Download ASRock Polychrome RGB Software: Download & Install Online

ASRock Polychrome RGB software is a free downloadable program that connects to your ASRock motherboard. This program allows you to control the lighting of your motherboard, as well as adjust settings and download new profiles. The latest version features an updated interface with enhanced design and functionality. It also has a brand-new “Sync” tab for managing all of your devices at once.

ASRock Polychrome RGB software

ASRock Polychrome RGB

is an all-new RGB software that lets you customize colors on your ASRock Polychrome series motherboard. There are many preset color modes available, as well as the option to create and save up to seven custom lighting profiles for a personalized experience.

The new preset mode “Colorful” is designed for those who prefer striking shades of red and green with bright blue undertones; “Elegant Blue” provides tranquility in dark blue tones with cool purple undertones; while “Scenery Searching” offers serene greyscale hues with hints of mixed pastel colors * In addition, there are two customizable preset options: “Default” or “User Defined.” When the former is selected, all the colors are set as per your system default settings, such as boot logo and case LED; when the latter is selected, you can manually adjust the brightness of different colors or change them to any color that strikes your fancy

The software also offers “Lightning Mode,” which lets you enjoy cool light effects with a single click. There are five pre-set lighting modes: Thundering Storm (with lights turning white), Soft Breeze (lights turn blue gradually), Serenity of Sunset (soft pink hues with fading yellow at sunset), Misty Moonlight Nightfall (orange moonlight), and Rainbow Fairytale Glitterdust (colors fade between red, orange, green and purple). * You can use these lighting modes to suit your mood or as a way to cheer you up when the chips are down.

select your favorite lighting modes and adjust brightness, speed of change for each color, as well as other features such as “Pulse” (where colors alternate)

In addition to these various effects, Polychrome also offers four preset themes: Stealth Black&White; Creative Colorful Mode; Calm Nature Mode; Party Fun Mode. * The first two can be used in combination with any RGB LED strip on the motherboard while the latter two require connecting external LED strips that are compatible with ASRock’s new Polychrome software suite.

Select from one of four different presets including Hidden Colors mode which hides colors until they’re hit by light so those who want to focus on getting work done will see a more neutral background.

Choose from three different modes for the pulsing colors including Steady, Fades In and Out, or Random mode that changes color every second.

Use “Color Flow” mode to adjust the brightness of individual color channels as well as transition speed between them in order to create beautiful gradients with ease. ** All software settings can be saved into user profiles so they’re automatically loaded whenever you boot your computer, making it easy to switch lighting styles at any time without having to make adjustments again!

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Is ASRock Polychrome Sync Worth It? 

ASRock Polychrome RGB

ASRock RGB software is very user-friendly and allows you to customize your PC using a variety of options. The company’s Polychrome sync utility makes it easy for users to control the colors on their motherboard, graphics card, monitor, mouse, keyboard, or even external peripherals such as speakers too!

You can easily create an attractive effect that will suit any gaming rig or workstation build without any hassle at all. ASRock also has designed some pre-set effects like Rainbow Wave which are perfect for those who want more than just plain rainbows but do not have enough time to set up something different themselves.

It does take quite a bit of tweaking with the settings in order to get exactly what you see in the image below though so be prepared to spend a bit of time before you get it just right!

ASRock Polychrome Sync is the next evolution in creating cool-looking custom PC setups. ASRock has designed software that allows users to customize their PCs, from keyboards and monitors, all the way up to graphics cards and motherboards with one easy program.

The company’s Polychrome sync utility makes it easy for users to control the colors on any compatible device they want – as long as they’re using an ASRock board or peripheral themselves. You can easily create your own custom effect without needing any experience at all by choosing between pre-sets like Rainbow Wave or editing them yourself if desired.

It does take quite a lot of tweaking when you first start out but don’t worry, it’s simple enough to learn and you’ll have the hang of it in a few minutes.

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How to Download ASRock Polychrome RGB Software?

There are two ways to download the ASRock Polychrome RGB Software. First, it can be downloaded from ASRock’s website at

NameASRock Polychrome RGB
Latest Version2.0.71
File Size84.2 MB

CategoryUtility App

Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8 64bit, Windows 7 64bit
Released Date2020/5/4

Second, it can be installed with a CD or DVD drive on Windows systems by inserting into your system and installing through Windows Update if you have an internet connection available in your PC when prompted during the installation process; otherwise, simply copy the software files from the “ASR_PolyChrome_RGB” folder onto any USB thumb drive for use on other computers without an internet connection present at that time.”

If there is no internet access after installation of software:

Copy all contents within the “ASR_PolyChrome_RGB” folder to the external USB storage device.

Double click on the “ASR_PolyChrome_RGB” folder to open it and select all files inside, then press Ctrl + C to copy them onto the external USB thumb drive (or other removable media).

Press Alt + Enter or right mouse button and choose “Restart”. The system will restart with an internet connection now available.”

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What is the ASRock Polychrome RGB software and what does it do?

The ASRock Polychrome RGB is software that needs to be installed on the computer before it can function. It has many features and effects, which

  • Adjusts the brightness of different colors in order for them to remain distinct (especially useful if using mainly white)
  • Allows users to set custom color palettes as well as blending modes between multiple hues at once
  • Has adjustable hue saturation values so that light or dark tones are able to be created without affecting other colors around it
  • Includes an integrated menu system with complete control over all settings. This includes assigning specific keys on keyboard shortcuts for quick adjustments during gaming sessions

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How to install, configure, and use the ASRock Polychrome RGB software?

