Best Gifts for Gus in Stardew Valley: What Does Gus Like?

Gus is one of the best characters in Stardew Valley. He is your go-to for fixing things around the farm, and he always has a kind word to say. Recently, I was wondering what does Gus like in Stardew Valley? I wanted to buy him a present that would really show my appreciation for all his hard work. Fortunately, we have compiled this list of 5 perfect gifts for Gus!

Who is Gus in Stardew Valley?

BirthdaySummer 8th
VillagePelican Town
AddressStardrop Saloon
FriendsPam & Emily

Gus is a character in the popular Stardew Valley game. He is one of three bachelors that can be romanced by the player and he lives on his grandfather’s farm just south of Pelican Town. Gus will often visit Pierre’s General Store to sell various items like milk, eggs, or even homemade jams and jellies!

Gus Stardew valley location

Gus in Stardew Valley

Gus has been living alone on his farm since he first came to it ten years ago and while still providing for himself, Gus was looking forward to having company.

His dream became reality when Shane (a friend from college) shows up unannounced one day with plans of moving back into town.

The two friends are able to tackle all of their projects together and they even start building an underground bunker as protection against potential dangers that may arise should there be nuclear war or if climate change causes natural disasters such as global flooding.

However, Gus eventually realizes that this life isn’t what he wants after all-so much time spent with only Shane has given him too much time to think and Gus realizes that he misses the community of his old town.

Gus decides it’s finally time to move back in with all of his friends and family, so he sells off most of what they’ve built at a garage sale (though some things are left behind for when Shane might want them).

Shane is disappointed but not surprised he had been sensing Gus’ desire to return home for weeks now.

He also knew this was inevitable because their friendship couldn’t be as strong if one or both of them were constantly living apart from each other or being together on Skype calls every day instead of actually seeing each other face-to-face.

You can usually find Gus at the Stardrop Saloon where he spends most of his time when the pub is open.

If he isn’t there, then it’s likely that you’ll find him at Harvey’s Clinic as this is where he goes for his routine checkup.

Otherwise, Gus can be found at the Pierre General Store – otherwise known as the Community Center in Stardew Valley.

You can also Find Robin’s Lost Axe

How to marry him 

  • talk to him
  • ask for his shirt (or tuxedo)
  • wear a ring, offer him one of yours
  • give them something from their wishlist and ask them if they’ll marry you
  • say “I love you” in front of everyone

If the player has also met all requirements to marry any other eligible bachelor/bachelorette. If he or she agrees, say yes!

And then it’s time for some wedding cuteness. Congrats! You’re now married!” What’s next?” should show up on the screen.

The player can continue trying to date others after marriage but will be unsuccessful as may not have enough hearts with that individual. A sign in town indicates who is currently married, and who is still available to date.

When is Gus’s Birthday in Stardew Valley?

Gus is one of the most mysterious and elusive characters in Stardew Valley. He spends his days wandering around town, exploring, fishing for fish, or hunting down slimes to exterminate from Pelican Town’s gardens.

When he does show up at Pierre’s General Store for something as simple as a coffee refill, Gus often has interesting things to say about what he finds out there in the wilderness.

This entry will explore when Gus was born based on conversations with other NPCs like Leah, who says that Gus is “always hanging out outside” (meaning outdoors), which leads us to believe that Gus might be an outdoor type person! This means that we can use the weather patterns during different months to figure out what month Gus was born in!

Gus celebrates his birthday on the eighth of every summer. It’s best to give him something he likes on his birthday in order to make your friendship stronger 8.

What GUS Likes And Dislikes 

Gus in Stardew Valley likes a lot of things but he dislikes a few others. He loves to fish and explore the mines, but really hates getting attacked by monsters or meeting with JojaMart representatives in town.

Gus is very proud of his garden growing fruit trees like apples, pears, oranges, and strawberries as well as planting vegetables such as peppers, corn, and sweet potatoes.

GUS’ likes

  • Exploring the mine
  • Fishing   (this will have its own section below)
  • Growing plants for food: apple trees, pear trees, etc 

GUS’ dislikes

  • Being attacked by monsters or meeting JojaMart reps
  • Getting up early to water plants in the morning (he prefers sleeping late)
  • Getting chased down by zombies when exploring the mines on their own time (when they’re not busy mining). It gets annoying if you don’t want to fight

Gus Stardew Valley Schedule

Gus spends most of his Stardew Valley days cooking in the Stardrop saloon, only occasionally venturing to Harvey’s Clinic for check-ups.

Gus Stardew Valley Gift Guide What gifts does Gus like?

There are a few different gift items that Gus likes.

