The Ultimate Guide to Discord Text Formatting

Discord is a hugely popular chat app for gamers, but it’s not well-known for its text formatting features. With Discord Text Formatting you can do all sorts of cool things with your chats! You can change the color and size of text, make it italicized or bolded, even add emojis! This tutorial will teach you how to use every single one of these commands so that your Discord experience is as customizable as possible.

What Is Markdown?

Markdown is a way to format text in order to make it easy for people with various skill levels (like artists, developers, writers) and technical backgrounds can create rich content without the need of learning all HTML. It’s also used as an input method for blogging platforms like Tumblr and Blogger which makes it easier than ever before to get high-quality content into the web.

This is where Markdown shines – it’s not just a way to create rich text, but also translate and convert other formats like Microsoft Word or Excel documents in plain text for easy editing with new tools that can parse these files automatically. It has become one of the most popular ways to edit documents on GitHub because of its ease of use when compared to raw HTML.

Markdown was created by John Gruber in 2004 as an alternative format to deal with formatting issues on LiveJournal posts due to their lack of support for “rich” formatting (such as italics) at the time. There are many different flavors out there now, such as MultiMarkdown and CommonMark which both support different features.

Markdown is not limited to just text – it can also be used for formatting of images or adding links if you embed the syntax directly into a link like this: [text](url) which turns itself into an embedded link with that text in place after clicking it, and then when clicked again will return to the same paragraph as before without any additional changes made. This makes linking posts on WordPress blogs very easy since you don’t have to find where your cursor should go but rather only need to type out “read more” at the end of the post and replace whatever was there originally with a hyperlink!

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Can you format text in discord?

Yes, you can! Discord has a pretty well-designed formatting system it that allows for some basic text styling. You just need to know how to use the correct commands (slash commands).

Discord Text Formatting: Styles

Using few symbols and a word processor, you can achieve italics, bold, underline, strikethroughs, etc. in Discord chat channels!

For Italics: Type *text* like “this” or _like this_ in discord chat messages for italic text formatting. This will also work for quotes within messages as well!

For Bold: Type **text like this or __like this__ in discord chat messages for bold text formatting. This will also work for words within messages as well!

For Underlines: Type ___underlined_text___ and _____underline____in the same way you would italics or bold to get underlining text effect in your copied message from Discord.

For Strikethrough: Type get strikethrough formatting in Discord, type twice over the text with ~~~ and then ~~~~

For a Quote: Type “text” like this or ‘text’ to get quotes around your quoted passage of words. This also works for italics, underlining, bolding!

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Discord Text Formatting: Code Blocks

Code blocks can be formatted with the following markup:

“`code_block language-name code “`

For example, if your text is in Python, you would type this:

“`python def function(arg): return arg + 123 “`. The syntax will render like so:

def function(arg): return arg + 123. This technique also works for languages that have newlines and indentation such as SQL or HTML. You need to use two backticks at the start of each line instead of one (“). And then at the end of a paragraph, press Enter twice before typing `)`.

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Discord Text Formatting: Writing In Color

When you’re using Discord to chat with your friends, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of formatting options available. For example, if you want to make all the text on one line bold and centered, type [b][i]Your Bold And Centered Title Here[/i][/b]. When you want the same sentence in italics but not centered or purple instead of green for some reason (don’t ask me why), put an asterisk next to it before typing what is supposed to be in italics [*Italicized Sentence*] If something has words which should be underlined and this doesn’t work properly due do lack of space below the line, use a tilde instead of the asterisk. For example: [i]This sentence should be in italics[/i].

Notice that all these formatting commands are not case sensitive and can be used on any text you want to format within Discord chat. The beauty is that it’s very easy for anyone using your discord server to change their settings so they see things as you do- just click the gear icon in your chat window then go over “text appearance” options and select what you need. After this people will have all formats available at their fingertips whenever they type something new into the chat box or edit an old message from earlier!

Now I’ll take some time to detail how each one works- with examples too 😉

How To Color Text In Discord Red

Discord Text Formatting

Discord is one of the best chat applications on the market. Here’s how to color text in discord red with a few commands!

To change your text color to Red: Type [color] followed by R for red, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】B→B type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors. You may also want to consider using emojis as they are easier on the eyes than plain old English words when dealing with many conversations at once. ~~~~ Enjoy spamming all of those other chats too! =D (This part isn’t actually a command)

How To Color Text In Discord Orange

Discord Text Formatting

To change your text color to Orange: Type [color] followed by O for orange, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】O→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors. You may also want to consider using emojis as they are easier on the eyes than plain old English words when dealing with many conversations at once. ~~~~ Enjoy spamming all of those other chats too! (This part isn’t actually a command)

How To Color Text In Discord Purple

To change your text color to purple: Type [color] followed by P for purple, and then “Type Here.” For example 【COLOR】P→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into Discord so that you can see your new colors.

