Fix ROBLOX Error Code 279 | The Simplest Guide

ROBLOX Error Code 279 is an error that a lot of people have been experiencing. It’s not something you want to see when you’re trying to play ROBLOX, and it can be frustrating. This article will show you how to fix ROBLOX Error Code 279 in less than 2 minutes!

What is ROBLOX Error Code 279?

Roblox Error Code 279 is a generic error dialog that pops up when the computer can’t communicate with our servers.

This usually happens because of:

-A power outage or blackout may have caused an intermittent disruption in your Internet connection, which could be fixed by turning off and then back on your modem.

Here are the list of Admin Command in Roblox.

What Causes ROBLOX Error Code 279?

There are several reasons why a ROBLOX error code 279 could occur.

The most common reasons are due to the installation of plugins, scripts, or other third-party applications that may contain malicious code.

If you have installed any new programs on your computer recently and notice an increase in this issue then it is possible one of these actions has caused the problem.

How to Fix ROBLOX Error Code 279?

Roblox Error Code 279 is fixed by several methods. Here are the possible fixes.

1. Use Chrome as Default Browser

To Fix Roblox Erro code 279 you have to use Google Chrome as a default browser.

  • Select the three dots in the top right corner of chrome browser.
  • Choose Settings
  • Under “Show Advanced Settings” click on Manage Search Engines and Add a new one with the name (or any other keyword)
  • Now you are done.

You can also encounter Roblox error code of 267. Here are the solution of Roblox error code 267.

2. Manually Allow ROBLOX through Windows Firewall

You can always check your antivirus before running your game. This might fix the Roblox error code 279.

Open Windows Firewall by pressing Windows Key and F, then click on Allow an app through windows firewall to open up the list of installed programs that are allowed to access your computer.

Look for ROBLOX in the list and right-click it with your mouse or press Ctrl+A to select all items, then click allow selected applications button at the bottom left side corner as shown below:

You can also disable antivirus temporarily before running the Roblox game, so maybe this will be work? But I don’t recommend disabling anti-virus permanently because you need it when downloading new files from the internet. Here’s how we change settings in AVG Antivirus:

Steps To Disable The AVG Antivirus

– Open AVG Antivirus

– Click on the Settings tab and then click Active Protection.

In the window that pops up, select No scan for all processes.

After you’re done, click OK to save changes in settings.

You can reenable antivirus after disabling it by following these steps:

Steps To Reactivate The AVG Antivirus Program After Disabling It:

Open AVG Antivirus and go to the Settings menu again. Scroll down until you see the option called Active protection and toggle this ON once more as shown below:

I hope I gave enough information so that Roblox error code 279 will not happen anymore when playing Roblox games like ROBLOX Jailbreak.

3. Disable Browser Extensions

Now disable the extensions you just installed for Roblox.

– From your Chrome Menu, go to “More tools” and select “Extensions” from the list of options below;

– You will then be taken to a page where all your extensions are listed on separate tabs according to their category (Chrome Support says that it’s currently possible for an extension in one tab to access data related only to another tab);

– Click on the extension which is causing your problem – usually this is something like ROBLOX or Better Youtube Player; click its trash icon at the top right corner of the window and confirm by clicking Remove. If prompted, re-enable any other disabled extensions. Disable Extensions with trouble codes

– Now that we’ve identified what might be the problem, we should try to get rid of it.

– Restart your browser and restart Roblox; this might not solve the error but there’s a chance that between these two actions you’ll see Roblox as an option again in Chrome or better yet have no errors appearing at all!

– If disabling extensions did not fix the issue, go back to “More tools” on Google Chrome and select “Extensions”; then click “Developer Mode”. Now enable any extension which has been disabled by clicking its trash icon next to it. In our case, ROBLOX is having trouble so change it from Disabled to Enabled (if you’re prompted with permissions for third-party content, just accept them).

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 4. Reset the Default Browser Options

You can reset all of the default browser options by doing the following:

– Select Tools in your toolbar menu.

– Scroll down to Internet Options and select it.

– Go to the Content tab on the General Settings section, click the Clear SSL State button located at the bottom right corner of this page.

Make sure you clear all check boxes except Cookies before clicking the Reset Settings button near the top left corner of the screen that opens up upon checking for errors (you may need to scroll). You should be taken back to a webpage with a success message after pressing the Reset Settings button. Some users have found they need also clears their cache as well.”

– Close the browser and check again you will see the Roblox error code 279 is gone.

5. Try Port Forwarding

To fix Roblox error code 279, you might need to monitor the ports and see if there are any problems with them. Make sure that they aren’t blocked or disabled for some reason, as this can also cause Roblox error 279.

– You should check your IP address too in case it’s being blacklisted by another service – i.e., a game site like Minecraft

The issue of Roblox error code 279 is not usually something you really have control over so try these things first before going through anything more complicated which could end up costing even more time!

Here are the steps for Port Forwarding is given below:

  1. Open your router control panel and log in as a system administrator.
  2. Follow the instructions and enter your external IP address.
  3. Enter UDP 49152 65535 port range.
  4. Select UDP as the protocol.
  5. Once you are finished, restart your router.
  6. Open ROBLOX and see if the issue persists.

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Why You Shouldn’t Panic When You Get ROBLOX Error Code 279?

You do not have to panic about seeing the Roblox error code 279. You can fix it up and play Roblox once again.