Install ASRock Polychrome RGB software as an administrator:

Double click on the icon of the ASRock Polychrome RGB program.

A window will pop up with a warning, stating “This application’s installer is not digitally signed and it may be dangerous”. Click “run” to continue installing anyway or cancel the installation if you have security concerns. The program should now install without any issues.

Configure your own custom colors for lighting effects:

Once installed go ahead and open up the “ASRock Polychrome RGB Controller”. You can select from available presets in order to configure your desired color scheme,. If none of these are what you want then feel free to create your own by selecting which LEDs you want to have a specific color. Feel free to use the sliders provided in order to adjust the brightness of these colors as well.

Change your lighting effects:

Once you are done configuring your desired custom colors, go ahead and click on the “Effects” tab at the top right corner of this window. On this page you can select from various preset settings for different types of ambient lightings like disco lights or atmospheric lightning.

To save any changes made, just simply close out of ASRock Polychrome RGB Controller once all configurations were saved successfully.”

Select a scene:

Once you have picked out which kind of ambient lighting setting best suits your needs, just click on it to load the corresponding colors and effects. For example, if I want to use atmospheric lightning then all that is left for me to do now is press “Apply” in order to save my color scheme as well as any specific settings chosen.”

Adjust brightness:

On this page, there are sliders going horizontally from 0% (dark) up to 100% (bright). You can adjust these sliders using either your mouse or keyboard arrows in order to set the desired level of brightness when enabled. Once done, make sure not only does ASRock Polychrome RGB Controller show an appropriate icon but also your computer screen is showing the correct color temperature.”

Select from preset modes:

On this page, there are a few different settings to choose from as well as an option for “User Define”.

First off I will go through each mode and explain what they do. The first one called “Astro” starts with your favorite colors that you have already picked out but blends in another shade of light which could be anything from white up to purple or yellow. This set also includes some animation so it does not just stay still on any given color like many other apps.

The second mode labeled “Elegance” makes use of more soothing tones such as blue and lavender plus provides transitions between these colors.”

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Pros and cons of using the ASRock Polychrome RGB software 

The ASRock Polychrome RGB software is a free download that allows you to personalize the colors of your motherboard. This program displays every color available in an easy-to-navigate layout so it’s not hard for anyone with basic computer skills to use this app.

There are also options such as breathing, which moves from one color spectrum after another, and waves, where there will be several different colors on the screen overlaying each other until they slowly fade away.

Pros: free to download; easy-to-navigate layout with every color option available; lots of preset modes including Camouflage which can change the way your PC looks based on what mood you want during a game! The only thing I found to be missing was when using certain monitors if too many colors are used on the screen at once, it will cause a lot of distortion and ruin your eyesight.

Cons: there is no full list of options for how much light each individual solid color emits (for example in RGB) so users have to play around with trial and error until they find something that works.

How to use ASRock’s new RGB LED Utility

  • Head to the ASRock RGB LED Utility Download page and download it.
  • You may also want to check for updates as there will be new releases periodically.
  • Run the installation wizard, if you get an error try another browser or re-downloading from a different location.
  • Once installed, find the software on your computer under: “Program Files (x86)\ASRock\RGB Software”.
  • Click on this folder then click “ASRock_LED_Utility” to open up the main window of the program as shown below.
  • On Windows Explorer’s toolbar at the top left is a button that says “Select Control Panel”, do not touch this but instead click inside one of these two empty boxes next to it: “LED Channel” and “RGB LED Strip”.
  • In the first box, scroll through all of the available colors by using your mouse wheel button or arrow keys.
  • To change a color’s intensity (brightness) and saturation, you can use either the “+,-“, “<-,=+”, “<+,+>” buttons on the keyboard as shown in the screenshot below or alternatively click inside one of these two empty boxes next to it: “Brightness” and “Saturation.”
  • You’ll notice that when clicking outside any of those three fields, this window automatically reverts back to showing channels for an RGB LED strip instead. This is because you’ve only selected just one rather than both at once!
  • To exit this window, hit “Cancel.”

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Where can I download ASRock Polychrome RGB Software?

Answer: You can find it at the following link “Download & Install”.

Question: Why is my polychrome RGB software not working?

Answer: If you are using an NVIDIA graphics card, please make sure that your driver version supports (HDMI) or DisplayPort(DP). For other GPU brands, please refer to product manuals.

Question: Can I have the software installed without installing graphics cards?

Answer: Yes, you can install it as a motherboard customization option in BIOS or by using the RGB utility on your UEFI/BIOS interface.


Asrock’s Polychrome RGB software is an easy-to-use, powerful utility that simplifies the process of setting up and managing your PC lighting. It has a clean interface with intuitive controls for configuring all available settings in one window without having to access submenus or follow multi-step instructions.

The auto mode allows you to quickly configure colors by choosing from presets like “daily,” “love,” “elegant” or using names as their own preset color selector. You can also easily pick out individual lights on your motherboard, graphics card, or RAM sticks and adjust them independently of the rest of the system as needed. No other manufacturer offers this functionality at any price level!

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