaming.

The app has now advanced to the point where you can add music bots.

Have you ever heard that Discord can be installed on PC and other platforms?

But can you imagine using your Discord on PS4 as well

Discord users always asking developers on Discord to make the PS4 version of the app.

So, everyone might think:

You need to wait long enough for the Discord app to be available on PS4 in order to use it.

No, you don’t have to wait.

There’s always a trick to use Discord on PS4.

Some people enjoy using Discord to communicate with their friends, but you’ll need an account in order to do so. This blog will walk you through all the necessary things to connecting your account and setting up the equipment necessary.

How to Setup Discord on PS4?

Setting up Discord on PS4 can seem like a difficult task.

Take this equipment to your PS4 in order to successfully set up Discord.

Equipment for Setting Up Discord For PS4

  1. A headset with an optical cable and USB support.
  2. It should also have a device such as the Mixamp or one similar to it, like the Mixamp TR Pro for switching audio between your PS4 and desktop.
  3. Yes, you can connect your Discord account to the PS4 by using some cables. Some of these cables include 3.5mm Male to Male3.5mm Aux Splitter and 3.5 mm-to-3.5 model with volume control
  4. Ensure that you have Discord on your Desktop as well.

Go to the Discord website to download the PC version of Discord. They might have a version for MAC computers as well or Linux users.

In case you face any problem regarding to sound, then check our separate troubleshooting post on how to fix discord stream no sound.

How do you Get Discord on Ps4?

If you want to get Discord on PS4, then follow these steps given below:

  1. You have to create a discord account with any device such as PC or, mobile.
  2. Now, find the discord on PS4 browser.
  3. Now, enter discord on the search bar in the web browser.
  4. Enter your discord username and password and click ok.
  5. You are successfully Login to your Discord account.

How to Use Discord Application on Your Ps4?

Follow these steps to use Discord on Ps4 is given below:

  1. To get audio from Discord on PS4, connect your optical cables between your mix amp Pro TR and either console.
  2. Go to Settings > Sound and Screen > Audio Output Settings and change the Output Port to Digital Output (Optical).
  3. Connect the microphone USB cable to your PS4 and your computer. Make sure your base station is on computer mode or it won’t work!
  4. Connect the Discord program to your computer and change the input device in their voice settings.
  5. To play Discord on PS4, you’ll need to connect it with a computer microphone.
  6. Return to your PC and change the output device for the computer speakers.

When you set up your Discord, it should offer input on whether or not you can talk through both at the same time.

As soon as you’ve connected your PlayStation 4 to Discord, no other audio will be audible because the console is fetching primary sound from the mixamp pro TR.

But, always feel lucky because there’s an simple solution to this issue.

To connect your Discord account to PS4 all you need to do is plug in the 3.5mm cable into your computer and the AUX port on your Mixamp Pro TR Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset for PlayStation4 (PS4).

To sync your Discord account to PlayStation 4, change the Output Device to Speakers.

How To Join a Play Station (PS4)  Party On PC?

Playstation party chat is an awesome feature.

You might ask:

What is Playstation party chat?

A Playstation party is a chat is like a normal chat in that you can use to talk to your friends. You can use it almost always like while playing games or doing other things. It is also possible to share your gaming screens with the party.

How can i join a PS4 Party Chat on Computer?

To join a PS4 Party Chat on your computer steps is given below:

  1. You have to download the Playstation (PS4) Remote Play software in your computer.
  2. Now, go and sign in to your PlayStation Network account.
  3. Turn your PS4 on.
  4. Find the party chart option and Connect to the Party chat option on your computer.
  5. Now, Run the Remote playstation software while you do other things on your computer.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Can you use Discord on PS4?

Answer: Yes, you can use discord on PS4. You can install it from the PlayStation Store or download it here.

Question: How to install discord on PS4?

Answer: To get started with Discord, download it from the PlayStation Store or click here.

Question: How do I join a party chat on my computer?

Answer: First of all you need to leave your Playstation Network account logged in at all times and then turn your PS off/in Standby mode.

Next open Remote Play Software for PC, login using your username and password, press the “Start” button (or use shortcut keys CTRL+ALT+DEL) while selecting “Launch Party Chat.”

Finally, choose how many people you want to add by clicking “+”. Press Enter after adding them and start chatting!

Question: Does Ps4 have Discord?

Answer: Yep.

Question: How do I connect my PS4 to discord?

Answer: First, you need to link your PSN account to a Discord account.

Startup the game and choose “Link Account” from the Settings tab in the Main Menu.

Log into your discord with an email/password or use an existing login if logged on already. On this screen, you will be prompted for which service (PSN) you want to connect by clicking its button.

After selecting that click next and answer yes when asked if you are sure about linking accounts and then start enjoying voice chat over discord!

Question: How do I get back my old name?

Answer: The only way is to change it again using a new one but there is no guarantee that another player won’t steal your previous name so make sure, not many people have the same name.

Question: How do I know how many people are in a voice channel?

Answer: You can see it when you click on the discord app or go to the settings tab and look at Voice Channels

Question: Can my PSN account be banned by Discord for using their service without authorization/permission from Sony?

Answer: No, your PlayStation Network Account is not going to get suspended as long as you use this feature in accordance with these terms of services. All accounts linking through Playstation will receive a message confirming that they understand what they’re doing before connecting their account, which should prevent any issues related to unauthorized connection and suspension.

Final Thoughts

Here are my final thoughts:

-I had no problems installing discord on PS4 and it didn’t interrupt any of the games I was playing.

-It’s unfortunate that you can’t chat with friends who are offline or in another game at once time, but maybe this is a good thing to stop chatting when you’re supposed to be focusing on your gameplay after all. (This could also apply to other people using discord as well)

-The only problem now is being able to leave messages for people without adding them as a friend first which doesn’t make much sense if they aren’t online anyways! Either way, Discord has made the gaming experience easier and more fun by giving me an outlet where I can talk about what’s going on in a game or just talk with friends.

-And if you ever need to remove discord, it’s as easy as clicking the uninstall button at the top of Discord!

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