You are able to do this by following these steps:

-Go to your computer’s settings, then go into the Privacy tab or the Clear Browser Data window depending on what OS you’re using.

-Click the delete all button at end of the page under “Includes history.”

-Restart the browser and sign in with username and password for the Roblox account again (if need) after deleting cookies/cache from the web browsers’ files. The error code should be gone now! If not, please check the above solution. Hope that helps you fixing ROBLOX Error Code 279 problem easily.

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How to Prevent ROBLOX Error Code 279?

You can prevent Roblox error code 279 from happening again by following these steps:

-Update roblox.exe to the latest version available

-Keep your computer secured with antivirus software

-Run an anti-malware program on your pc daily, and then use a free online scanner like eset smart security or avast internet security suite

-If you want extra protection to install Adaware for Roblox (this is just an example) since it’s highly effective against many trojans that might be running in the background of your system – which could cause error code 279.

Beware if you have it installed already though as this can create conflicts with other programs such as google chrome browser. If you do however, make sure to disable any addons related to Roblox before installing this.

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Other ways of fixing ROBLOX error code 279 

Another way to fixing Roblox error code 279

– Reboot your computer.

– Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys and select Task Manager from the options ​ shown on the screen.

Once you are in, go to the Processes (Details) tab and find the Roblox service process that is running as roBLOXsvc32.exe.

End this task by clicking the “End Process” button at top of the window or press CTRL+F12 keys together for quick access.

Then close the Task Manager window and reboot your PC again so it can restart with no problems which solve the ROBLOX error code 279 issue 99% of the time because the roBlox service was identified as an interfering program that caused a system crash while opening the game client due to an incompatibility problem with Windows.

– Lower your graphics settings.

This action will decrease the load on your system and may solve the ROBLOX error code 279 issue as well because it is a common fix for Roblox service when players get this problem in games like Tera, WoW, or other online multiplayer game clients that require high-end PC specs to run smoothly while playing with no lag spikes.

– Check firewall software installed on your computer running Windows OS if there are any rules set up by user which blocks certain apps from opening; add exception rule to stop possible interference of robloxsvc32 file from launching Roblox app after double-clicking the icon located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\client_app.exe file.

– Click “Start”, type Computer into the search bar and then press enter to open it; click on Tools > Folder Options, select View tab in the pop-up window, uncheck Hide extensions for known file types option, and hit the OK button to save changes done.

– Navigate now into C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\client_app folder where Roblox is running error code 279 issue or not working properly (C:\Program Files).

– Create a new folder named robloxsvc32 inside this directory with a right mouse click while holding SHIFT key pressed together on your keyboard –

that will give you an opportunity to make sure that there are no other copies of robloxsv c32 folder in the same directory.

– Go to Robloxsvc32, find robloxs_720x480.exe and copy it to C:\Program Files (x86)\Roblox\client_app – this is a small file that will replace robloxsvc32 at QP3055864.EXE file which has error code 279 or not working properly;

you can press CTRL+A keys on your keyboard followed by CTRL+C when copying robloxsvc32 from \robloksvc32 folder onto Clipboard before pasting into client_app directory with right mouse button over there holding SHIFT key pressed together on your keyboard.

FAQs About ROBLOX Error Code 279

Question: Why Roblox Losing Connection every time?

Answer: Roblox error code 279 is usually caused by a proxy server blocking the connection.

Question: Why Roblox not loading anymore?

Answer: The cause of this problem may be related to your internet speed and/or too many devices on one network.

If you have other websites open in different tabs, they might also slow down your computer or tablet’s processing power.

Closing these programs will free up more memory for Roblox so it can load faster and do better quality rendering when playing games.

You could also consider closing them after you use them instead of having an app running at all times.

Question: Is Roblox is a virus?

Answer: Roblox is not a virus.

It’s just an error code that means you’re having trouble loading games or playing them at the same level of quality as before.

Question: How do I fix ROBLOX error code 279?

Answer: To fix this error, you need to reboot your computer or tablet. This will clear the memory cache and allow Roblox to load much faster.

If that doesn’t work, try using a different browser (or reinstalling one) like Chrome or Safari. These browsers use less processing power than Internet Explorer 11 – plus they don’t have those pesky tabs you can leave open at all times for other websites!

Question: How do I know if my device is infected with malware?

Answers: You might be able to tell if your system has been compromised by malware because it’s running slower and having more crashes. It may also experience a slowdown when browsing certain sites.

Question: Why can’t I log in?

Answer: You may have an error with your account credentials. Check that you are using the email address and password for the correct Roblox account.

Use an alternate browser to access your login page, as this will prevent any malware or errors with Flash player from interfering with logging into your game.

If you don’t remember what email and password combo is linked to a particular Roblox username, click on “Forgot Password?” at the end of the sign-in prompt where it says “Invalid Login Attempts.”

Enter both email addresses associated with Roblox accounts – one should be recognized automatically!

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts about error code 279 is that this error has been happening for a long time and everyone that gets it, will get mad. Some people don’t know what it means when they see their screen go blank or black with red letters saying “ERROR CODE 279”. Others might not even be looking at their screen just so happen to turn around and notice there’s something wrong on the TV in the background because of how loud the sound from Roblox was.

This error is frustrating and I hope Roblox fixes this soon! Until you can use above methods to solve your error.

– If you have any questions about other errors, please leave them below! We’ll try our best to answer them as soon as possible.

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