5 Ways to Fix Discord Overlay Not Working on Your Computer

We have some quick fixes for your Discord overlays not working on your computer! There are plenty of reasons that this could happen, so we’re going to address the most common ones. Along with these solutions, there are also a few things you can do in order to avoid running into these problems again in the future. Let’s get started!

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​What is Discord Overlay?

You might not know what Discord Overlay is, which means you are missing out on some great features. The overlay for discord allows users to have a video chat with friends while playing games or share pictures and memes as they see fit. It’s kind of like Skype but without the need for an account, which makes it easier to communicate with people who don’t already use the app!

All that’s needed in order to get started using this amazing feature is just downloading the software from their website and signing up through your email address ​or logging into Facebook if you prefer. If there was ever a time where we were so technologically connected yet so disconnected at the same time, it would be now more than any other point in history.

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How to install the Discord overlay?

So you’ve decided to join the ranks of Discord? Let’s get started with installing the overlay. We’re going to need a few things before we can install it: An existing installation of discord, a browser extension that allows us to add overlays, and finally an image file for our overlay.

First off, let’s go ahead and download the latest version from their website if you haven’t done this already. Once downloaded, head on over to your extensions page in Chrome (or Firefox) as well as make sure there is nothing else running in your taskbar or dock so that way all focus will be on these steps below.

On the Extensions, Page finds “Discord” which should show up near the bottom of any list of extensions that you have installed. Click the “Options” button to open Discord’s overlay settings in a new window, and then click on “Add an extension”.

The next step is going to be finding your image file for the overlay which should be a .png or .jpg file–these are two of the most popular types so chances are one of these will work if it doesn’t automatically show up when looking through your files. It can also help as well if we name this file something with “overlay” at the end of it such as “discord_overlay-v02.png,” but again not necessary. Choose whichever works best for you! Once found, drag and drop this over onto our Discord overlay settings window.

Discord’s overlay is now installed and ready to go!

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Why do I need the Discord overlay?

Discord Overlay is a web app that uses your Discord chat logs and provides information on the most popular channels in real-time. If you’re looking for new ways to promote content or grow followers, this tool can help!

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How does Discord Overlay work?

Discord is a company that started in 2015 offering free voice and text chat services. The Discord Overlay feature was introduced on the desktop app last year, which allows you to see what your friends are playing on their screen at any time right from within Discord’s overlay window.

How does it work?

When you have enabled this option for either video or audio input through Discord, an icon will be displayed next to discord users who are streaming content live from their computer screens. This can be done by clicking the mic button located alongside each user’s text box (see below). When they’re not speaking into the mic, they’ll appear as muted instead of having a broadcast symbol indicating that they’re currently broadcasting something.

The future of discord overlays

The future of discord overlays has been a hot topic in the gaming community. They are one of the best features that Discord offers and make it easy to share information about your favorite games with friends without having to type out messages while you play. The problem is, they don’t always work correctly or show up at all.

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Simplest Fix For Discord Overlay Not Working

Step 1: Disable Hardware Acceleration

Open the Nvidea Control Panel.

Click on Manage The Program Settings From The List Of Programs ​Select “Discord” from the list of programs and click Open > Uncheck “Allow This Application To Use Graphics Processor.” Click Apply, then Close.

Restart your computer. Try opening discord again and you should see that it’s fixed! You can re-enable graphics acceleration after if this fixes your issue for good (I hope).

Step 2: Enable Gameplay Overlay in Discord

In this step, we’ll walk you through enabling the Gameplay Overlay in Discord. This is a feature that will show your computer’s gameplay on your Discord chat so that it can be viewed by other gamers. It’s not enabled by default for security reasons but there are some simple steps to turn it on and configure its settings accordingly. The first thing you need to do is go into Settings > Appearance in the Discord window menu bar at the top left corner of your screen and then click “Game” as shown below:

Now look to see if the “Show game behind text” option has been selected or deselected as indicated by a green checkmark (✓) or an empty box with no checkmark respectively.

Step 3: Exclude Discord From Antivirus Scanning

The answer is simple, and you don’t even need to open your antivirus program or do anything complicated at all! All you need to do is go into Settings > Virus & Threat Protection on the left-hand side of the screen in Windows Defender Security Center and click Change settings next to Real-time scanning. Click Add an exclusion for programs I select from a list (scroll down until you find Discord) then Save changes without restarting my computer.”

The future of discord overlays ​​”In most cases, there will be no problems with your overlay except when it comes time to update. For example, if they are not updating as fast the overlay.

Step 4: Close Conflicting Applications

Close Discord and all other applications that are conflicting with the overlay. This includes browsers, games you’re playing or recording software such as Fraps. There is no need to close streaming programs like OBS Studio if your stream overlays work in it already. The key point is: do not have anything else open on your computer screen when you want your discord overlay to appear, so make sure everything except Discord is closed before opening up the program again.”