  • The first and most important is the cheese wheel, which he will take nearly any time of day or year.
  • Second on his list is sauerkraut, something he enjoys with bread and butter at breakfast in wintertime.
  • He also loves salami sandwiches for lunch another one where you don’t have to be too concerned about what season it’s being consumed in!
  • He also enjoys grape juice as part of his morning routine just try not to get it all over your clothes like I did when we were children!
  • Finally, Gus really appreciates cactus fruit tea outside during summer days because he thinks they’re “extra refreshing”.
  • Orange
  • Fish Taco
  • Escargot
  • Diamond
  • Daffodil

If there was only one thing Gus could eat and drink for the rest of his life it would be cheese.

What does Gus doesn’t like in the Stardew valley gift guide?

  • Hazelnut coffee
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Dandelion
  • Snow Yam
  • Morel
  • Chanterelle
  • Winter Root
  • Leek
  • Milk
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Quartz
  • Coleslaw
  • Salmonberry
  • Holly

Stardew Valley: Where is Jodi?

Stardew Valley Gus Heart Events

Stardew Valley has a number of live events for the player to experience. In this guide, we’re going over Gus’ Heart Events in detail.

At every level in your friendship with Gus, he will give you a gift. To increase the likelihood of receiving a gift from him in return, be sure to send him gifts he likes.

The Stardew valley Gus heart events are activated by collecting friendship hearts. Collect as many friendship hearts with Gus to unlock more recipes, gifts, and perks.

Stardew Valley Gus Three Hearts Event

Gus, the miner Stardew Valley NPC has a new event called “Three Hearts”. The Three Hearts Event is triggered when you give Gus three gifts in one day and he will then put on his party hat and dance around for joy.

You can find Gus at Pelican Town Square near Lewis’s General Store or as part of your farm work if you have upgraded to Farming Level 12 by planting Grass Starter next to either water source or tree on your property.

This is an interesting way of making friends with this character because it does not require any energy levels to complete. It also provides some rewards beyond just having someone who will chat about their favorite subject – mining!

Once you reach Level 3 Friendship level with Gus, he will gift you a Smoked Salmon Dinner recipe that states:

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


The Salmon dinner dish will give you +56 health points and +125 energy points.

Gus Four Hearts Event

If you want to work on your relationship with Pam in Stardew Valley, you can trigger a four-heart friendship event with Gus (performing the right tasks) when there are two or more hearts between them.

When you enter Gus’s saloon, he will be there to greet you with a worried look on his face.

When asked what’s wrong, Gus will reveal how the Stardrop Saloon that he owns and lives in is at risk financially because of his close friend Pam.

Pam pays for drinks but her friend is afraid to confront her about it because he does not want to lose her.

Once Gus is finished telling his story, Pam will enter the saloon and ask for a drink as she does every day.


“You need to pay your tab right now!” (-50 friendship points)


“The Saloon isn’t doing well, financially.” (+15 friendship points)

Gus Seven Hearts Event

Once you have reached seven friendship hearts with Gus, he will send you a Cranberry Sauce recipe.

Dear (you),

Here’s a recipe from my saloon. I only share this with my good friends!


The Cranberry Sauce dish will give you: +56 Health Points, +125 Energy Points, and a two-minute 30-second Mining buff.

Gus Stardew Valley Quests

Here is the Gus Stardew Valley Quest listed below:

  • The Mayor’s Problem: Gus is on the boat and wants to go fishing. He always fails because he can’t see what fish are in there, so you need to find him a pair of glasses for this quest!
  • Each day Gus will ask if you have found them yet until finally on Day 12 it says “Gus was walking around town when all of sudden his wife ran over.”
  • This means that Gus has gotten back together with Abigail and they’re living happily ever after 🙂
  • Fall 6th – Before the 6th of Fall in your second year, you will get a letter from Gus requesting you to bring him a lobster. Completing this quest grants a reward of 500 Gold and 1 Heart.
  • Winter 19th – On Winter 19th, Gus will send you another letter asking for one downed coconut. For finishing this quest you will get 600 Gold points and 1 Heart in rewards.
  • Winter 26th It’s a new letter from Gus Stardew Valley. In order to win 600 gold and 1 heart as rewards, you have to offer Albacore.
  • “Help Wanted” board – You can find a request for help on the “Help Wanted” board outside of the general store created by Gus. Sending items listed on the “Help Wanted” board will give you triple the money you usually would have, along with 150 Friendship points in rewards.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: What are some good gifts for Gus?

Answer: You can give him an item from the Stardrop Saloon. You can also give him wine, cheese, or a mushroom.

Question: What are some good gifts for Leah?

Answer: You can give her a raw fish, some white turnip, or up to three pieces of cheese.

Question: What should I cook when I visit Pam’s house in Stardew Valley?

Answer: You can give her some coffee beans and she’ll make you something wonderful!


This concludes the guide. Thank you so much for reading! If you found this article helpful, please share it with your friends and family on any social media platform that suits their needs. We hope to see you again next week when we have another Stardew Valley gift list ready for our readers!

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