How To Color Text In Discord Yellow

To change your text color to yellow: Type [color] followed by Y for yellow, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】Y→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into discord so that you can see your new colors.

How To Color Text In Discord Blue

Discord Text Formatting

To change your text color to blue: Type [color] followed by B for blue, and then “type here.” For example 【COLOR】B→ type here.

Then press enter after typing it into discord so that you can see your new colors.

How to Make Discord Text Really Dark

If you want to make the text really dark in color: Type [color] with a number or letter option (examples below) and then use either hh for light gray, dd for extra-dark gray, ll as black with transparency (the letters will be legible), tt as white with transparency (letters become illegible).

For instance, if I wanted my text to be red at 100% opacity: 【COLOR】R100→Type Here. And if I wanted my text to be dark gray at 15% opacity: 【COLOR】Dd15→Type Here.

If I wanted to make it even darker, (say 40%), then type [color] with a number or letter option and use either hh for light gray, dd for extra-dark gray, ll as black with transparency (letters become legible), tt as white with transparency (letters are illegible). For example: type the following command into discord’s chat box to change the text color of 【COLOR】Ttt40 → Type Here.:

[color]dd40->type here.

And if there were some words you want your new colors on just write them after typing in the above commands like so 【Color Text In Discord Red】Hello World!

→Type Here.

How to Make Discord Text Transparent

To make the text transparent, use a percentage instead of an opacity value in brackets: 【Color Text In Discord Transparent】Hello World!

→Type Here.|100% transparency} }]

If you want to know more discord chat effects and all discord text commands

To exit out of any given color (and resume normal black), use – or _ instead of + as follows: 【- COLOR_NAME -+ or __COLORS__ → Type Here.] The same rules apply to all.

How do you make fancy text in discord?

Fonts. If you want to use a fancy font, simply type the name of it in brackets before your text. For example: [cursive], [Times New Roman] or 【Japanese】

Coloring! You can color text by writing its hex code preceded with two colons (e.g., #00FF00). To make this easier Discord has made an easy-to-use formatting bar for coloring text that is located below the chat box when you switch to bold, italicized, underlined or strikethrough as seen above **Bold Italics Underline Strikeout Bold and Italicize Striking Through All at Once Below Text Block Formatting Bar Here*

Bonus Tip: If you want to add a line break, simply type ~~

Text shapes! You can create your own text shape by typing the word “text” and an arrow key. For example ~text⤙~ will result in this ◻◾→↩◼︎•◽↑▲↧↨●︍▶∆π . To undo it, press undoes or delete button. Pressing shift+undo also works as well. If there is no keyboard shortcut for that particular letter/symbol, you need to use alt codes (e.g., holding down alt then pressing I for apostrophe).

How to Italics Text In Discord

Italics in movie titles, brand names, and book excerpts are on the rise. These formats aren’t just here to stay; they represent a new design trend called ‘fancy font’—the use of italic formatting as an eye-catching way to communicate subtle meaning or mood. If you’d like to italicize text in Discord while writing, all you have to do is need to include a single asterisk on either side of the selected text. So instead of writing **italicized text** as you would when typing it into Microsoft Word, all you need is *italicized text*.

How to Bold Text In Discord

To create bolded text in your Discord chat, all you need to do is place two asterisks at the start of the text and place two at the end (like this: **bolded text**). For italics, on a standard keyboard, you can type the asterisk by pressing the shift key and 8 key at once.

How to Underline Text In Discord

One way to make text in a Discord chat stand out is by formatting it as italics. Simply put two underscores on either side of the word or headline to tell Markdown that you want the selected text to be formatted as Italics. The ‘__underlined text__’ should show as underline when you type it.

How do I change the font in discord chat?

There are a few different ways to change the font in a discord chat. I am going to show you how to change your fonts with two methods that both work very well and have their own pros and cons.

– The first method is using the command “/set font”. This will let you set custom text sizes, as well as choose from a list of ten default fonts offered by Discordia (the creator). You can also identify what size of font you want for which text type; they include: big – 18pt, huge- 24 pt, small – 12 pt, tiny – 11 pt. For example, if this was being used it would look like “/set font “bignew” 16px bold underlineitalic fixedwidth “

– The second method is using the command “/discord font”. This lets you choose any custom font that’s compatible for Windows and Mac operating systems, which can be downloaded anywhere. You then have to type in what size of the text you want it at with a colon (:) as well as your chosen name for the title. For example, if someone wanted this they would use “/discord font 24pt Futura”

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How do you color text in discord?

This is a question that I have come across time and again, so it’s about time someone figured out the answer! It turns out this can be done pretty easily. You may want to do this to highlight words or portions of sentences in your chat box for emphasis. Follow these steps below:

  • Open up Discord (it should open automatically if you’re using Chrome)
  • Click on “Preferences” on the top left-hand side menu bar
  • On the Preferences window, under Appearance > Colors, there will be different colors available at the bottom under “Your Text Here”. Choose whichever color you like by clicking on it once with your mouse cursor. To change back simply click over any other color as well until all the colors disappear and your text goes back to black.
  • To change just one letter, instead of clicking on “Your Text Here”, click on “Choose a highlight color”
  • Simply type in whatever you would like highlighted with that color and there you have it! If you want to restore everything back to default settings or cancel out changes altogether, simply click anywhere outside the window.