Step 5: Enable the Overlay Hotkey

To enable the overlay hotkey ​ntly, Discord Overlay is not detected by the system. This can be due to a variety of factors that are outlined below:

  • Ensure your video drivers are up-to-date and running smoothly. If you’re still having issues with detection after updating these drivers, uninstall them completely from Control Panel > Programs & Features. Restart your computer, then install new versions of both AMD and NVIDIA driver packages for Windows (known as display adapters) manually using their online sites linked in Appendix A on our support site if necessary or available
  • Verify the game window has focus before attempting to use Discord Overlay ​*or​ *​​else it will not work properly
  • Enable “Enable Hotkey” under settings -> appearance ​*or​ *​​else this overlay will not work
  • Ensure you’re running the latest version of Discord
  • If none of these steps are successful, please contact us with a screenshot and we’ll be happy to help. ​*Please note: if your video card drivers have been updated recently ​*do not reinstall them, as this may cause additional issues that cannot be resolved without major changes to system configuration.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: What is Discord Overlay?

Answer: A discord overlay displays your text messages, in-game chat and other things in the game onto a different screen. This feature was released by Discord Inc as of December 2017. The goal for this feature is to give gamers an opportunity to stay focused on their gameplay while still being able to communicate with friends without having to alt+tab out of the game every time they want to type something new.

Question: How do I use it?

Answer: Open up Discord (make sure you are logged into a server), click the gear icon at the top left corner, then select Plugins and find “Discord Overlay”. After clicking that option, all you need to do is press start playing whatever video game you want, and Discord will do the rest.

Question: Where can I find a list of games that support discord overlay?

Answer: A long list of supported games is available on this website…

Question: Is there any way to make my own Discord Overlay Station?

Answer: Yes! If you want to create your very own station with some favorite songs or messages over it, then all you need to do is go into Settings (via the settings icon) and select “Create New Server”. After clicking on Create New Server, name your new server whatever you want and click Save Changes at the bottom left corner. The next step would be adding people by typing in their username or selecting them from the contact list. You can also add a Discord Overlay Station to your server.

Question: Where can I find the overlay settings for my game?

Answer: The overlay settings are typically found in the config screen (in-game) or on an “overlay” tab of the options menu. If you’re not sure where this is, try looking up how to enable discord overlay for that particular game and it will detail things like what key activates it, etc., hopefully solving all your problems!

Question: How do I set up the Discord Overlay?

Answer: The overlay can be activated by pressing a button and then clicking on the game window. It is also possible to use hotkeys instead of mouse clicks, which makes things easier for some players.

Question: How do I customize my overlay settings?

Answer: To access your overlay settings, you’ll need to click “Options” in the top left corner of your screen (or alternatively press Ctrl + O) before selecting “Overlays”. From there, you will see various options that allow you to change how the overlays appear when looking through them or what they look like in general.

Question: How do I make my overlay not show up in the game?

Answer: This can be done by going to “Options” and then clicking “Overlays”. From there, you’ll need to untick the box next to your name. Your overlay will disappear from the screen when playing any games that have an overlay available for them!

Question: Why is Discord Overlay not working on my computer?

Answer: There are many different reasons why this could happen. The most likely answer would be a problem with drivers or graphics card settings – try updating these first before trying anything else! We also recommend checking whether Discord’s Overlay has been disabled at the system level because of antivirus software conflicts (an option that may sometimes be found under “Programs and Features” in the Control Panel).

Question: How do I get Discord Overlay to work again?

Answer: If you’re using Windows, try uninstalling it and then downloading it from this link. This should give a fresh install of Discord that should be working properly. We also recommend checking whether your graphics card settings have been turned off or changed at some point – simply go into them and make sure they are set on medium-high rather than ultra for best results!

​Question: What is the future of discord overlays?

Answer: The future looks bright as we continue our R&D efforts on how to improve Discord’s overlay experience for all users who use it so much already!


Discord overlay is a feature that allows you to see the text messages of your friends while playing games. This can be helpful when trying to find out what people are doing or saying about your game without having to alt-tab from it and go back in again. It also helps with staying focused on one thing because there’s no need for constant checking, which takes time away from actually focusing on gameplay.

The future of discord overlays looks uncertain due to new updates coming through by Microsoft Windows every few months, but there are some things that should help if this happens: firstly make sure antivirus software isn’t blocking any programs (such as Discord) then try disabling windows defender and run an internet speed test so they know everything has a chance to load.

If the overlay still won’t work, then try running Discord in administrator mode and restarting your computer afterwards ( and if you’re on a Windows PC, try installing the latest graphics card drivers and checking that Discord is set to run as an administrator).

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