How do I hide text in discord?

First, go to the text chat in Discord. Then, select “text settings” on the left-hand side menu bar and select visibility. There are three options for how you want your messages to appear: visible only to me (private), visible only to members of a certain channel or service group (secret), or public. Select what works best for you! You can also change this setting at any time after by selecting “text settings” again from the same location as before.

To provide your readers with the courtesy of a spoiler alert tag, type ‘/spoiler’ at the start and end of the text. Alternatively, you can also simply highlight the text that contains the spoiler, right-click it and select ‘Mark a spoiler’ from the pop-up menu that appears on your screen.

What is code block discord?

There is an icon in the toolbar to insert a code block. This way you can make certain parts stand out without changing the entire forum or post background colors.

What font is discord text in?

Arial, Helvetica or Open Sans are used in Discord. The default font size is 16px. This can be adjusted to suit your preference by going into Settings -> User Interface and changing the text size menu option which is under Appearance. You will then need to restart Discord for these changes to take effect.

How do you paste codes in discord?

Pasting a code into discord is not nearly as hard as it may seem. It’s actually quite simple if you know how to do it! Discord has an in-built command that allows users to paste codes directly into the chatbox on the app, which can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+V or Cmd+C and then clicking insert from within your browser.

Don’t forget to close all brackets before pasting any lines of code with no spaces between them – otherwise, they won’t work! If this does happen, just add one space on either side. There are also other methods for pasting multiple lines of code; once again, click on “insert” after selecting text (Ctrl+A) followed by “copy”, then place your cursor where you want the code to appear in Discord and press Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.

Here are some examples of how this can work:

Pasting a single line without spaces between brackets – [code]

Pasting multiple lines with no spaces between brackets (copy, paste) – [[code][nextline]]

Pasting one line with space at either end – [space][code]

If any errors occur when pasting codes, it is likely that there has been a formatting error due to missing brackets! To fix these problems just make sure all bracket spacing has been correct before inserting it into the chat box on Discord. Happy coding!”} [/long-form content]

Can you use HTML in discord?

Yes, you can use HTML in discord! Discord is a chat app for gamers and it supports both text-based chats as well as voice chats. It’s popular among Twitch streamers because of the ability to broadcast messages live. You’ll also find that many social media sites have communities on there so you may be able to utilize some HTML when chatting with members from those groups!

Discord has an advanced code editor built right in, allowing for users to enter custom CSS classes or edit styles inline within the style blocks found at the bottom of every message box. There are two types of lines: normal line and preformatted line (for example, put spaces between each word). The syntax used by default will cause all new lines to be preformatted.

If you want a code block, such as for an iframe embedding, use these lines:


This is the content of your iframe! Awesome right? 🙂


To make this paragraph bold and italicized just write in _this_ format: __Bold text__ or *Italicized* text*. For links, surround the URL with ” [[text]]”. If you want to link to another place on Discord – say someone’s username text wrap it in brackets [](/username). (The bracket must have two forward slashes before them.) This will turn into a fully functional hyperlink that can be clicked by others.

How do you do syntax highlighting in discord?

  • In discord, click on the message and then press shift+ctrl+g.
  • Paste your code into a new line in the text box that pops up.
  • Click ctrl + k to change the formatting and see it updated live!
  • Or just paste [syntax ~~~~~~] where you want syntax highlighting and use different colors for an easier time reading.

Syntax highlighting is a very common way in coding to distinguish between different parts of your code. What you need for syntax highlighting are colors and indentation. You can use the following notation: \[syntax ~~~~~~\] where you want syntax highlighting, and then separate with commas what type of color or highlight you would like each part to be (e.g., green, bold). For example: \[green/bold\]Hello World!

You should also add some spaces before and after [syntax], so that it looks more natural when reading through the document–otherwise it might look weird if there’s no space around it at all because people think “this doesn’t make sense!” That’s an example of where syntax highlighting can come in handy.

  • Some other ways to do syntax highlighting are by using different fonts, bolding certain words or adding italics. It’s all up to you!
  • If the text is on a dark background and it still looks like plain black when I typed this out–I’m sorry! I’ll try my best to make sure the formatting makes sense for people reading it from any type of device, but if not…oh well, at least you tried! 🙂
  • Another way would be to use colors that contrast with each other which will stand out more than normal without relying on indentation or anything else like that. For example: \[white/red\]Hello World!. This might work better


The conclusion of this article will provide the reader with additional resources, should they desire to know more about Discord text formatting. They can find these links at the bottom of the article or in our blog post category “Discord Text Formatting” on our site.

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